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I could totally smell the homeless guy today.


  • My belly feels like there is a heavy, swollen brick in it. This is the same feeling I get when I consume dairy of any kind. I  assume today’s brick feeling is due to bloating from the trigger, otherwise I am sleep walking and gnawing on Mr. Husbands stash of real butter and cheese. Hmmm, might need to check for gnaw marks…
  • I have a little sensitivity in my lower abdomen around the ute that is sort of like I just did a bunch of ab work but, sadly, I did not. I am actually terrified to exercise right now, for fear of jostling embryos out.
  • My sense of smell was freakishly sensitive yesterday. A coworker heated some beef soup and I thought I might wretch. Today it seems to be calming down, although, I could TOTALLY smell the homeless guy I passed on my way into the office today. That very well could have been 100% stinky homeless guy, 0% crazy hormonal bitch, though.
  • This morning I started the Crinone. I was careful to use it when Mr. Husband was nowhere near the bathroom door. This is way too much information, but occasionally crinone makes a gross squishy sound when it goes in. The rational woman in me knows that this little squish is nowhere near loud enough to travel through a bathroom door, down a small hall and into the kitchen where Mr. Husband is eating his cereal. The irrational hormone-crazed woman is CERTAIN that he can hear this gross squish and will be forever think of it when he sees me in the boudoir. *squish*
  • Today’s HPT still shows signs of the trigger, although it is getting lighter. I must say, I am disappointed to see that second line fade. It was so fun to see it, even if it was an impostor.




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  1. November 9, 2011

    “It was so fun to see it, even if it was an impostor.”

    That made me giggle so much because I would feel the same way!

  2. November 9, 2011

    I am allllways paranoid about sounds I make in the bathroom, I can imagine feeling like that squish sound echoes throughout the house… SQUISH-squish-squish-ish-ish-shhh … But yeah it probably doesn’t make much of a sound at all 🙂

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