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The Adventures of Sabine and Tomato



I am amazed at what a little person Sabine is becoming. I have to say that despite the massive nap strike this leap has brought on, the changes she is undergoing are absolutely awesome.


Meet Tomato, Sabine’s new best friend!

Sabine has started to actually “play.” She has toys that are true favorites, the best of which is this little stuffed tomato lady that her Auntie Laura gave her. She carries Tomato around as she explores the house, which is becoming more her domain and less ours.


Taking Tomato on a Hallway tour.

Showing Tomato her activity table (that Mama scored for FREE on Craigslist!)

Showing Tomato her activity table (that Mama scored for FREE on Craigslist!)

Finally passed out after a major nap strike. With Tomato. In the Rock 'N Play, which is a big no-no according to our sleep training instructions but OMG this kid desperately needed to nap!

Finally passed out after a major nap strike. With Tomato. In the Rock ‘N Play, which is a big no-no according to our sleep training instructions but OMG this kid desperately needed to nap!

I’m working hard to baby-proof the living room, hallway, “office” and kitchen. There are no doors separating these rooms so I want it all to be a big safe haven for her. This morning she and Tomato inspected the cat gate, the chair we sit on to remove gross NYC shoes, the trashcans at the kitchen and then the kitchen. She looked SO HAPPY to be able to roam and touch, look and taste things. This also makes Mama keep an even cleaner home. Yesterday I found her chewing on a piece of toast… I have not given her toast in days though! Last week I found her chewing on a piece of old tofu. OMG, the horror.

Here is a little video of the Tomato tour.

And here is a video of our nap protest. This kid… she is giving me a run for my sanity!


Deep Thoughts From the Porter



I walked into the elevator this morning and our building’s porter was cleaning the wood paneling with Pledge furniture polish. I smiled at him and said that the smell of Pledge always makes me think of my mother’s house as a kid. We had weekly chores, one of which was dusting our furniture with Pledge. “The smell makes me homesick now,” I said.

“But now you are a Mom and you get to make those memories for your child,” he said.

I had never thought of this. I don’t know why, either. Smells have always been very powerful memory triggers for me, why would they not be for Sabine? What smells will she associate with home one day when she is far away from me and starting a life of her own? What smells do my friends associate with me?

Vinegar. I clean everything with various mixtures of vinegar, essential oils, baking soda and Bon Ami. Lavender essential oil. Cedar “flushable” cat litter. The smell of coffee in the morning. Perhaps my hot stinky coffee breath?

What scents do you think your children, friends and family will remember you for?

Nine Months



Dear Sabine,

I love that you make silly faces with me.

I love that you make silly faces with me.

You turned nine-months at the beginning of this month. I love the silly, giggling, passionate and sensitive little girl you are becoming. I see a lot of myself in you and, honestly, it delights me. I hope we are the best of friends until the end of my days.


These days you are unstoppably curious. You inspect everything with the greatest care… and then you taste it. At yesterdays’ photo shoot you inspected and then tasted a daffodil. I nearly had a heart attack! I know this sounds cliche, and in 18 years you will roll your eyes at me, but your endless curiosity keeps me young. It reminds me that even as an adult, I can also still find wonder and amazement in the simplest things. Like a stick.


Or a handful of grass.


At nine-months-old you still laugh like Fozzie Bear. It is gruff, and adorable, and does not fit your incredibly petite body. At just under 15 pounds and 26 inches, you are peanut of a girl but your laugh is so big. Just like your pants.


Caught in action: flying stuffed animal to make you grin big for the camera!

Some of your favorite things are:

  • Socks. You like to steal them from your feet, snatch them from the sock box by the changing pad and play in piles of them when we fold laundry. You think it is hilarious when I put your socks in my mouth and growl like a beast. It is even funnier when I bite the socks off your feet like a Ravenous Mama Beast!
  • You love your dragon and unicorn puppets and REALLY love when they pretend to eat socks… and then spit them at you.
  • You love having soft toys tossed at you. You can be sobbing loudly and when I bonk a stuffed toy off your head you are suddenly thrilled. (This is also how I get you to grin for the camera!)
  • You are learning to love food. Current favorite foods are: egg yolks (the No. 1 favorite), quinoa, rice, toast, marinated tofu, and just tonight, lentils.
  • You love to snuggle with Mama and nurse, which makes me so happy and fills me with pride and purpose.
  • You adore our cats and make a very distinct sound when one struts by. You also have started chasing them. The cats are alarmed. I am charmed.
  • You are not quite crawling, but are oh, so very close. At nine-months-old you are discovering that you can army crawl over and under things. Sometimes you get stuck and cry. Don’t worry, Mama always saves you.
  • Baby Einstein Old McDonald never gets old. We call it the “Nuclear Option” and break it out when nothing else will soothe. You sit up tall, giggle and clap as you watch it.
  • Being tickled, snuggled and then tossed in the air is the current favorite way to end a nursing session. So sweet.


At nine-months-old you dislike:

  • Diaper changes.
  • Bottles.
  • Carrots. Lord, do you dislike carrots.
  • Being taken away from the litter box. (You REALLY want to taste it. Mama REALL does not want you to taste it.)
  • Naps. You are too cool for naps.
  • The elevator. I have no idea why.
  • Not being the center of my world.


Little girl, you have come so far in just 9 months. I can’t wait to see what the next nine bring!

Love you always,



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