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My sweet husband and I at the Grand Canyon.

I went for another scan today which is my CD4 (calendar day). I have done 4 injections, each at 75 iu, and for some reason was expecting huge glorious follicles. Instead I got a pile of tiny ones and one at 11 mm. Not super awesome. BUT I’m not over stimulating which is a good thing. I am trying to stay focused on the positive. I have only been stimulating for four days and usually you stim for 7 to 12 days. So my body still has 8 whole days. I really want to research natural ways to make follicles grow, but I know that would only drive me insane. Instead I’m going to try to have a restful weekend.

Dr. Hope says he will see me again on Tuesday and to continue nightly injections at 75 iu.

Tonight Mr. Husband and I are having grilled salmon salads and continuing our eBay adventure (update on this coming soon). Tomorrow morning I’m doing a photo shoot for a baby who is turning one and then designing his birthday invitations. I have been photographing this little guy since he came home from the NICU last year. He is adorable and I love watching his personality develop. This said, these sessions are always hard for me. I love photographing other people’s babies but LONG to photograph my own. I decided I should do something kind for myself after shoot so I took another TTC’ers lead and scheduled a haircut at a local Aveda spa. If I feel frivolous, maybe I’ll also get a pedi. *wink*

How are you going to be kind to yourself this weekend?


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