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On pee sticks



No thank you Amazon. I would rather not share my pee stick purchase with Facebook. Sheesh!

* Note: I’m hormonal and rambling.

Yesterday was IUI 2.0, today will be IUI 2.1. Dr. Hope’s wife was at the office yesterday and chatted with us while we waited on the sperm washing. She is totally convinced that this is the month for us. While I appreciate her optimism, predictions like this really stress me out. I feel even more performance anxiety to “do good” and worry this added dose of stress might be the straw that pushes my eggs over the edge and straight out the shoot.

For those who are new-ish around here, this is only my second cycle to reach pee stick level. Despite trying to get knocked up for almost a year, I have very little experience with cycling and all the side effects are still bizarre and foreign. Last cycle I avoided pee sticks like the plague and did not test till day 11 and 13. I did not test out my trigger and did not keep track of all my progesterone side effects. I felt insanely out of control.

This IUI is NOT the end of the road – in January we have  our first IVF! IUI 2.0 has been a test cycle during which we played with the medicine to see how I respond. A junkie for a science experiment, I’m going to continue the test cycle mentality through the two week wait. How long does it take for the trigger to leave my body? What days do I feel what symptoms from the hormones? What feelings can be attributed to the progesterone? When exactly does the thrush and yeast infection show up post trigger? (Yes, I get delicious, delicious thrush from the progesterone.)

During this two week wait I will be testing out the trigger and keeping notes on my symptoms. I’ll combine all the notes at the end of the cycle and stick them in my bathroom next to my stash of “I’m Using Science To Make A Baby” supplies to keep my mind at bay during IVF.

Project Two Week Wait is going to require a good-sized stash of pee sticks to test out the trigger.  This morning I ordered a 20 pack of Wondfo tests for $5 (plus a few more bucks for rush shipping). A recycling enthusiast, I’m excited that these use such a small amount of packaging, however, I worry that their simplicity might in some way skew my tracking, or worse, give me a false result. Have any of you used the Wondfo brand? The price seems almost to good to be true…

And now for a few observations: I triggered Friday night at 9 p.m. Two hours later I took my first HPT to check for a visible trigger and got nothing. Saturday morning, though, the HPT showed “pregnant” loud and clear, meaning the trigger was in my pee and doing its thing.* Saturday was pretty chill and symptom-free. Saturday evening was a different story. MUST HAVE BABY NOW! I wailed to Mr. Husband. We watched an episode of Monk to try and calm me down and would you believe that during this particular episode Monk fostered an adorable two year-old with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Cue tears – Even crazy Monk gets a baby (which of course he did not keep, but still! Cute baby! Hugging Monk! No Fair!) Mr. Husband scratched my back and sighed. I would say the crazies start 20 to 24 hours post trigger shot!

*I have never seen a positive HPT. It sure is pretty. I sure hope to see it for real one day!



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  1. November 6, 2011

    Hey Belle! I know what you mean about all of the stress and pressure when people (with good intentions) say things like that. When it works and you get a BFP it’s fine, but a BFN is just so crushing. I am hoping for a positive for you of course, but if not I am SO excited about IVF and can tel you all about that!!

    On Wondfo’s- Yes they are the real deal! For testing out the trigger they ROCK- just get a box of FRER’s (first response early result) for when you get closer to the real testing day! Use the Wondfo’s until you get a negative and the use FRER beginning at 9dpo onward (you’ll know by 11dpo)

    PS- you crack me up on seeing the positive test- they sure do look pretty!
    Also- what did you trigger with? Ovidrel clears the urine quicker. The others are EVIL and can take 12-14 days!!! WTF!? Grrrrrr.. but if you get a BFP you will know the difference because the line will get darker instead of lighter after 9dpo. xo…

  2. November 6, 2011

    I have been using the Wondfo brand pretty much since the beginning. I think they are reliable and accurate, although if I did ever see a positive on one I would probably go out and buy a First Response just to verify. Good luck with 2.1!

  3. Mo #
    November 6, 2011

    You know how much I love pee sticks, so I’m all for this experiment. Isn’t seeing two lines fun? it’s like you have magic pee!
    Rooting for you that this cycle works! Crossing all appendages! xoxo

  4. November 6, 2011

    Oh no the pee sticks!!! With my last IUI I decided to steer cleer of all pee sticks- OPK’s and HPT’s alike. I decided to chalk up every symtom to medication. At first it was a little bit difficult, but in the end I think I did better without the pee sticks than with my first two IUI’s. Good luck!

  5. November 6, 2011

    It is so nice reading about what I will be going through in hopefully the next couple months! I am so new to it all.

  6. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row #
    November 7, 2011

    Fingers crossed. And I’m loving the Amazon “tell your friends about our pee-sticks!”

    Dear lord.

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