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Today is a holiday and the Professor and I are both off of work. To celebrate the day we are spending it in our respective work spaces – him swearing at job applications and me swearing at fabric.



I have a new respect for quilters. This art requires a whole new level of attention to detail that I don’t think I’m quite cut out for! I’ll press on, though, in hopes that the Chicken will eventually have a beautiful quilt that was made with love by yours truly.

How are you spending this holiday?



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  1. January 21, 2013

    I love holidays because I always feel super productive on them (even if I don’t accomplish as much as I plan to)! I’m sure the quilt will be lovely! I’m putting primer in our bedroom/the nursery. Yikes and Yay!

  2. jak #
    January 21, 2013

    i’m spending this holiday not being on holiday. i have to work:(

    haha, “press on” with the quilt. sheesh, quilting is like 80% pressing (ironing). at least the piecing part. i’m counting on the quilters in family to pull through for me in this department as i dont have the time or patience! kudos to you!!!

  3. January 21, 2013

    OooooOOOOooohh, it looks so pretty, though! From those three panels, I can already tell you are a master quilter. Also, I am in love with that shade of grey on your walls… I’ve been looking for the right grey paint for our living room for two years, which is about the same time I’ve been trying to get pregnant, which is really an ETERNITY. P.S. Are you gonna convert this room into a nursery? 😉

  4. January 21, 2013

    I LOVE your sewing room! It looks like such a peaceful space. Ive been knitting a blanket for the baby and have no idea how you have had the patience to quilt.

  5. January 21, 2013

    I am so with you on quilting. I am so not as detail minded as quilters. I find crochet to be much more relaxing. It looks like your quilt is coming along nicely, though! 🙂

  6. January 21, 2013

    I can’t wait for the finished quilt!

    We made a 3 hour round trip to pick up a new shower surround. And had Jack in the Box there because ours closed 15 years ago. 🙂 A first for Abby!

  7. January 21, 2013

    Working. Boo. But I love what you’ve got so far and can’t wait to see the quilt when it’s done!

  8. January 22, 2013

    I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing. I love three day weekends because I still get my two days off to rest and I can get a lot done on the third day. Your quilt looks beautiful–I love the colors 🙂 I’ve been wanting to make a quilt out of some old t-shirts from the camp where hubby and I met, but I haven’t been brave enough to attempt one yet. (I worked there three summers and he worked there two, and each summer we would receive six shirts in various colors, so we have a lot!) I’m thinking about starting a crafty club/challenge if you want to join in, there is a post about it on my blog.

  9. 35life #
    January 22, 2013

    I love your sewing room too! And it seems as though you’re off to a great start on the quilt! I spent the entire day painting our kitchen cabinets. Started off being fun, now, not so much.

  10. karaleen #
    January 22, 2013

    Okay Belle…I’m going to give you a big dose of honesty from one infertile who lost her first pregnancy to another…..STOP LETTING IT STEAL YOUR JOY!!!! And yes…I am yelling at you with all the compassion and emphasis I can muster!!!!! (If I was there….I would be shaking you by the shoulders too …just enough to apply emphasis..not enough to hurt the chicken). You cannot foretell the future….EVER! This is, by your own account, the last pregnancy you will ever have. You need to embrace it, love it, do all the silly things pregos do and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop… will regret not just letting this time be this time. Yes, we as infertiles are robbed of all the ignorance and bliss of the natural conception…..and once you add a loss to that bucket of baggage…it can really seem overwhelming. But my word girl….LOVE this time. LOVE being pregnant. LOVE gaining weight. LOVE LOVE LOVE planning all your showers and getting to share this beautiful miracle with your friends and family. It will be over (due to birth, not death) before you know it. And when you look back…will you be able to remember how it felt? The movement of your baby? The changes in your body? The JOY of nurturing new life? Or will you only remember the fear? You have to believe you will make it….the universe delivers what we throw out to it…so throw out joy, love, hope, faith and excitement at being a MOM!!!! Believe me….self fulfilling prophecies are true…..but they start with self.

    I totally spent way too much time in fear with my first pregnancy….and I regret it. I am not as bonded with that baby/child as I am with the one that I allowed myself to love from day 1, regardless of the outcome. I learned a hard lesson….live in the MOMENT, don’t try to predict the future. Love what you HAVE. Don’t look at what you have as something to lose versus something that is awesome right NOW. Please. You are gonna be an awesome mama….just let it happen. Let the plans be made, let the preparations happen, let people shower you with love and gifts for your baby. Don’t worry about where you are when or what will happen that is out of your control….

    I know this blog is a place to voice all your thoughts….fears included….that is natural. But I read all your posts and not one is ever just about how excited you are and what your plans are….there is always the “if”. Replace that word in your vocabulary….start believing. I do. I fully expect to be innundated with rediculoulsy cute pics of the Chicken in just a few short months….and I am excited for you….now let me be excited WITH you. 🙂

    I hope you know this comes from a place of understanding and that I really do know….I have been in your shoes. But I learned a lot from it and if I didn’t say something and a year from now I read a post about how you may be regretting not loving and embracing this time more….I would feel awful.

    (This is the end of my “come to Jesus pregnancy after infertility and loss rant”).

    And…..your quilt looks AWESOME. I love all the colors you have chosen and I so wish I had your skills.

    Hugs and Faith,

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