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Take that, Universe



So many people have suggested the Diva Cup after my last post that I decided to tempt the universe and order one… the PRE PREGNANCY ONE. And the special Diva cup wash.

Universe, feel free to throw a wrench in my blissful menstruation plan and knock me up with this cycle!



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  1. SRB #
    September 27, 2012

    I was *just* about to come back to that post and suggest the Diva Cup! I hope it doesn’t see much use in the very near future. 🙂

  2. September 27, 2012

    Good luck with it! (Though I’m really hoping you won’t need for a loooooong time.)

    I bought the Diva cup a few years ago but had a frightening experience where I couldn’t get it out again. Mind you, this was at a time where I wasn’t used to digging around in my vajayjay, so maybe I’ll work up the courage to try it again.

  3. September 27, 2012

    Wouldn’t it be something it this does the trick for you and tempts fate enough to knock you up! I’m hoping!

  4. September 27, 2012

    I was also going to suggest the diva cup! It has worked in my heaviest days, though I had to empty it more often. To get it out you have to put two fingers up there and squeeze the cuP to break the seal before pulling or you are going to be very uncomfortable! Also, if the handle thing at the bottOm is too long you can cut it off :). Good luck!

  5. Juno #
    September 27, 2012

    I always have bad periods. A p4 of 52 on an unmediated cycle once. I guess A thick lining is what causes it. Anyway instead always leaked so I couldnt use them until day 5 and by then what’s the point. I have first dibs on your UNUSED diva. You aren’t going to need it!!!!!

  6. September 27, 2012

    Yay!! I love mine. Comfy, clean, and convenient. I look forward to it being next year before you can review it!’

  7. September 27, 2012

    Dear Universe, DO YOUR JOB! Knock Belle up good and completely. With a happy healthy stick baby!

    Dear Belle, My experience is when Im looking for a job, and cant find one, I start taking a class, then I get a new one as soon as I can no longer get refunded for the class.

    I assume that buying the Diva cup will work the same way. You buy it, and it will sit there staring at you until after your baby finally arrives. The Universe is kind of a bitch that way.

  8. SM #
    September 27, 2012

    I was going to suggest these too, but by the time I got around the commenting this post came up! I just bought a whole bunch three days ago in anticipation of no more TTC. Universe, feel free to slap us upside the head!

  9. Vanessa #
    September 27, 2012

    Haha, I’ll bet you’re right… that Diva Cup will sit very pretty in its nice box under your bathroom sink next month. 🙂 Also, agree with Robin — I trimmed the little stem at the bottom of mine to make it more comfortable (the stem is pretty useless anyway). Also, to get it out, you have to “bear down” with your lady muscles a bit while pinching the cup with your fingers. It takes a cycle or two to get used to taking it in/out.

  10. September 28, 2012

    I thought about trying one of those Diva/Instead cups but had the “what if” scenario play through my mind… my “what if” scenario looked a lot like your “what was.” I’m still stuck on OBs… but I guess I’ll have to try one of these, obviously the Diva, soon enough.

  11. September 28, 2012

    I hope that you never have to use your shiny new cup, but if you do, I highly suggest doing a “dry run” to practice inserting and removing it before you actually need it. It’s much easier to learn how to use it without dealing with all of the grossness the will accompany it during a cycle! Also, as strange as it sounds, there are a ton of videos on YouTube showing different ways to fold the cup to insert it. They really helped with the learning curve!

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