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Today this amazing little human turned two!


At 2 Sabine likes:

  • Noodles, black beans, tofu, toaster waffles (the unhealthy ones), yogurt, berries, juice, milk (only in doggie cup)
  • Books
  • Emptying the kitchen drawers
  • All her stuffed animals, especially the kitties
  • Piling stuff on Yum Yum
  • French fries and chips
  • Wearing dresses
  • Outside adventures
  • Daniel Tiger (much to Mama’s dismay)
  • Bags, especially Sabine-sized bags
  • Putting rocks in pockets
  • Warm milk (still)
  • Meeting new doggies (except for the Great Dane in our neighborhood)
  • Music and dancing



  • Anything other than noodles, black beans, tofu, toaster waffles (the unhealthy ones), yogurt, berries, juice, milk (only in doggie cup)
  • Fire trucks
  • Dry cycle after a bath
  • Chocolate cake (oops, sorry for the chocolate birthday cake!)
  • Naps (or small snoozes)
  • When Mama poops alone (shame on me)
  • When the Lego Elmo won’t fit on the Lego Lama
  • When she has to leave the kid-sized grocery carts at the grocery store (even though she has her own at home)
  • Being rinsed
  • Butterflies (just like Mama)
  • Angry looking people (a recent development that has resulted in numerous uncomfortable encounters in NYC – home of the highest concentration of angry looking people)

Happiest of Birthdays, little Bean. We love you to the moon and back!




WHAT? What is that title? CD1?




Today marks my first natural CD1 since my freshman year of college*. I woke up with mild cramping and thought I needed to poop. No poop, but I did find need for a tampon. It took some digging, but I finally found a slightly dusty ziplock bag of OB tampons. I honestly can’t remember the last time I opened that bag. I mean, do these things expire?


Judging by how light things have been so far I suspect this is an anovulatory cycle, but still, I’m pretty excited that my body did this on its own and it gives me a tiny shred of hope that one day we might actually get to choose if we have another baby. For right now, though, it means that we need to start using some non-hormonal birth control because this infertile is in no way ready for another baby. Nope, we have too much adventuring to do with our one right now. The world is big, and our small family is ready to take it on.

Boy it feels good to write this.

*For those trying to do the math, I turn 35 in October.

To Grandmother’s House We Go (in pictures)



I have been in the process of upgrading to a new computer and it is taking much longer than expected! Here are a ton of overdue photos from Sabine and my trip to Nana and Pappy’s house earlier in June.



Nana and Pappy’s backyard was magical – full of beautiful plants, trees, garden statues, a Sabine-sized bench and fish pond.


It was also full of mosquitos. We put bandaids over each bite to keep her from scratching.

11154654_10155718947305457_2844458921955812473_o (2)

We started taking pretend photos of flowers with her toy cell phone. Pretty funny what they learn from their Mama!

11406617_10155710218250457_6644529265211234652_o 11054846_10155710215935457_5631515241253074822_o

Sabine helped Pappy feed the fish every morning and evening. By the end of the trip she knew what time they were to be fed and would carry the fish food over to him saying, “Paaaaappyyyyy, fiiiiiiish!”


The yard was also the perfect place to have super fun nakie time in the water! The first day she played in the watering can.


Later she became more brave and ventured into a kiddie pool and the garden hose.


She took some garden rides in a 30-year old Little Tykes Wagon that my brother and I used to ride in.


We went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and saw some incredible Lego sculptures.


The bison and bird were my favorite.


The fox hunting a rabbit were also pretty cool!


Sabine brought kitty to the gardens, and a huge bug bite on her head.


It was exciting!


Sabine, kitty and I took a wee hike at Green Mountain Nature Trail.


It was really fun, but very humid and VERY buggy.


This is what we think of humidity and bugs.


We also visited the Children’s Museum and had a ride on the famous Lily Flag cow.

11417752_10155711255750457_5500691642397051455_o (1)

We took a few epic naps of desperation.


Auntie Laura helped us discover Sabine finally has enough hair for a bow!


We played music with our new friend.


And finally, we spent 6 extra hours in the Atlanta airport in return for a $1,300 e-credit on Delta! Evidently they seriously overbooked and were desperate for people to give up their seats so we now get to take the entire family to San Fransisco in August! Yippee!

What makes Grandma and Grandpa’s house special to your little ones?


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