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Taking my OCD to an entire new level – Operation Take Back My Pants Part 2



*Note: My perpetually optimistic husband just looked over my shoulder and said that this title should be “Operation Take Back My Pants Just To Give Up My Pants.” I love his outlook on life!


I should start with saying that I survived the blackout! Despite a massive three state power outage, a uveitis flare and having to spend hours upon hours in conference sessions, I still managed to have some fun while in San Diego. I’ll post a few photos from my adventure tomorrow.

And now I need to update you on Operation Take Back My Pants.

My pants are still tight, but I’m making progress. The trip to San Diego sort of stalled my plan, but I’m back and ready to get down to serious business. Since the last Take Back My Pants post, I have seen a dietitian for guidance on the PCOS diet. My food allergies and aversion to any meat that once had legs makes it REALLY hard to balance carbs and protein

The dietitian was great. She drew pictures of how insulin works and what it is that my body does incorrectly. Then she took out a HUGE stack of food cartons so we could find some new options. Finally she calculated exactly how many grams of carbohydrates to protein I need daily. Here’s the breakdown based on my body type and activity level:

Macronutrient Needs
Carbohydrates:  40-50 grams/meal and 20-25 grams/between meal snack

Protein:  2-3 oz protein (or ~14- ~20 grams)/meal and between meal snack

Fat:  58 grams fat/day (considered “low fat” due to family history of heart disease)

While this looks pretty simple, it is actually tremendously tricky when your food choices are limited. I spent last week researching and compiling a completely neurotic list of foods and their nutritional profiles*. From this I learned the following:

  1. I eat way too much fruit. Sadly, fruit is super high in carbohydrates and causes insulin spikes. Less fruit = better insulin levels = hopefully happier ovaries.
  2. Beans have a carbs and protein but not enough protein for one meal without eating a truck load of them and gassing out the entire office and hot boxing Mr. Husband.**
  3. TVP is an awesome lean protein option and is terribly cheap when purchased from the bulk bins at the natural foods store.
  4. Hard boiled eggs are also a good source of portable protein. If only I could find a way to not taste them.** *
  5. 100 grams of potatoes is not a lot of taters.
  6. On the flip-side, 100 grams of raw broccoli is a lot of broccoli and takes a LONG time to chew.

Don't think I can't make dinner with this missel and a little bit of duct tape.

Another challenge is calculating the nutrition for meals I cook from scratch. My method for cooking is generally to MacGyver together whatever is floating in the fridge. I adjust things as I cook and make changes on a whim. While this method prepares delicious food 90% of the time, it often leaves me unable to repeat a recipe or calculate the nutritional values.

I purchased MacGourmet to help me calculate nutrition for my recipes and have been learning how to use it. Honestly, the software is far from perfect and it takes a long time to enter a recipe. I’m sure in time, though, I will perfect this new cooking/calculating system.

Not even this mullet can hinder with my mad dinner making abilities.

The good news is that keeping close notes while cooking will make it easier to share my recipes. Would you all be interested in seeing some of my PCOS-friendly recipes on this blog?

So far I’m feeling pretty good about this change. It is going to be tough, but hopefully it will help me feel better and my ovaries to ovulate without exploding when we do our next cycle! Do you all have any PCOS diet-related tips? Any idea how I can accommodate chocolate into my evening meal? I miss chocolate already and it’s not even PMS time!

*Seriously, the list is ridiculous. Each time I look something up I add it to the list so the next time I want to reference it I won’t have to consult Google. I even put it in a Google Doc so I can bookmark it on my iPhone and access it anywhere. Who’s a huge dork? This girl.

**Not that a sweet lady like myself would EVER do this *wink*
*** In my opinion, hard boiled eggs serve only one purpose in life: a canvas for Easter egg dye.

I feel this post should end with one more MacGyver image.



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  1. September 13, 2011

    Ha! Love the aversion to any meat that once had legs. I’m the same way! I’m not a vegetarian at all, but think I’d die on a high protien/low carb diet cus I CAN’T eat much meat without being disgusted by it!

  2. September 13, 2011

    Absofuckinglutely! LOL! As a semi veg myself I can tell you that my carb to protein ration sucks. And now that I am starting my IVF cycle I need to get it in line! My plan… load up on whole foods whey protein.. chocolate flavor. Now if i could only get my sugar intake down.. sigh. ;o)

    • September 14, 2011

      I’m super excited and feel my blog finally has PURPOSE in the blogosphere! I’m working on sprucing up my completely anal retentive food list and will share that over the weekend along with a recipe or two. I ❤ food and ❤ that you are all interested in food!

  3. September 13, 2011

    “Operation Take Back My Pants Just To Give Up My Pants.”


    • September 14, 2011

      He certainly has a way with words 🙂

  4. eggsinarow #
    September 13, 2011

    Yes, please. Protein, lots of protein. And after my turkey burger massacre, I’m interested in other sources of protein. LOL.

    • September 14, 2011

      Lol! I have made some disastrous bean burgers. I’ll pick more successful things to share 🙂

  5. Mo #
    September 13, 2011

    Wow, I haven’t been able to fit into most of my pants since my lap, and I can’t bring myself to reclaim them just yet. So good for you!

    • September 14, 2011

      Mo, I’m trying. This is more an attempt to get my ovaries healthier so I don’t hyper stimulate again. The pants are just a bonus and a vanity thing – I really do love my jeans!

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