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Things they don’t tell you about infertility treatments:



I knew that progesterone can cause some wicked yeast infections. As unpleasant as these are, I can handle them. A quick dose of OTC medicine and I’m right as rain in about 36 hours.

No one told me that progesterone can cause yeast infections in other places. Like your throat and esophagus. Today my throat feels like sandpaper and my esophagus feels, well, weird. I’m easily grossed out and heightened awareness of organs that remain neatly tucked away out of sight really skeeve me. This new awareness of my esophagus is just too much – I’m in a constant state of “EWWWWW! ORGANS!”

Tonight I will start a new medicine called “Swish and Swallow.” Charming name, isn’t it? Hopefully this won’t be as gross as the constant reminder that I have an esophagus is. Esophagus – it even looks gross in type.

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