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Retail therapy + POAS Pledge Update



Today’s pee stick was also negative. I’m done peeing on things. If a positive showed up at this point it would very likely end in miscarriage. A failed cycle is hard enough. Another failed pregnancy I think would push me over the edge.

This morning I had a little retail therapy. I need new clothing like I need another hole in my head. However, ordering a few new fall pieces really made me feel sunnier. No baby this cycle means I’m cleared to buy fall clothes. Even if we get pregnant in October with a baby that is not going to crap out on me, fall will be long gone by the time I start to outgrow things. Want to see what I ordered? Probably not but I’m sharing anyways 🙂

First I hit up ModCloth. I had a $20 off coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. I only intended to buy this ridiculously over-priced sweater (click on all images to visit sites):

But failed cycles make me weak and by the time I went to checkout three other pieces had magically appeared in my cart.

Now tell me that dress won’t look fantastic with the sweater? Or with a little blazer, my mustard tights and some booties?

A fresh mustard scarf. Last year’s mustard scarf is looking pretty sad and now sports a coffee stain.

And a perfect cream top to layer things over and under. I have a few yards of this golden-colored fabric with green apples on it. I envision it as a short circle skirt with a chunky lace at the bottom paired with this top and maybe a burnt orange sweater vest.

After doing considerable damage at ModCloth I checked my other email account and found an email advertising 50% off select new styles at Loft. And I clicked. Sigh. High hormones + failure = ZERO self-control.

I love the mushroom color of this top. It will pair so nicely with lots of my fall skirts and should layer well when it cools off more.

And finally this skirt which I VERY much hope fits, but often times things with waistbands that sit a little higher look ridiculous on my negative torso. But it is worth a shot.

So that concludes depressed Belle’s Retail Therapy Spree. Could I afford this? NO! This means next months plans to purchase gallery glass for a few of my nice pieces of art will have to be postponed until November or December. Did a little frivolity make me feel a little better about next month? Yes.

Sometimes I think we lose sight of ourselves during infertility thinking that every penny must be set aside for things like acupuncture and out-of-pocket costs. Every time a cycle fails we feel a little crappier about ourselves. Walking into a closet full of things that are old and, lets face it, ill-fitting after months or years of infertility only brings us down further.

So I treated myself from my account which has recently been used to cover doctors bills and home improvements. It’s time to improve myself a bit and I think a new sweater and company is a good way to do so.

Do you treat yourself after a failed cycle? Have you been known to have a little shopping binge after a particularly crappy run of negative pee sticks?

Current Coupons & Deals: 

ModCloth: Signup a new account at ModCloth (you need a new email address from your current account – I used my blog email) and get a $20 coupon. Offer good for the month of September only.

Loft: 50% off sale styles and select full-priced items at Loft. Ends today!


Sorry I did not do this yesterday. I was a little self-absorbed in my own “woe is Belle.”

POAS Pledgers:

Huge congrats to my friend Bethany and her BFP! She is not a blogger however we keep in touch via email. She has had a long journey herself so this is really big stuff!

Elizabeth @ Bebe Suisse promises to not POAS until September 19.

BFP Bethany promises not to POAS until September 10.

BFN About Sprout is a little pee stick phobic but promises not to POAS until September 11.

Amanda @ Reading Each Page promises not to POAS until September 18.

BFN Mo @ Mommy Odyssey promises not to POAS until September 10.

IVFMale’s wife will not POAS until September 16.

Kate promises not to POAS until September 18.

Lindzlamp @ Chronicles of the Conceptually Challenged promises not to POAS until September 17.

BFN Wearelreaningtomakefire @ We Are Learning To Make Fire test day was Sunday, Sept. 9.

Vanessa promises not to POAS until September 16.

Testing Today! Jessica @ From My Bathtub Testing Today!

Jen @ My Bum Ovaries promises not to POAS until September 16.


Thanks for all the great feedback on the new look of Scrambled Eggs! I’m pretty tootin’ pleased with it myself! The sewing tab has been updated with the sewing projects I have posted thus far. I hope to have a good hair day this weekend and photograph my other projects – both the successes and the fails and believe me, there have been some terrible fails. Next week I’ll work on the “eat” tab, which is really neglected right now, and get it set up to feature my recipes from this blog and some of my better ones on our Adventures in Marriage blog.



