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CD7: Dreams



It's a good day. How about a mustache photo? This one was taken using my "Choose your mustache" mirror that hangs in my office.

I have never been one to put a lot of emphasis on my dreams. Typically they are nothing more than my brain digesting things that have already happened. On Friday night, though, I had a really vivid dream in which I was at Dr. Hope’s office for an ultrasound to check the follicles. Much to my delight there were three juicy ripe follicles on one ovary and one on the other. Four follicles ready to be triggered! I woke up before Dream Dr. Hope could give me my protocol.

This dream filled me with hope and positive energy for the rest of the weekend. I spent Saturday working at the house, and then went to a new stylist and got my hair cut. This stylist was just wonderful – easy to talk to, fun and funky and she gave me a scalp massage. To top it off, she did a GREAT cut and I left feeling really pretty, which is something that does not always happen after someone else styles my hair!

Late Saturday a couple of friends from college stopped by the house for the night on their way back to Colorado. I made an awesome dinner consisting of vegan green chili and my famous fat-free chocolate orange cake. Good times were had and then we retired to bed.

Sunday consisted of a quick breakfast before our guests got back on the road; yoga for stress relief and a brilliant chakra balancing mediation; a walk  to the co-op for an organic lunch; a meander through an antique store; a stop by the fabric store for a zipper and then more eBaying. Y’all, I have done so well with the e-Bay sales! We have sold $522 in stuff meaning I am halfway to my goal to sell $1,000! I think the money might slow down a bit now, though, as I listed our best things first, but I’m just determined to get to $1,000 to help pay for this baby making process.

However, if my dream pans out and this positive energy I’m feeling is a sign, we might not need that $1,000 for additional fertility treatments! And then I could instead use it to purchase a new camera so I can document every adorable moment in our baby’s life!

Tomorrow I see Dr. Hope again (for real this time, not just in my dream!) to check my progress. This time Mr. Husband can come along, too, which makes me really happy. I want him to see what good stuff I’m growing!


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