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Update on Sleeping



See that tooshie? That tooshie is fighting nap by wiggling all around. She wiggles and wiggles for about 30 seconds then pops up to continue romping. A few minutes later the tooshie is wiggling all over again. Tired. Baby.

See that tooshie? That tooshie is fighting nap by wiggling all around. She wiggles and wiggles for about 30 seconds then pops up to continue romping. A few minutes later the tooshie is wiggling all over again. Tired. Baby.

Praise the Lord.

Since sleep training Sabine has consistently slept through the night sans a few nights here and then when she is sick or we are traveling. Those nights I wake and nurse her back down and in a few days she returns to sleeping through the night on her own. It is amazing, miraculous and still surprises the shit out of me when I wake at 6 a.m. and realize I got a full 8 hours.

Up until two weeks ago bedtime was consistently at 8 p.m. and wake time was pretty consistently at 5 a.m., which after 9 months of waking every one to two hours seems like a dream. In efforts to help her eat more and hopefully grow we have bumped bedtime to 7/7:30 p.m. so dinner can start closer to 6 p.m. It seems that Sabine eats a better meal if it is served up around 6 p.m. and she is given a full hour to eat while watching a show. This is a little inconvenient for our scheduling but the sheer volume of food she can pack away with early dinner makes it well worth the sacrifice. The past week she has eaten an entire bowl of whole wheat pasta (with olive oil, Bragg’s and nutritional yeast), a fruit/veggie pouch and a protein of either black beans, tofu or scrambled eggs. (Jak, we tried sneaking finely minced ground beef into her pasta and she would have none of it, picking every. little. speck out and then eating the noodles.)

So earlier bed works great for getting her to eat more. I was afraid that earlier bed would mean earlier rise but am shocked to see her actually sleeping later. For the past few days she has slept till 6:30/7 each morning. I am LOVING it! I still wake up at 5 so I can get a little precious alone time. I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in peace and am charged and ready to go when she arises. I sincerely hope that this post does not jinx things!

The one thing that is not going well are our naps. Sabine fights naps like it is going out of style. I am not even able to nurse her down lately as all she wants to do is go, go, go. It is terribly frustrating because I know she needs the snooze. She starts to lay down on all the pillows and blankets and stuffed animals. Her head remains still but that little tooshie bops all over the place like it has a mind of its own! Adorable but not so not a nap.

I know she needs at least one nap a day for growing and so she is not a basket case at night. I also need that one nap a day. I need at least 45 minutes to think about grown-up things, make business phone calls, sit around and watch Gilmore Girls or, gasp, blog. I am a much better mother when I get some down time and she is a much better baby when she takes a snooze.

In efforts to get this I’m starting some “nap training” using the techniques we learned from our sleep consultant. Just like bedtime follows dinner, nap will follow lunch. I let her watch 20 minutes of a show so she will actually eat some lunch, then scoop her up, hand her lovie and offer warm milk in our nursing chair. Lately she won’t take warm milk and tries to run off so I offer a hug and kiss and put her in the crib.

And she screams. Good lord does she scream. I watch her on the monitor as she screams and waves her lovie all over like it is a white flag of surrender. It is heart breaking and wakes all the cats up, but, she needs to snooze. Today it took 13 minutes for her to fall asleep. I hope that she will nap a full hour and that after a few days of this she will not fight the snooze so much.

Any nap training tips? Do you guys do PJs before nap too? Do you have a nap routine? If so, what do you do?

Boobs Included



I bought my first push-up bra in 10th grade at a Victoria’s Secret clearance sale. It was a gargantuan padded beast. I coveted this bra and wore it exclusively, carefully laundering by hand so it would last longer. I loved my fake boobs and wore them with pride, patiently waiting for the boob fairy to visit and bring me my very own set.

The damn fairy never came. The period fairy came (a few times), the zit fairy came, the armpit hair fairy came, but never the boob fairy. By my freshman year in college I had surrendered myself to the “boobs included” bra and accepted that this would be the only way I’d ever look “hot” in tops. I wore these huge padded beasts until I got pregnant. I wore them in the blazing heat of Alabama summers. I wore them in the pouring rain when walking to work. I would wake up in the morning and immediately strap one on before venturing out to greet my roommates. My fake boobies and I were one.

Then I had a baby and started nursing. Boobs included bras were both uncomfortable and impractical so I set them aside until we either weaned or the beautiful nursing boobs dwindled away enough that I needed to call in some backup support.

Yesterday was laundry day and all three of my nursing bras needed washed. Normally I would just go braless but I had to meet a perspective photography client while the loads were washing so I pulled out one of my old push-up bras, strapped it on and headed out without a second glance. We had our meeting, Sabine played on the playground a bit and then I went back to the apartment to collect my laundry. The afternoon progressed as normal until the Professor came home.

“Wow, you wearing a new bra?”

“Mmm, yeah, had to pull out one of my old boobs included bras because it was laundry day. Why?”

“It kinda looks like you are stuffing.”

I went to the bathroom to inspect my self for the first time that day and holy crap it looked ridiculous with these overly perky fake mounds perched upon my chest. What the hell had I been thinking?

I went back out and we had a good laugh about it and agreed, the boobs included looked pretty ridiculous after 15 months of au-natural.

“You know you are beautiful just the way you are. You really don’t need those.” the professor said. (Points to him for saying this without any prompting.)

I thought about this for a while. I felt so uncomfortable in the fake boobs and once he pointed out how silly they looked I felt even more awkward. Why do this to myself? Seriously. I don’t wear suits and such anymore (I used to wear the padded bras so I would not have to have my suits and button-ups altered) and once I find work I’ll purchase clothing that either fits as-is or I will spend the money to have them tailored. I’m no longer trying to pick up men (not that my fake boobies helped that quest much!) nor do I give two poops what other women think of my body. There is absolutely no reason to wear these ridiculous bras anymore.

So I threw them away. All of them. Into the trash they went and now my bra drawer is nice and empty with just three nursing bras in it. Once I am done nursing I’ll buy normal, regular bras and embrace the body that I have, not the body that Victoria Secret gives me. It feels really good to do this. It also feels really good to know I’ll not go through another 100 degree day with a huge padded bra strapped to my chest!

This Snuggle



I know that days like these are precious and numbered so I am choosing to relish the snuggle despite a cramping hip and growling belly. <3


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