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Drive Safe



The Pigeon is in the hospital having major repairs done after someone backed into me in a parking lot. The other party is also saying I hit them so it looks like we could have a battle heating up, which really sucks because I am not a battle-it-out kind of girl. The Professor, however, will fight until the fiery end and, much to my horror, finds no shame or embarrassment in using whatever techniques necessary.

The worst thing about all this is that the accident happened on my watch and while Sabine was in the car.

Let that one marinate for just a few….

Yeah. Sabine was in the car. Thank God it was a low impact accident and thank god we are all ok but still, the horror of realizing you just had a car accident and your CHILD is in the backseat is unsurpassed.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon after I met Robin and her kiddos for a playdate at the Nature Center. We were heading out to meet up for lunch and I was feeling great (despite having a cold). Spring was in the air. My sweet little girl is walking and has started talking. I was going to lunch with a friend which is quite rare these days and then BAM. Reality check.

I’m just sick that this happened. The expense is a bummer and the mark on my finally clear driving record is really lame. More sickening, though, is what a wakeup call this was for me – car accidents can happen to anyone no matter how careful you are. The blink of an eye can bring everything we know to an end and, ultimately, we have very little control over it.

I don’t write this for sympathy about our bum luck, or for advice on how to battle the insurance, but as a reminder to drive safe and never take things for granted. Especially when our sweet little babies are in the backseat.

Blogger Meetup & Sabine’s First 28 Hours Without Mama



Six pretty awesome ladies all refreshed after a great spa day!

Six pretty awesome ladies all refreshed after a great spa day!

Last weekend I met up with 5 amazing infertility/parenting after infertility bloggers who live in the northeast (actually one came from SEATTLE!!!) without our children. I feel I should repeat that last bit because it is such a BIG thing in my world – WITHOUT CHILDREN!

Sabine is almost 21 months and I have yet to have an overnight trip without her. Every morning since July 1, 2013 I have woken up to the yells of a milk-crazed maniac. Every morning I hook her up to the boobs, bleary-eyed (but still thankful) and let her nurse. Every morning I wonder if I will ever get a chance to get away for a night.  I tried to do something like this several times a while back but the Professor was not on board. He was worried there would be nuclear meltdown and that nothing would soothe the milk beast but fresh, warm milk straight from the tap. I was pretty sure all would be fine.

When my bloggie friends started tossing around the idea of an overnight stay in Boston, complete with a day at a swanky spa and brunch, I could not refuse. Rather than ask permission, I sort of asserted permission.

“Hey babe, there are a group of bloggers meeting for an overnight hotel stay and spa day in Boston. Robin (a blogger who lives close and I meet up with regularly) wants to carpool. I think I am going to go. You and Sabine will be ok and it will be a good test of the weaning trip I proposed for summer!”

He really had no choice but to say yes. Was the trip a little more expensive than we could have afforded? Yes. But 21 months, y’all! 21 MONTHS! Mama needed a break.

I have met with numerous IF bloggers in the past and each time I am struck by how comfortable I feel around them; partly because we have been reading one another for years and part because infertility gives us a common thread that many in our personal circles just do not get. For me, talking with a mother who is parenting after infertility provides an element of security knowing that this woman  likely experiences the slew of emotions that accompany parenting after infertility. I know that parenting advice will be doled out with a gentle understanding that people who started their family after one hot minute following a boozy party just don’t have (no offense to those who did, though!)

I know that when we talk about having more children no one will ever, ever tell me to just pray for it and the lord will make it happen. I know that no fellow traveler in IF will ever look at me horrified and say that I MUST provide a brother or sister so that my child feels complete. I know that we can talk openly about all the complicated emotions surrounding a second: finances, fear, health, age, etc. For us, having another child is not just a matter of charting our cycle and breaking out the Pre Seed. 

The spa day was great and incredibly relaxing AND I overcame a major “ew gross” issue and wore a communal robe that the spa provided and only twice did I start to get all twitchy that someone else’s potentially nakie bootie was in it! I splurged a bit and did the “bali experience” and a 60 minute massage. It was so relaxing but really, the highlight of the day was the company.

