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CD1, Pant-Free Biking & Alarming Cat Couple




Last night my period started. Honestly, I don’t know if the things I have even constitute a period… they are so light and never have the “full red flow” that is supposed to indicate a CD1. But whatever. For the first time in months I got to venture to the back of my underwear drawer and pull out my “period panties.” I love my period panties. All of them are black and made of the softest cotton with wide soft waistbands that are oh-so comfortable when I’m bloated. The panties and the fact that I might get to try again for a baby are the best things about CD1.

Along similar lines…

Every morning I get ready for work in the same order: shower, lotion/tend to pimply face, comb sad falling out hair, apply makeup, blow dry bangs and say a little prayer that all the hair does not completely evacuate my head that day, meander upstairs, put on outfit, wander back downstairs to do dishes and make lunch. By this time the Professor is up and having breakfast and I stand in front of him and let him scrutinize my outfit.

A lot of y’all are probably groaning now. “Belle! You are supposed to be an independent woman! Why on earth are you letting the Huz approve your outfit?” You see, I have problems with over accessorizing and/or wearing too many colors. Some days I do ok while other days I can go a bit crazy and end up looking like I’m going to the circus rather than my bland corporate desk job.

Anyways, the Professor checks my outfit every morning and I make suggested adjustments. Then I drop trou, usually in front of him and in the dining room, and change into my gym clothes for the commute to work. This always makes the Professor laugh. “You know…. you are naked in the dining room….” *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Today I undressed and then just stood there enjoying the freedom of wearing nothing but my super comfy period panties.

“Some days I wish I could bike in my underpants.”

“WHAT?” the Professor said.

“You know just me and my underpants flying down Nicholasville Road all free. It would be invigorating. Why is our country so prude?”

“Just you and your underpants, huh? I think that would be more you, your underpants and a lot of freaked out drivers,” he said. “Now put your pants on.”

Final Touches

I have spent the last week gathering the final touches for our remodeled kitchen. Yes, we are STILL working on it (Never remodel your own kitchen while the wife works full-time and the husband is trying to finish a Ph.D.) Last night our new pot holders* arrived and I really feel that they make a great statement piece that  defines the Professor’s and my personality. What do you think?

The one review is what really sold us on these:

My favorite item on my wedding registry! Matched my kitchen purrr-fectly. Such great quality with the cutest cats on them. These are great for cat lovers!

I find it extra hilarious that the reviewer was actually getting married, meaning that somewhere on this earth is another Crazy Cat Lady who found a Crazy Cat Man and joined forces to become an Alarming Cat Couple.  Or maybe a Crazy Cat Lady found a Total Pushover Man and dominated the wedding registry.

Our new take on the four cat thing is that as long as we are stuck with a pile of cats and no children we will embrace the Alarming Cat Couple stereotype. These pot holders felt like the purr-fect step in the right direction 🙂

* I just realized there are matching towels… am I ready to go that far…



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  1. August 15, 2012

    There is a naked bike ride every summer in Chicago, and I’m sure you and your panties would be welcome 🙂

    • August 15, 2012

      You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! My panties and I are looking this up right now and adding it to the calendar!

    • August 15, 2012

      LOL, I actually have a cousin and a friend who participate in the NBR every year! Pics are interesting….

  2. August 15, 2012

    Aw, crazy cat people in looooooove.

    You know what’s funny, I have two cats and still consider myself a dog person. People call me crazy cat lady but honestly I think I am still a dog person! It’s just dogs are too high maintenance for me to have in an apartment. Although… my cats are pretty high maintenance, but at least they don’t require me to go outside!

  3. August 15, 2012

    Love the cat oven-mits! I’d get some if I didn’t already have frog ones (and an apron for me and future kid to match).

    Yay for CD1. Someday I need to spend some time trying to find comfy (and not insanely expensive) period undies for me in Finland. So far I’ve been lucky enough to not need any between trips to the USA. LOL

  4. 35life #
    August 15, 2012

    Ok, you really have a diagram of your panty drawer? That is fantastic! I wish I had your organization system! I love reading your stories – you guys sound like a fun couple. 🙂

  5. August 15, 2012

    1. I love your pantry drawer diagram
    2. I love that you also have “period panties” mine are also all black.
    3. I love the description of said panties and the idea of you biking in them with just the panties flapping in the wind.
    4. Im really happy for you that its CD1 and time to start again 🙂

  6. August 15, 2012

    Your period panties sound so much better than mine. Mine are my old granny panties that I bought when I was about 60 pounds heavier than I am now. :S There. I’ve just shamed myself into vowing that I will buy new period panties.

    You’re so lucky you found another cat person. I love cats, but my hubby doesn’t and he refuses to let me adopt one. *sigh* It’s a good thing we both love dogs or our marriage would never last!

  7. August 15, 2012

    Belle, you should come to Seattle for Summer Solstice Parade and be a solstice cyclist!
    Naked bicycling in an approved public form mixed with a creative outlet.

    I do a similar thing with Grey. When I shop for clothing, he comes with me. As sad as it sounds, he has a far better eye than most women and he’s rarely wrong. Look at it this way, you’re relationship is so strong that your man can give you honest feedback on fashion. That’s a gift, not a sign of weakness!

  8. August 15, 2012

    Please step away from the matching towels…..:)
    I am sure you will find something else cute to go with the pot STRIPES to match the kitties.
    Didn’t you post on your other blog an excerpt about your organized drawers? I remember because it put me in utter awe. You should put a link up for all the other women who admire your organizational skills..We all aspire to be that awesome 🙂 REALLY!!

  9. August 16, 2012

    Aw, if crazy cat lady and her cat puns can find true love, the world is a better place. I’m imagining a couple out there somewhere laughing about Mr. Whisker’s latest antics (I suck at puns, so I won’t recreate their dialogue) and watching “Cats: The Musical” together.

    I’m sorry about your hair. I have the same problem. I’ve been told “shots in my follicles” aka shots in my HEAD will improve the situation, but honestly I think I’d rather buy a wig. I hope it gets better.

  10. infertilitycansuckit #
    August 16, 2012

    This is hysterical. I LOVE the oven mitt! Embrace the Alarming Cat Couple within…we have. The other day my husband wanted to buy the cats caviar and only put it back because he was worried about the salt content. 🙂 It looks like your remodel is headed in the right direction!

  11. August 16, 2012

    Period panties!!! Our cycles are one day apart, Lady! 🙂 Oh, and I totally relate to you about not knowing what blood stuff shows up anymore. The whole idea of a “red” period is hilarious at this point.

  12. August 16, 2012

    Um, that’s a yes on the matching cat towels. You would love them furever.

  13. August 17, 2012

    I love this post and how positive it is! YAY for CD1 and the 2 good things about it! Love how you drop trou in the middle of your dining room. Those potholders are really cute! I totally thing you should do a panty bike ride!

  14. August 18, 2012

    Pant-free is my favorite option.

    We’re a crazy cat family. Did I mention our daughter’s first word was ‘meow’? I think my husband may find those oven mitts in his stocking this year if he’s a good boy.

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