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  • I do not have enough for one cohesive post, and I just do not like the “Thought Vomit Thursday” title (no offense, but it’s just sorta icky) so I’m borrowing from Unaffected and dishing out some “Leftovers.”
  • I had a cavity filled on Monday. While he was at it he drilled out an ancient one and refilled it plus the newbie. Something seems to have gone terribly, horribly wrong, though, as  I’m experiencing shooting pain from the tooth all the way up to my eye socket. The soonest this douche bag of a dentist can get me in is NEXT WEDNESDAY. That’s a lot of days.
  • Today is my Mommy’s birthday! Thankfully I remembered at 2:30 this afternoon and was able to call a local florist and arrange for a flower arrangement to be delivered. Sure hope it is pretty and brings some cheer to her day.
  • I finally sent the annual report project off to the printer this morning. I got to splurge and am having them add and aqueous coating to give it a little extra ooomph. I’m excited to see the finished product!
  • I want to share an outtake from this morning’s photo shoot. It keeps making me laugh.

  • I’m leaving this photo extra-large so you can truly appreciate its ridiculousness. 🙂
  • Mr. Husband finally has a decent job lead. He was emailed by the head of this particular department at a very prestigious school asking him to submit an application for a 3 year position doing something super awesome in a city that has an acupuncture school AND that is close to my family and our friends. I know that is sorta vague, but the interwebs are a strange, convoluted place and I don’t want any of his perspective employers to stumble upon his wife’s infertility blog with photos of cat butts in it. I’m sure you understand 🙂 So if you’ve got some extra prayers/positive vibes, please send them to:
    Mr. Husband
    c/0 Scrambled Eggs
    Somewhere in Kentucky 
  • Let’s also take a moment to recognize some of the BFP’s that have happened over the past few days. First, we have Robin at I’m Polycystic Inside. Although I have never met Robin IRL, she seems to be such a sweet woman who is always thinking about others infertility despite her own. Take a moment to send her some bloggy love for BOTH of her babies! Next up is Katie at The Cornfed Feminist. Katie is hilarious, hands down. Even her serious/sad posts have a little dry wit interlaced in them that makes me smile. Her grandfather sent her a BFP a few days ago. Take a few moments to send her some well wishes. And finally we have  J.M. at Meier Maddness who is dealing with the cruelest “you might be pregnant, but probably not, but I just don’t know… ” fiasco imaginable. Please stop by her blog and send some extra love. I think she needs it right now.
  • And finally, just in case my crazy-ass toothache was not enough, I have been dealing with a wicked case of hiccups for the past 30 minutes that I just can’t seem to get under control. Part of the issue is that it hurts like a bandit to drink the cold water from the fountain. I’m about to put my germ-a-phobe aside and get a glass of warm water from the bathroom sink. Please pray that someones poop disease does not enter my blood stream though my tooth. GAH!


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  1. March 1, 2012

    Haha your cat is like, WTF oh okay whatever. So chill! My cats would both be squirming and giving me the evil cat face!

    Thank you for the good vibes for Apple and Banana!!!

  2. March 1, 2012

    Noooo! Please don’t wait until next Wednesday to have your tooth looked at. Of course it’s probably nothing, but your teeth are way to close to your brain to risk any kind of bad infection.


    Yaaayyy! That’s wonderful news about your husband’s job search! Last year around this time was when my husband received his first job offer (and had emergency endodontic surgery, in the same day). Our lives have changed so much since then. It’s been exciting, and stressful, but mostly exciting. I hope the same turns out to be true for you!

  3. March 1, 2012

    You crack me up! I literally laughed out loud at your cat’s exhibitionism. I’m so sorry about your tooth- any sort of dental pain automatically gets my fullest sympathy and your dentist should understand that this is a high-priority. Lots of prayers headed your way for the Hub’s job lead, and for your potential potty mouth!

  4. 35life #
    March 1, 2012

    That photo is hilarious!

    Ok the tooth thing, not cool! When I had an issue like that they brought me right back in. There’s no excuse for having you go through an entire weekend with that kind of pain.

    Yay for hubby’s job opportunity! Mine was just offered a new opportunity too. Still waiting for it to finalize but it’s been the bright spot in our life when other things aren’t happening the way we’d like.

    Happy birthday, mom! 🙂

  5. March 1, 2012

    LOL! Love the photo! I would try to get in sooner for your tooth. I hope your Hubby gets the job!

  6. Aub #
    March 2, 2012

    I cannot stop laughing at that picture. I’m in the salon and people think I’m crazy. Okay, now just thinking of it is making me laugh out loud. Fingers crosses for Mr. Husband!

    • Aub #
      March 2, 2012

      Obviously, I meant that my fingers crossed, not that I was making finger crosses at your husband.

  7. March 2, 2012

    Your kitty looks so soft and pettable! My puppy likes to throw her junk in my face like that of her own accord. I love pets!

    And thank you for the mention!

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