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Praying for good news



A smoothie from last week. This one was NOT good, but I was brave and drank it anyways. The things we will do for a baby.

I see Dr. Hope today at 2:45. It has been 12 days since my last dose of Crinone and still no period. I am praying for good news but am prepared for the bad. My current theory as to what’s wrong with my body this time is that I have PCOS. While I am thin, I have an EXTREMELY high AMH level (53!). I read this is a major indicator of PCOS. I also had that weird 15mm follicle/cyst and a bunch of other tiny follies at my last scan on CD 1.  From what I can tell from an unhealthy amount of Internet research they may have to put me on birth control pills for a while to get my cycle straightened back out. Which means more waiting and more weeks of the bag of Gonal taunting me and my infertility from the fridge.

Positive thoughts and prayers are welcome today. Maybe if we all wish REALLY hard I will be wrong in my diagnosis and allowed to start injects today. I’m thinking this is not really likely, though.

In other news: I have hopped on the Green Smoothie bandwagon and am excited about blending up all kinds of stuff into healthful, antioxidant and anti inflammatory-laden creations. Today’s smoothie consists of rainbow chard, spinach, fresh organic strawberries, frozen mango, fresh ginger and water. We’ll see how it tastes at lunch!

And now, off to plow through some work. I have a lot to do today before I leave for my appointment.

Baby dust to you all!


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  1. myjourney7283 #
    July 25, 2011

    Hi dear. I’m sending you all the positive thoughts I can muster today. Good luck.

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