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Goose Poop




Today I had to clean goose poop out of my butt crack. But first…

I’m sorry for the silence the last few weeks. I have had a rough run and decided that when there is nothing good to say, it is probably best to say nothing at all.

I have not been feeling well. I have been very tired and my feet and ankles have hurt more than normal. When I wake at night to use the bathroom they hurt so bad I have a hard time moving from bed to toilet without falling. Other things have been happening that are unnerving as well. Unlike “normal” people, when I go to the doctor and am not feeling well I am not told to first improve my lifestyle (eat better, sleep more, exercise, etc.) Instead a battery of scary tests are ran to see if the lupus they think I have is escalating. My kidneys are meticulously examined. My liver. My lungs. My skin. My joints. This time 8 vials of blood were drawn and 12 x-rays were taken. I spent the next 8 days in a downward spiral of panic. Surely this was it. My good luck was out.

Today we rented a Zip car for the day to take my cat to the vet for her 6 month check to see how the radioactive iodine treatment we gave her worked. I was also waiting for my test results. Between the two I was a wreck. Since we had to drop Yum Yum off for the day, we decided to have a day trip and enjoy some family time. We went to Muscoot Farms to let our Old McDonald fan enjoy some real farm animals. Sabine had a blast and I enjoyed a little distraction from more pressing matters.

Halfway through the trip Sabine and I were playing in the grass and she crawled into me full force while I was crouched. I fell backwards and she giggled hysterically. Then I stood up and felt something wet at the top of my butt crack.

“Babe,” I said as I flagged the Professor down. “What is on/in my pants?”

He started to laugh. “Looks like you rolled in some goose poop!”

I groaned and he inspected further. “Um, it’s in your butt crack. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He cleaned up the poo the best he could and then I went to the bathroom to clean some more and remove my underwear. Later that afternoon I texted my Mama friends and my eternally optimistic buddy pointed out that being pooped on by a bird is good luck. Surely rolling in fresh goose poop is SUPER lucky. And she was right.

Shortly after that my doctor called – the tests are clear. I am ok. Time to work on cleaning up my lifestyle and managing my stress better. Then my sweet cat was ready and we got good news on her, too. She is cured.

Stress is a powerful creature. It has completely ruled the last two weeks of my life and was an excellent reminder of how very important self-care is. We are heading to Maine on vacation at the end of this week. When we return it is time I make some changes. I need to eat better. I need to exercise again. I need to return to yoga. I need to take care of ME and that care does not mean letting the Professor watch Sabine while I cook dinner.

So that is where I have been lately – worrying that I might be dying while all was really just fine. Thank you to the wonderful readers who have reached out to me. I love you all and appreciate the kind words. I have a few posts brewing about self-care. Until then, go hug your spouse/pets/children/parents or whoever it is you hold dear and remember what really matters in life – not the goose poop in your butt crack, but the person who will help wipe it out of there.





Sabine has been hitting amazing little milestones left and right lately! We are cruising like a pro, letting Mama hold her hands to help her stand, taking steps when supported by Mama and putting anything and everything into anything and everything (gotta watch that litter box even more closely now!)

Sabine has lots of baby friends in the neighborhood but in the last few weeks has formed her first real friendship. Baby Tommy and Baby Sabine are becoming fast friends. They squeal in delight when they see each other and they play so sweetly. Yesterday they practiced sharing toys back and forth. I’ve been told by more annoying old ladies than I can count that having an only child means she will struggle to learn share. Well take that old ladies! My only child is 13 months and sharing like a PRO!

Sabine is also babbling up a storm. She has so much to say and is constantly experimenting with new sounds. I love the occasional times she parrots me, too. I should start being a little more careful with the words I use around her I guess…

I think our biggest change this week is the shift of her laugh. Yes, Sabine fans, the gruff, silly little old man laugh is starting to be replaced by a very loud “normal” sounding laugh. I am heart-broken. Those gruff little chortles stole my heart from the first time it exploded from her tiny little mouth. People can’t help but laugh with her; it is just that infectious and adorable.

Much like her little newborn lamb cry, this gruff laugh seems to be a fleeting delight. Tragic. I am trying to capture special things on video so we can remember them always. I am so sad I did not record her lamb cry and don’t want to miss another thing! So last night we had a little giggle fest in the tub and I recorded it with the iPhone. Not the best quality but still much better than no recording at all. I also hate how loud I sound since my head is always closest to the microphone. Oops!

Do you try to record special baby sounds, too? If so, what do you use? Any cool, inexpensive gadgets that might make this easier?

The State of My Boobs



My sweet Bean having warm milk before her party got started.

My sweet Bean having warm milk before her party got started.

I really appreciate all the breast-feeding input you shared a few weeks back. I have mulled over it and slowly come to my own decision. Not societies decision. Not my parents decision. Not my friends’ decision.

I will continue nursing Sabine. Right now we are going through a period of extreme pickiness. She had been such and adventurous eater and was doing GREAT and then something changed and she went on a hunger strike. Currently she is eating very little solid food and instead has upped her day-time nursing. When she does eat she wants it to be noodles or bread. No eggs. No veggie burgers. No broccoli. None of her regular favorites will do.

It is insanely frustrating because Sabine is small. Like really small. Like everyone who meets her thinks she is 6 months old. At 12 months Sabine weighs 16 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. I just looked at a growth chart and I guess my doctor is still looking at a breast-fed baby chart because according to the CDC she is way off the charts in weight and only at 3% for height.

I guess this leads into a major concern I have – is something wrong with my kid? All her friends are passing her up left and right in size and milestones and here is my 12 month old – crawling around like a baby, looking like a baby, being mistaken for a baby. Our doctor is very hands-off and says Sabine is just fine but now I’m starting to worry. Is she just fine? Add in the recent hunger strike and I just don’t know what to think.

She will not drink cows milk. She refuses all puree. No smoothies. No yogurt. I would give her formula but she won’t take it. So I’m sticking with nursing. Right now these little milk makers are the only thing keeping her going and I just can’t take them away. In time, when she catches up in size a bit and is less of a picky eater/drinker I will start weaning her down to only nursing at home but for right now and the immediate future we are sticking with it.

Any of you lovely ladies have experience with a really tiny toddler? Any ideas on how to get her back to her solid foods? Tonight we had dinner in front of Baby Einstein, which is something I am avidly against and she ate a little more (3/4 of a veggie burger). Other than watching TV during meals I am out of ideas, though. I’d welcome some new tips and/or enticing toddler recipes!


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