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The Morning After



The morning after a holiday weekend is always such a let-down. Yesterday we bid my parents, brother and sister-in-law adios after spending the first long weekend together in I don’t know how long. It was WONDERFUL to see everyone!

The Professor and I prepared an epic Thanksgiving feast that everyone raved about. I was able to make my dad my famous fried eggs with ham on crumpets every morning. My brother  brought fresh NYC bagels for the crew. We had an awesome Thai dinner in early celebration of my dad’s birthday. I made two pies, one loaf of gluten-free pumpkin bread (which came out quite good actually) and an allergy-friendly apple crumble which was mostly devoured on the first day. It was a lot of eating!

In between gorging ourselves silly, the Professor and I shared our news. The family was very excited, however when I told them I was just at 9 weeks there was a lot of caution, which I appreciated but am still sad has to exist.

My symptoms continue to be very mild. I’ll have occasional bouts of “I’m going to barf” that usually follows a meal and lasts between 5 to 15 minutes. Thanksgiving night I think I over-did it on the Sparkling Pomegranate drink (my sad sad substitute for Pinot Noir) and felt so gross that I had to go to bed early.

I have also been up way past my normal bed time and sleeping way later than my normal wake-up time so last night I had a terrible time falling asleep. My sleep schedule is super important when not pregnant. Seems when cooking a little chicken it is extra important.

The only other real sign that I’m pregnant is that after I’m on my feet for a while my belly feels very heavy and full and my lower back starts to ache. After I sit for 10 minutes or so it passes, though.

Otherwise I often find myself completely forgetting about the Chicken and that, of course, worries me tremendously. I feel like a total addict and am Jonesing for an ultrasound fix tomorrow. Alas, there is no ultrasound until Nov. 3, which is just AGES away.

I’m super happy to report that there has been no bleeding. I even have taken walks the past two weeks! Short 1 to 1.5 mile walks, but walks none-the-less. I REALLY miss exercising and try to relish every step of these walks and remind myself that in time I can work back up to my 3-6 miles a day but for now I need to heed Dr. B’s warnings.

And in other news, I purchased a plane ticket to Birmingham, Ala. for next weekend. One of my dear friends recently eloped and we are throwing her a late wedding shower. I missed her elopement completely because I was miscarrying and am so happy I can attend her shower. The ticket cost a freaking mint since I’m flying out of Lexington but I think it is worth it – after all the hell I have been through I deserve a girls weekend, or so the Professor claims. (He is such a good Professor!)

And now I need to turn my attention to the pile of work I did not get done last week or the week before because I was busy stressing about the Chicken. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and look forward to catching up on your blogs this evening AND catching up on my ICLW comments!




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  1. jak #
    November 26, 2012

    glad to hear chicken is cooking along and that thanksgiving sounds like it was excellent!!

    i get that just-ate-gonna-yack-it-all-up-now feeling too. mostly i try to go to eat dinner late and then go to sleep immediately after so i dont puke up my dinner. only puked once, which i’m totally happy about because i hate throwing up.

    did you take any pictures of the grub?!?!?! would love to see some…….

  2. November 28, 2012

    Glad your Thanksgiving was great! Don’t worry about forgetting you are pregnant. Your body remembers even if your brain doesn’t. I know it’s strange, but I still sometimes forget that I’m pregnant. It will come.

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