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  1. Amanda #
    September 14, 2012

    I LOVE that sweater! Shopping also makes me feel better when I am down, if even for a little bit. I also use eating as therapy, which is why I am over weight, and probably contributes to my PCOS…it’s a vicious cycle! I am depressed today too. I let myself fall into that trap that I had a miracle waiting to happen and took a pee test yesterday (7+ weeks after D&C and no AF) BFN! Who was a kidding?

    • September 14, 2012

      Oh sweetie, I did the same thing after my D&C. I’m so sorry you are going through that. I think you deserve a new pair of shoes OR your very own ridiculously overpriced ruffled teal sweater 🙂 See what a terrible influence I am?

  2. September 14, 2012

    Mustard is such a lovely fall color. I am also a retail therapy person. I am usually so very frugal about clothing. My first IUI didn’t result in pregnancy but it DID result in the most expensive pair of pumps I own and the most expensive silk blouse I own. No regrets.

  3. jak #
    September 14, 2012

    EXCELLENT dress. and you’re totally right – mustard tights would make that rock. glad you had some therapy:) i bet my husband wishes he were married to someone who buys clothes on failed cycles. if this my 3rd ivf does not turn out, i am buying a f*cking sailboat!!

    • September 14, 2012

      Lol! A sailboat is awesome! I’m day dreaming about a car myself…

  4. September 14, 2012

    So sorry Belle. After receiving the news about our frosties, the wife and I did some therapy shopping buying autumn decorations. It made me feel a little better. 🙂

  5. September 14, 2012

    Sorry Girl. About the BFN, not the clothes. If you’re going for retail therapy, which I am 100% behind, you might as well go for the gusto! Such good finds! Updated wardrobe always makes me feel better about sporting my infertility scars (a.k.a 10 pounds) 🙂

  6. September 14, 2012

    I’m a big proponent of retail therapy. Love your purchases! You have a great sense of style.

    I’m really bummed to see so many BFNs in the list. *sigh* I wish we could all get together for a wine and whine party.

    • September 14, 2012

      MEEEE TOO! Maybe I should organize an infertiles weekend somewhere that is relatively affordable to fly into…

  7. Vanessa #
    September 14, 2012

    I’m so sad about your BFN… I had a good feeling about this FET, for some reason. Guess my fertility-radar is out of whack. I’m still holding out in terms of POAS until Sunday, or even Monday, depending on how terrified I am. LOVE Modcloth and LOVE mustard-coloured anything! And I also really love the idea of posting photos of your crafty DIY projects. I just tried to recover a lampshade and it proved to be the hugest DIY fail ever — like, we’re talking resorting to thumb tacks and Krazy Glue and clothespins and… well, yeah, it was such a catastrophe. But also so funny, too. I kind of wanted to share it with the world, to let people know not everyone is at a Martha Stewart level of craftiness. 🙂

    • September 14, 2012

      I think everyone’s radar is off right now. Of the few people I told about this transfer everyone was certain it would work. Go figure.

      Lampshades are a beast to recover! I used a permanent fabric adhesive from the craft store to glue mine. My problem was that it worked TOO well and there was no opportunity to remove and restick – meaning I will forever live with the imperfections. Or at least until another failed cycle and I choose to splurge on fancy new ones from Anthro 🙂

  8. September 14, 2012

    Retail therapy really does work! I don’t care what anyone says – it always makes me feel better!

    I love your style, by the way!

  9. September 14, 2012

    Love me some retail therapy! I find I shop my ass off while in the midst of a cycle (also partially because we cycle in phoenix where the shopping is 100 times what it is here) but because it is a great distraction! Everything you bought it adorable, love your colors and accessorizing. I am sorry about the BFN, a failed cycle blows, especially with IVF, it seems so guaranteed. But I do think you’ve got some great frosties left and you will get there, I am sorry it is not right now. 3rd times the chram right? RIGHT?

    • September 14, 2012

      I shop when I’m up in Cincinnati for appointments, too for the same reason: shopping in Lexington is crap-tastic 🙂 I didn’t realize you were near Phoenix. I’ll let you know the next time we are there visiting the Professor’s family. Perhaps we could meet!

