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UPDATED: Leftover IVF Meds



Update to my earlier post. Endometrin, Ganirelix and the diabetic syringes all have new homes. While digging through my box of drugs I also found:

  • 5 doses of Crinone that will expire Oct. of this year. If anyone is using this disgusting lovely drug let me know and it’ll be yours!
  • 1 10 ml vial of Progesterone in Sesame oil (ex. 6/14)
  • A ridiculous number of alcohol swabs that I will never be able to use without flashbacks (the smell is so distinct)


  • Two boxes of Endometrin and applicators (has been stored in a cool, dry place)  Claimed
  • 1 Ganirelix pre-filled syringe (has been stored in a cool, dry place)   Claimed
  • A pile of unused needles for prefilled stim pens (these fit my Gonal-F pens and I believe will fit any other prefilled pens)
  • A bag of unused diabetic syringes (for some reason my one massive Lupron dose came with a ton of syringes   Claimed

I have some left over Estrace pills, too. Not sure if anyone is interested in those because I don’t  think they are particularly expensive but I still hate to just toss them, yanno?

That is all I can think of right now. I’ll add anything else that turns up as I clean out the bathroom drawers. Email me at if you have any questions or would like to claim them. I’ll update this post as the meds go!

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