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19 weeks



19 weeks today, folks! Some pretty exciting stuff has happened in the last few days, too.

I don't care how many treats you promise me - I will NOT wear that baby diaper!

I don’t care how many treats you promise me – I will NOT wear that baby diaper!

Tiny Diapers

I snagged 9 barely used newborn BumGenius AIO diapers on Craigslist a while back for a song. Yesterday they arrived and the Professor and I opened them and were SHOCKED at how adorably tiny they are. SO SMALL! We oogled them and got all starry-eyed about the future and then Yum Yum hopped up on the table to investigate… and I had an idea.

No baby yet, but why not pop one of these bad boys on a cat and do a little photo session for my readers? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This did not work. At all. Feisty Maine Coon Yum Yum growled and snarled and looked completely offended when I tried to cover her rear end. Squeaky little Newton bucked around like a bronco when I tried to diaper her. By the time I turned to the other two cats they were nowhere to be found! Sadly this means I don’t have a ridiculously cute cat-in-diaper photo for you guys today. HOWEVER, the weekend starts tomorrow so there is still hope 🙂

Friday Workout

This morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow (I know, nothing compared to my Canadian readers!) and a very exciting two-hour delay at work. I decided to use the two hours to try out a new prenatal yoga video I downloaded. I have been going to prental yoga classes and they are a really nice way to unwind, but they are not a workout, per say. This morning I choose the 70 minute “Power Prental” because I really wanted something pregnancy-safe that would still challenge me. While the video is definitely not for the yoga novice, it does a great job of gently stretching your changing body, building strength (my quads were BURNING during parts of it!) and improving balance. In fact, all the balance pose work was my favorite part and by the end I felt I had given my core a serious, but gentle, workout. I highly recommend this video!


It’s there. There is no doubt about it now. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to have people look at it. Like the office janitor. I have not told him I’m pregnant but I SEE him staring at my belly when I walk by. It creeps me out. I also still hide it when we are at the Co-Op, where we know most of the staff very well. I just don’t know what to say if they ask about the bump so I stuff it under a jacket. I am embracing it more around people who know, though. I am still showing it around coworkers and I even allow Jay to touch it sometimes. So that is progress I guess. I just wish people would not stare!


I’m 99% sure I have felt the Chicken for the past three days. Last night I think Yum Yum felt him, too. Let me ‘splain.

So every night I go to bed before the Professor because I cannot fall asleep while a 6 foot 4 inch man wiggles and tosses and turns. So I went upstairs, brought my sweet cat and book, and cozied into the life raft for a nice read. Yum Yum decided it was super lovey time (evidently I was forgiven for the diapering attempt) and came up to lay on my belly. She draped her furry largeness over my bump and started purring loudly. I petted her and cooed, and she purred and drooled, and all was right with the world until the Chicken started poking/kicking her! So not kidding. Right under where she was laying there was this sudden flurry of movement. Her purr stopped. She looked at me with a look of disdain, growled and then stomped back to the foot of the bed. I swear she could sense the baby moving. I doubt she could “feel” him, especially through all her fat fluff, but her reaction and the timing were just so dead on. Either way, it made me laugh out loud with glee. My kitty. My baby. Nothing but love!

A *Little* Worry

So we are less than two weeks from our 20 week scan. Tragic news is that the Professor has a job interview in NYC scheduled for the day of the scan. He is going to ask if they would kindly allow him to come the day after so he can be here but I worry they will want a reason. I’m super weird about his perspective employers knowing he is expecting a baby in June. I know from my job that a new parent is a high-risk hire in many offices. Kids get sick, parents have to watch sick kids. Etc. Having him reschedule and then have to give reason would be so awkward and would teeter on the edge of inappropriateness. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the dean will have to cancel and reschedule. I can hope, right?

I had not worried about the 20 week scan until he got the interview request last night. The only time I went to a  pregnancy related checkup alone is when they found the first pregnancy had died. The thought of going to the 20 week scan by myself is almost too much to stomach and makes me feel physically ill. On top of it all, the past three days I’ve “checked in” on the Chicken I have not been able to get a solid read on his heart tones. He is moving around a lot and I can hear all the moving and shaking. I can get snippets of the heartbeat through the placenta but I have not been able to find the good two-part beat that is the heart itself pumping properly. Of course this has me a little on edge – what if my baby has a problem? I’ve heard of many women getting perfect 12 week NT scan reports and later finding out there is a grave abnormality with their child. And so the anxiety is starting to build.

Doula – Check!

