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To Grandmother’s House We Go (in pictures)



I have been in the process of upgrading to a new computer and it is taking much longer than expected! Here are a ton of overdue photos from Sabine and my trip to Nana and Pappy’s house earlier in June.



Nana and Pappy’s backyard was magical – full of beautiful plants, trees, garden statues, a Sabine-sized bench and fish pond.


It was also full of mosquitos. We put bandaids over each bite to keep her from scratching.

11154654_10155718947305457_2844458921955812473_o (2)

We started taking pretend photos of flowers with her toy cell phone. Pretty funny what they learn from their Mama!

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Sabine helped Pappy feed the fish every morning and evening. By the end of the trip she knew what time they were to be fed and would carry the fish food over to him saying, “Paaaaappyyyyy, fiiiiiiish!”


The yard was also the perfect place to have super fun nakie time in the water! The first day she played in the watering can.


Later she became more brave and ventured into a kiddie pool and the garden hose.


She took some garden rides in a 30-year old Little Tykes Wagon that my brother and I used to ride in.


We went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and saw some incredible Lego sculptures.


The bison and bird were my favorite.


The fox hunting a rabbit were also pretty cool!


Sabine brought kitty to the gardens, and a huge bug bite on her head.


It was exciting!


Sabine, kitty and I took a wee hike at Green Mountain Nature Trail.


It was really fun, but very humid and VERY buggy.


This is what we think of humidity and bugs.


We also visited the Children’s Museum and had a ride on the famous Lily Flag cow.

11417752_10155711255750457_5500691642397051455_o (1)

We took a few epic naps of desperation.


Auntie Laura helped us discover Sabine finally has enough hair for a bow!


We played music with our new friend.


And finally, we spent 6 extra hours in the Atlanta airport in return for a $1,300 e-credit on Delta! Evidently they seriously overbooked and were desperate for people to give up their seats so we now get to take the entire family to San Fransisco in August! Yippee!

What makes Grandma and Grandpa’s house special to your little ones?




Sabine says, "The turkey did it."

Sabine says, “The turkey did it.”

Sometimes, when Sabine poops a particularly foul smelling poop, I check the clock before changing her to determine if Dada will be home in time to deal with it.

A picture-tastic post about our trip to Alabama up next. Happy weekend!




Source.  This is how I feel about this mouthwash.

This is how I feel about mouthwash.

About two months ago I went to the dentist for what I hoped would be a cleaning, but suspected would end up an appointment to come back for gum work. Unfortunately it was the later.

The dentist took a few x-rays, poked around my mouth for two minutes and announced he would need to get insurance approval to do some deep cleaning on my gums and repair some bondings. Pregnancy, he said, did a number on my gums and I really need to get them in shape before things get out of hand (confession: this is only my second postpartum dental appointment).

He sent me out with a prescription for some god-awful mouthwash and the promise to call me after the approval came in. FIVE WEEKS LATER I finally got a call. By this point I was starting to think he was scamming me.

“I bet he charged the insurance for that ‘consultation’ and then took his sweet time getting back with me,'” I said to the Professor. “He just wrote the prescription for this nasty mouthwash to make it FEEL like we did something during the first appointment. I am not going to use it. He will never know.”

I put the gross mouth wash under the sink and went about my life.

The morning of my appointment rolled around and I prepared by showering, doing my hair (because you know, you totally should spend time fluffing your hair just to go lay on it for an hour and squish it all down), brushing AND flossing.

“I’ll show him,” I thought. “I bet this one-time flossing will be enough to mitigate all the gum problems from my now distant pregnancy!”

When I got to the dentist he was super apologetic about the long wait on approvals. He explained that Dental is notoriously slow at approvals and that his other patients often called and pestered every few days to check on them. He appreciated my patience. Oops.

Then he settled in with his tray of torture devices and started to work on my lower teeth. The suction sucked, the spray sprayed, the evil scrappy device scraped. And scraped. And scraped. And scraped. After a few minutes he set down the scrapper and asked,” Did you use your mouth wash?”

I stared at him, open-mouthed (because it was full of pain and embarrassment) and stammered, “Um, no…. Well, I mean, I used it for about a day. It tastes really horrible.”

“I thought so. You really need to use it. There is a reason I prescribed it. We are going to have to rebook this appointment so you use the mouthwash for a week beforehand.”


I was scolded by my dentist.

At the ripe-old age of 34.

And sent home to basically think about my actions.

So let this be warning to all you formerly prego ladies who might also have long-term gum complications. That nasty mouthwash? It actually does something. And the dentist will know if you don’t use it!


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