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Second Trimester: Project 333




A comfy, casual outfit for running errands and meeting with our doula. Old Navy clearance top, Athleta “Bettona” yoga pants that can pass as regular pants (I love these pants and if they were not so darn expensive would own lots!).

_DSC0518 copy

My favorite way to dress up a simple T is to pile on the accessories (and evidently to sport a “dear in the headlights” expression). Accessories: Multi-strand necklace – Target clearance; strand of wooden beads – leftover from HIGHSCHOOL; silver & stone necklace – handmade by my mom; navy beaded hoop earrings – Target clearance; sunglasses – Urban Outfitters clearance.


Namaste. LOVE yoga pants that can pass as regular pants!

As promised, I spent exactly one hour this weekend clearing out my closet and putting together my Second Trimester 333. I tried to pick tops that would mix and match with multiple bottoms, and cardis and wraps that could be layered. Most of my outfits feature pants since it is winter here and I spend a lot of time walking to work or standing outside waiting on the bus!

I did a little shopping yesterday and found a pair of Pea in the Pod maternity jeans on clearance (thanks for the suggestion!) that actually make my ass look fant-ass-tic. In addition, I rummaged through Old Navy’s clearance rack and walked away with three cute maternity tops for under $30.

I discovered the prices in Old Navy stores do not always match the prices online. Currently my tops are much cheaper in store than online so if you are thrifty and in the market for some inexpensive pieces, price compare before you buy.

I’m pretty pleased with what I put together. I also went through my jewelry and identified key pieces that I’ll circulate with this capsule wardrobe. I did not count the following in my 33 pieces: undies, PJs, workout clothing, shoes, jewelry or winter wear (coats, hats, gloves, scarves for warmth). I did count my wrap scarves as I often view these as variations on cardigans.


1 – Olive “Bettona” pants  (Athleta – seen above)
2 – Black skinny pants (Gap – clearance)
3 – Navy rouched leggings (Zappos – Sort of seen here)
4 – Gray maternity leggings (Gap – clearance)
5 – Dark rinse boot cut maternity jeans (Pea in the Pod – clearance)
6 – Black wide leg maternity dress pants (Consignment shop – $15 clearance)
7 – Chocolate brown skirt (Consignment shop – $10 clearance)

“Layering” Sweaters

8 – Mustard Cardi (Loft – seen here)
9 – Teal cardi (Loft)
10 – Ruffled long teal sweater (ModCloth fall 2012)
11 – Lime green cropped sweater (Banana Republic Outlet two years ago)
12 – Sheer cream cashmere long sweater (Guess – gift six years ago)
13 – Tan “boyfriend” cardi (Loft – clearance)


14 – Teal tank (Loft)
15 – Black and white striped tank (Loft – seen here)
16 – Burgundy tank (Target – seen here)
17 – Black tank (Ann Taylor – ancient)
18 – Olive tank (ancient)


19 – Sheer dress shirt with attached sweater vest in brown
20 – Maternity long sleeved T in “Bright Nite” (Old Navy – $7 clearance – seen above)
21 – Maternity long sleeved T in “Imperial Jade” (Old Navy – $7 clearance)
22 – Plum cowl neck tunic (Old Navy $8 clearance)
23 – Maternity tunic (Gap clearance – seen here)
24 – Navy and white striped long sleeve T  (Gap – $12 clearance)
25 – Dolomon sweater (Loft – $20 clearance)
26 -Black and gray striped tunic (Old Navy – old)
27 -White stretchy long sleeve top (gift)


28 – Cream dress (Athelta – clearance winter 2011 – sort of seen here)
29 – School house tunic (handmade – large blue version seen here)

Layering Scarves

30 – Cream cashmere wrap (gift)
31 – Multi color cashmere wrap (gift)
32 – Mustard sheer scarf (Modcloth last fall)
33 – Cream and black feather printed wrap (H&M two years ago)

Getting ready today was such a pleasure – I did not try on four things that did not fit. I did not wrestle through a closet full of stuff. I did not fret about anything. I just picked what would fit my day, played with accessories and went on my way. It’s good to be back to a minimal wardrobe!



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  1. January 27, 2013

    I love this idea!I think I’m going to put it on my schedule for next weekend. I’m pretty sure I only wear 33 items, anyway, and my husband would be super pleased with me if I showed him that I was capable of keeping a clean closet. He’s the well-organized one in our household. (Which isn’t a hard title to win between the two of us.) I’m a mess.

  2. January 27, 2013

    Every time you post photos I am struck by how absolutely beautiful you are!!

    • Kenya's mom #
      January 28, 2013

      Agree! And you look absolutely stunning pregnant. I can’t wait to see you next
      Month. If you need a bed, we can accommodate on the futon, but it will be an adventure with no kitchen. (we still have a fridge and microwave and the finest plastic and paper wares available).

  3. January 27, 2013

    I never would have guessed those were yoga pants. Love the outfit!!

  4. January 27, 2013

    what a great idea! i hope they take you to the end (btw track pants, slippers and an old top is perfectly acceptable from 37w onwards)

  5. January 27, 2013

    So cute! I like the 333 idea. I basically have done that although I have kept a few things I don’t wear. It’s nice to know everything in the closet fits. I wear the same 5 outfits every week. Ha! I did say 5 outfits, for 7 days, because I rewear things…

  6. jak #
    January 28, 2013

    bha! i just bought the same top from old navy, hehehe. somehow though, i bought two of them, both gray. i do this sometimes. one time while shopping with my oldest step daughter i grabbed a few tanks from gap and she said to me, (word for word), “don’t you already own exactly those tops?”….

    i like your list and i think you’ll wear it very well! especially with accessories. you inspired me on friday and i started something close to 333. more like 666, hahaha, but whatever. it was MUCH easier to get dressed for work today.

    thanks for the inspiration (as usual!)!!!

  7. January 28, 2013

    Belle, you are just. so. pretty.

    I had never heard of 333 before you posted about it, but I will say that I am intrigued. It does seem like it would make life easier, and I’m going to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. January 28, 2013

    Ok. I might ALMOST be ready to try this in the spring. Sounds like an excellent idea, but scary. 😉

  9. January 28, 2013

    I like the idea of a neat, easy closet. I recently did a clean out and it feels so much better. Also, I’m so glad to see that you are taking steps to embrace your pregnancy more and more.

  10. January 30, 2013

    I have been wanting to comment as soon as the was published, but I’ve not had time (until now, at 4:30. Ugh).
    I love your pictures! And especially your hair. I’m bored with my own hair, yet again, and trying to figure out if your cut would suite me. 🙂

    I also like this idea of 333. If/when I can get a few minutes free of little boy (or him to be entertained), I’d love to go through my clothes and try this.

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