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This morning I was brave. After getting several comments vouching for Soft Cups, I pulled out a box of Instead I bought more than a year ago.

I read the instructions. I watched a video online (oh yes, there is a video with a doctor and this funny replica of a vajayjay). I took a deep breath, smooshed the yuuuuge cup between my fingers and in it went.

I sat on the commode dumb-founded. That was it? The yuuuuge cup went right where it was supposed to, did what ever needed to be done to get itself situated and that was that. I carefully stood up, expecting to double over in pain because seriously, there is a yuuuuge plastic thing up my twat. And you know what I felt? Nothing.

I showered, got dressed, cleaned house, packed the cooler for our trip and still, nothing.

So far I’m shocked at how easy it was to “install” and how, if it were not for my obsessive nature, I would have no idea it was “in there.” Next test will be working out and then I’ll try actually retrieving the thing!

Thanks to all you Instead wearers for helping me work up the courage to try this out! Now, I’m going to go check my panties.



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  1. September 30, 2011

    Been meaning to comment today.. DO NOT freak out when you go to take it out. Relax, take a breath and bear down like you are having a BM (bowl movement aka. dropping a deuce). Lean forward and hook your pointer finger under the rim and gently pull straight forward (not down- straight forward) so that you will spill less of the contents of the cup.
    I once had to walk my bestie through this step by step on the phone.. it was PRICELESS!!!

  2. October 2, 2011

    That’s how I felt the first time I used the DivaCup, I was like … how is this going to go in there? And at the time I was also using the NuvaRing and I had to put both in at the same time for a couple of days near the end of my period, and I was like … BOTH of these are DEFINITELY not going to fit!!! But they did, and I didn’t feel them, and it worked out. 🙂

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