I returned home late Sunday night and found a sweet sleeping Sabine and a husband who did not seem too traumatized. He reported that Sabine watched a lot of TV, went to Wave Hill, drank TWO boxes of apple juice (we only allow juice when sick so this was a real treat) and had no major meltdowns. She did spend a lot of time while they were home looking for me and pointing in different rooms saying, “Ma?” which warms my heart. I’m glad my baby missed me, but am even more glad she was able to move past the miss and enjoy her daddy day!

Thawing Out



Y’all, hell might be freezing over. Why? Because:

  1. It is not snowing outside
  2. It is RAINING outside (You don’t realize how much you miss the rain until it only snows, sleets, freezing rains or ice pellets for months on end)
  3. The Professor did ALL the dinner dishes AND wiped the counter. (Highly unusual behavior. I think he hopes to get lucky.)

There’s been some silence on this little blog because I’ve been suffering a bit of seasonal affective disorder. I am ashamed to admit that I used to make fun of people who claimed this, saying that surely they were just “making excuses” and that “they should get outside despite the cold!” Clearly I had never experienced real winter.

I’m still not back to my 100% happy self, and I’m not sleeping worth shit, but I feel a slight uptick as the days get longer and the sun slowly burns through all the snow and ice that has piled up.

What a lovely white sandy beach! Actually, that is about 6 inches of snow on a brown sandy beach.

What a lovely white sandy beach! Actually, that is about 6 inches of snow on a brown sandy beach.

Last weekend it was a balmy 47 degrees in Central Riverdale so I packed a picnic lunch and piled my family into the car promising fun in the sun at Jones Beach, Long Island. While it was quite warm in Riverdale, it was much less warm on the Atlantic Ocean. Sabine was unimpressed with my “beach” delivery” and lasted about 45 minutes.

You lied.

“You lied,” says Sabine while I whip her pack mule father to KEEP HIKING. :)

This was my first time experiencing a snowy beach and it was quite beautiful and extremely peaceful. I only wish we had braved it when the temperatures were so cold you could see tons of ice floating on the ocean.

Snow. Sand. Surf.

Snow. Sand. Surf.

Looks like sea foam but really it is sea snow.

Looks like sea-foam but really it is sea snow.


Once we were all sufficiently cold we retreated to the car and enjoyed a picnic with our heater. For those curious, we dined on canned salmon with grapes, red bell pepper and chipotle mayo; mealy apples (because Whole Foods sucks and only puts the yucky apples on sale); crackers and raw carrots. Sabine enjoyed black beans, crackers and a pile of raisins.

After lunch we drove onward in search of another adventure, eventually ending in a parking lot that overlooked Fire Island and the Fire Island lighthouse.

“That! I need to find THAT!” I demanded. So the Professor navigated us to Fire Island and we hiked a mile or so inland to the Fire Island lighthouse. The hike was a little warmer since we were back from the water a bit and was stunning.

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

I made friends with a deer who had CLEARLY made many human friends before me.

_DSC2108 _DSC2091

The lighthouse was lovely and another one to add to my growing list of lighthouses visited. Sadly, you had to pay to climb to the top and we are cheap so we did not.


This was a lens they had on display, not the lens currently in use.

_DSC2089 _DSC0024

We wandered down another trail after the lighthouse and ended overlooking the velvety blue water of the sound and big chunks of floating ice. So cool!

_DSC0030 _DSC0028

It was a really fun adventure and we look forward to returning to Fire Island and hiking to the 5 miles or so from the lighthouse to the sunken forest when it warms up a bit more.

This coming weekend my little brother, Hermano, is visiting. I can’t wait to have some city-side adventures with him and Sabine. I’ll try to grab photos and share them with you all next week! Until then, enjoy the thaw and if you are one of my readers somewhere that is already requiring shorts, please leave it out of the comments!! I kid. :)


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