      3 more frosties. One better make me a baby!

      • September 14, 2012

        haha, we aren’t anywhere near phoenix unfortunately….3 hour flight from Canada! But we weren’t going to wait the 9 months to get into a clinic here with shittier success rates. One will. I think the fact that one out of two got you pregnant (even though it had chromosomal isues and didn’t last) is positive. Usually people seem to get whole good or bad batches. (At least that is what I am counting on for my frosties! I am asuming these ones are baby makers).

        • September 15, 2012

          Oh my gosh! You flew to AZ for a doctor? Wow. That is some major dedication. I shall never bitch about my 1.5 hour drive to Ohio. 🙂 I hope you are right. The Prof and I talked last night, though, and he agreed with a fresh cycle if Dr. B thinks with have egg quality issues. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.

  10. September 14, 2012

    Beautiful clothes! I too engage in retail therapy. Usually it is on weird strange things because I can’t move past the guilt to buy clothes. So I will buy an item for the kitchen, or some music on iTunes, or some books, or, my favorite, clothes for my partner. Somehow I can rationalize that one.

  11. September 14, 2012

    DId you see these fabulous socks???

    • September 14, 2012

      I did not!!!! Those are amazing. I wish they had them in man-size for the Professor (who is responsible for 75% of our cats!)

  12. SM #
    September 14, 2012

    BFN for me too this morning. I chose to look for plane tickets to Europe, Africa, and Asia as my retail therapy. If this next cycle doesn’t work, we’re seriously going to start planning our world tour trip for this coming summer. Eight weeks of worldwide travel? Yes, please!

  13. September 14, 2012

    I just received a Modcloth box containing 5 dresses from their clearance/75% off sale (sadly I’m about 8 lbs too heavy for 4 of them)– and I also got two pair of shoes from Zappos (I thought for sure I’d return them for free but they’re both perfect)– oh and I decided to work on my Catholicism this cycle so I also bought some rosary bracelets and saints’ medals… I swear I am trying to get rid of all my spending money so I have nothing to do damage with if this cycle doesn’t work. I’m sorry for your BFNs…. go eat some pizza. I wish I could.

    • September 15, 2012

      ModCloths sizing is crazy. BUT you are missing the joy of having gotten ONE new dress on 75% off, which I’m super jealous of, by the way. I fully expect to have to return the dress I ordered or have to take it in for alteration. Time will tell! mmmmm, shoes. I’ve been combing Zappos myself looking for some cute red Mary Janes.

  14. September 14, 2012

    LOVE the clothes, and GOOD FOR YOU for splurging on yourself!!!!

  15. September 14, 2012

    I totally get the splurging thing. After my D&C in March, I bought the granite countertops I’d been wanting but wasn’t going to buy cause I was saving the money for OB bills. I figured I needed a pick me up and wouldn’t need money for OB bills for a while. Good for you for shopping today! I especially love the first top you got.

  16. September 14, 2012

    I absolutlely love your taste madam. The clothes are fantastic! I plan to do a little shopping myself this weekend, especially since it’s triple points at Nordstrom. You deserve it! Oh and by the way, I love these posts. 😉

  17. Katie Terry #
    September 15, 2012

    I bought myself a mustard color skirt today in honor of you. 🙂

    • September 15, 2012

      I love it Katie! You will so rock the mustard. You should share a photo 🙂

      • Katie Terry #
        September 16, 2012

        I will as soon as I find a fabulous teal top to match it with, since I don’t think I have something to go with it. Which also means I may need some new heels that match with mustard and teal. *sigh* my shopping is always way too much “if you give a mouse a cookie.”

  18. September 16, 2012

    A girl after my own heart…..

    I shopped after I thought this cycle failed. It was all so beautiful and awesome I haven’t had the heart return it yet, even though I hope to be in mat clothes soon…. In the meantime, fall is perfect time to sport statement pants and a raspberry skirt with brown boots!

    You deserve a treat.

  19. 35life #
    September 17, 2012

    Having never heard of it, I just bookmarked that store. What great stuff they have! Love it! I totally agree with retail therapy. I admit I’m guilty of that.

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