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Why hello, round ligament! (and notes on yesterdays post)



I found my round ligament last night. Or should I say, it found me. Mid pee. At 1 a.m. When only my cat was up and purring at my feet (she is my bathroom buddy. I know, that’s weird). I get up several times a night to pee and drink a glass of water. I’m so thirsty lately that I HAVE to wake up and drink otherwise I have terrible dreams about being lost and thirsty. Seriously, I get the crazy dreams when I’m sleeping and thirsty.

So I crawl out of my life raft at 1 a.m. and slowly make my way to the bathroom being careful not to stomp on the 12 pounds of purring Maine Coon under my feet. I love that my cat follows me everywhere but honestly, a little privacy sometimes would be super awesome! I sit down, begin peeing and WHAM – suddenly a huge crazy pain shoots through the right side of my lower belly and down the inner right thigh. The pain made me gasp and which the cat assumed was an invitation for some lap time and hopped up just to be immediately tossed back to the cold tile. Poor buddy. Poor ligament!

Thankfully, the discomfort let up after I stood and had a glass of water but damn, what a shock! I’m so, so, soooo glad my midwife prepared me for this. At my last appointment she went down a list of “things that might hurt that are not worth panicking about.” The first one was a bad pain in my lower belly that radiates down my inner thigh.

Dear Round Ligament,

Thanks for making your presence known! I’m glad to know you exist and am sure you are serving some very noble purpose like helping to hold my baby and organs inside. Now that we have established your presence  please continue to do your job with little to no commotion. I promise not to take you for granted.



Yesterday’s post sparked some excellent discussion! You all are the best! If you have not read through the pages of comments I highly recommend you grab some tea and settle in. Lots of good information is in there!

Something I gathered from our discussions yesterday is that the doula will really help when it comes time to decide if I want or need a medical intervention if it is offered. Personally, when I’m in the heat of the moment and being pressured by a person in a white coat I tend to shut down and cave. I am pretty sure that while in the throws of labor I would cave easily if a doctor came in and said it was time for an intervention. The doula will be able to let me know what my other options are. I think she will be a priceless addition to my birthing experience! We will be interviewing our top candidate on Saturday.

I discussed taking a self-study hypno baby course with the Professor last night and he was, amazingly, on board with it. We also hope to work with a hypno baby certified doula who can give us additional guidance both before and during labor. In addition to this preparation, we agreed to take the two-part breast-feeding series at Bab.y Moo.n, the afternoon crash course on what the hell you do with a baby once it comes home and to become certified in both infant and adult CPR, something that is a personal New Years resolution for the both of us.

As for new doctors and different hospitals – we are going to explore our options. I called UK and am waiting on a call back to set up a screening. After this meeting, we will set up to tour both UK and CB and ask all the questions we can possibly muster. And finally, at my next CB midwife appointment I’ll bring my list of questions and drill her. Hopefully with all this knowledge we will feel confident in making the best choice for us.

I will definitely keep you posted on what I learn, and do keep me posted on what you learn as many of you embark on similar quests. And now I need to finish up at the office so I can duck out a few minutes early and go to Ohio to buy the baby hiking pack – YIKES. This shit is about to get real!



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  1. January 16, 2013

    Round ligament pain is one of those things in pregnancy that lasts till the bitter end. It has tapered off some in the third trimester, but when I do get it, it lasts a bit longer. Ah, well, small price to pay. 🙂

  2. January 16, 2013

    There is nothing quite like a kitty who follows you everywhere – even to the bathroom! Mine don’t go to the bathroom with me in the night (they do during the day), but they are waiting for me when I get out and then keep me up even longer trying to cuddle as I’m trying to fall back asleep. All of that, just to do it again 2 hours later 😉 Good times 😉

    I’m so glad you’re getting a doula. I think they’re so helpful! I didn’t have one, but I have a friend who did and she loved having one!

  3. jak #
    January 16, 2013

    omg, belle and courtney – one of my dogs (the female) ALWAYS comes into the bathroom to check on me and get a head scratch while i am on the can. every.damn.time. so my dog is not weird after all.

    yay for discussion, options, and especially baby backpack!! it’s on like donkey kong now!!!!!!!!

  4. January 16, 2013

    Love it! Sounds great! Everything except the round ligament pain lol.Even the bathroom partner, my cat used to do that, and now my daughter does it!

  5. January 16, 2013

    Our kitty used to come into the bathroom with us all the time. Hubby’s Mom’s little dog used to go in the bathroom with him all the time and usually climbed into his pants at his feet. LOL! Glad you are checking out all your options and I hope it isn’t too stressful.

  6. January 16, 2013

    The feline bathroom companion is good practice! The only time, since my 3 year old was born, that I get to pee in private is at work! Its like he thinks I’m going to escape out the window while he’s not looking 🙂

  7. heatherwallen #
    January 16, 2013

    Belle, I just get such a crack up from read you b/c you are one day more preggo than me and every post you write I think “yup, me too!” My round ligament story happened last Friday at 2 a.m. I wake up (of course to pee) and realize that every time I breathe I have HORRIBLE pain just inside my right hip (like right up against the inside of my hip bone) and it is agonizing to move/turn over. I sleep fitfully the rest of the night and it continues all a.m. on Friday, so I decide to call the OB (thinking what exists on a Friday will SURELY rage out of control over a weekend) and leave a message about the pain – let them decide if I should come in or not. They say come right in, and I do. Well, the u/s showed Twin B wedged right up to my right hip (WTH? my uterus stretches all the way TO MY HIP when did THAT happen?) and the OB said yup, round ligament pain, stretching blah blah blah. The episode lasted pretty solidly until 10 pm Friday, or roughly 18 hours of pain. The worse part? My husband and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to “rub out the muscle (read: Baby’s head) during the night. Awesome. I’ve probably rubbed a permanent wedge into my baby’s head 😉

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