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Quick update



I’m spent so this will be quick and probably void of humor.

I saw Dr. Hope today and he did an ultrasound. My ovaries are still super-duper swollen and I have a lot of fluid in my abdomen and up under my ribcage. The ribcage fluid was what has been making me feel so viciously ill. I can’t eat a full meal, I get super nauseous all the time, I can’t draw a full breath and can’t stand up straight. He took one look and said “That’s gotta go!”

Rather than battle the insurance more, he arranged for me to have the procedure done at the hospital my policy covers – which is NOT the greatest and most organized operation. Thankfully the doctor who did it seemed very knowledgable. He essentially poked a big ass needle through my belly and abdominal wall and then proceeded to Shop-Vac two leaders of bloody fluid from my body. That is as much fluid as I’m allowed to drink in two days right now! Since it was bloody he sent it off to be analyzed, even though we are 98% sure it is just ruptured cyst crud. Better safe than really sorry.

I feel much better now. I can breathe again and ate a full meal. I do, however, still have a painfully swollen belly and am nowhere near my pants fitting again. Woe is the non-pregnant girl with the pregnant belly.

I’m feeling a little gloomy about the entire pregnancy thing today. We had to cancel our vacation next week b/c I won’t be fit enough to travel let alone hike in the Smoky Mountains. The only good thing about this is that I get to move my pregnancy test up to next Thursday at 9 a.m. – less than one week away now.

I’m exhausted now. It is time to rest and try to think fertile thoughts. Thank you for all your prayers, kind words and encouragement over the past week. I’m humbled by the kindness of strangers.

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