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What’s on your nightstand?



I have everything you would expect an infertile to have on her nightstand: the BBT thermometer, a notebook, a tube of sperm-friendly lube, tissues for when I have a crying fit and now a pack of birth control pills.

What? Wait? I’ll back up…

I met with Dr. Hope yesterday and the first thing he said was “You look much better! Definitely looking thinner and you have color back in your face!” I didn’t realize how rough I was looking during the OHSS but am so glad to be looking better!!

Then we had the talk. Basically everyone agrees that IVF is my best shot at having a baby. Dr. Hope was tremendously optimistic, saying that he is confident I will have a baby, it might just take some time. According to him, I make plenty of good eggs, Mr. Husband has great sperm and we are both healthy. My ovaries just need some assistance doing what ovaries are supposed to do.

Sadly, his IVF will not open for another 6 to 8 weeks. We could go somewhere else, but I’m not comfortable showing my lady business to yet another new doctor, plus, I really like this one. I also realize that dropping the IVF bomb on my boss unexpectedly during our busiest time of the year is really unfair. I feel I have a much better chance of her understanding and working with me if I can give a bit advance notice so we can prepare.

All that said, I really don’t want to sit around and do nothing during this time. I have a bag full of Gonal-F still in my fridge that mocks me EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a snack (you would think this would reduce snacking, but it does not). So we decided to do another stimulation/IUI cycle while waiting to start IVF. There is always a chance we will get lucky from another IUI and if not, I know that there is a hard-and-fast plan in place to take the next step.

So off to the dildo-cam we went, frolicking all the way (not really, but it is a fun mental picture as Mr. Husband and I are tall skinny people who look ridiculous when frolicking). Dr. Hope was pleased with my ovaries so far, however, they are still not ready to stimulate. I have several large follicles and a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. Dr. Hope was not super concerned about these cysts and said they should resolve themselves after a round of birth control.

While I’m bummed to have to wait another three weeks, I’m happy things are moving in a forward direction, rather than being stalled. I’m also happy that the birth control will induce a period before we do our next cycle. I just feel like the uterus should be fresh for my eggs, not filled with old, stale lining. Kind of like clean sheets, you know? Everyone likes clean sheets.

So that is where we stand: three weeks of birth control, a baseline scan, another IUI round, and then off to IVF we go (assuming the clinic is open).

I’m so excited to get back to baby-making business. In the mean-time, I really need to buckle down on this PCOS diet. Sigh, farewell cupcakes… hello birth control pills.



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  1. September 20, 2011

    Congrats girl! This sounds like a great plan.. it keeps you ‘busy’ while you wait for the IVF clinic to start and if you get a BFP in the meantime you will save an assload of $$! LOL! If you need to go IVF you have a plan in place.. and the idea of staring with a fresh lining (via the pill) is really good. A lot of women begin their cycles this way so here are my FX for you!

  2. Mo #
    September 20, 2011

    Sounds like you’re on the right track, and in a much better mood! Yay!

  3. Areave #
    September 20, 2011

    Hi Belle
    Good luck with your most recent decision…I just finished a round of IVF and have OHSS…this I’d NOT fun and feeling this way is not my cup of tea. Io went from running 7 miles every morning to being bed bound and up 20 pounds of fluid! I’m horrified at the way I look and feel and it has been incredibly comforting reading your words and knowing that I’m not alone here.
    Keep up the spirited writing…it sure helps a girl read the day away!

    • September 21, 2011

      Oh Areave! Big hugs to you. I hope you feel better soon! I do know how terrible OHSS is and how much of a downer it can be for the athletic woman who becomes bed-bound. Hang in there and I’m sending you good, healthy, fertile thoughts!

  4. September 21, 2011

    Good luck! Good idea on doing another IUI cycle, waiting all of those weeks would be really hard when you’ve built this momentum. I don’t know what your PCOS diet looks like but I am really liking mine (mainly just low GI, but I cheat on the weekends).

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