I think I forgot to write about this earlier! We booked our doula last weekend! We met with her over coffee and she was just perfect – calm, down-to-earth and full of awesome information. She is Hypno Baby certified and has a provider in town at the hospital with the level 4 NICU that she loves working with (although she will happily work with my current provider). I have booked a consult with this new provider for next Thursday. I’ll be sure to write a detailed post about my findings.

19 week belly photo to come this weekend along with some maternity style photos from this week!



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  1. February 1, 2013

    What a great post to read! We both aww’d over poor Yum Yum grumping off after Chicken’s movement. I hope the Professor can accompany you to your scan with no issues. So excited for you!!

  2. February 1, 2013

    I hope the interview situation gets worked out so the Professor can be with you. Would it be enough for him to simply tell the interviewers that you have an important medical appointment that he needs to take you to? But perhaps that would scare them more… :\

  3. jak #
    February 1, 2013

    i’m sure yum yum felt the chicken. prolly can hear chicken too if she was that close to your belly. that’s great:) and it cracks me up every time that you write about the life raft, hahaha!!!

    just my opinion, but maybe you can ask for a reschedule for your 20 wk scan? if the professor doesnt get a job life’s gonna be hard for the chicken. i totally understand your fears about new parent hiring. it’s not fair, but discrimination is real. and it’s not like it’s easy to prove that it happened if it does.

    grr, what really frustrates me is that men are able to hide the fact that they are expecting a family addition soon, while women int he workplace have to wear it. it still puts us at a disadvantage. even if no one talks about it. i was asked about a month ago by the big cheese at my office what i was going to do after the baby was born. i said, “uh, take maternity leave”. he had to clarify what he meant because it didnt occur to me that he meant would i be quitting work?!! i assured him that i’ll be back full time after that just like before because i’d probably go nuts staying at home (total lie, i’d love for my professor to make so much money i can stay at home and live comfortably!). what this all said to me is that whether there are laws to protect new families and new moms or not, people walk around with preconceived notions in their heads. right before progress review and bonus time at my office too! pisses me off!!!!

    sorry to rant. looking forward to “maternity style” postings!!!!!!!!!!

  4. February 1, 2013

    I’m fairly certain that Yum Yum felt Chicken kicking. Animals are amazingly sensitive to rumblings on the ground (after earthquakes you hear of animals freaking out prior to the shaking), why not your stomach? 🙂

    I hope the Professor can get his interview moved by one day! Can he tell them that something came up at work if they ask?

  5. Kenya's mom #
    February 1, 2013

    May want to ask your doula about the frequency of baby trips to the NICU. It will just be her opinion, but is worth asking after our experience. We have a few hospitals in the area that we joke about their baby snatching ways. It is because they have gotten a reputation for taking babies to the NICU for nothing or with a reason that the baby could be treated in room with you.

  6. February 1, 2013

    Um, hello, why aren’t you putting the diaper on Euclid?? She’s the one with “anal gland problems”! 🙂

    I seriously wouldn’t worry about the 20-week scan and finding the heartbeat — especially if the Chicken is now moving around and kicking the cat! Clearly his/her pulse is just fine and dandy. I’m sure going alone to the appointment will suck, but maybe you could take someone else, like someone who’s been following your journey and would be good at dealing with bad news (NOT that there’ll be any)?

  7. Ginny #
    February 1, 2013

    Such a great way to kick off the weekend, this post was just ADORABLE in every way. I LUV your cats, they are just the cutest! And, I’m sure Yum Yum felt your chicken kickin’ her………………ha ha – guess she’ll have to get used to that! Good luck on your 20-week scan, surely he can be there! Fingers crossed for that……..I agree, he just needs to think up a plausible excuse to move his appt by a day or so.

  8. Romy #
    February 1, 2013

    Do you have to have your 20 week scan at exactly 20 weeks? I just had mine today – at 18 weeks – because it can be done between 18-22 weeks and my GP recommended to just have it done right away at 18 weeks and know that the baby has no anatomical problems. Plus I was too curious about the sex 🙂

  9. February 1, 2013

    LOVE the bg newborn dipes. They were our faves of the four we tried. Also, I discovered after buying all my dipes, there are Facebook groups (almost for each city) for cloth diapering and people buy/sell/trade like crazy on them. So join your local fb cloth diapering group! That sucks about the professors interview….I would be hesitant too. Any chance you can move the scan? I am sure all will be fine, and also hope that babe will keep moving and kicking and give you some real trust.

  10. February 1, 2013

    Yum Yum totally felt the Chicken! How exciting! There were times the Hubby and I were tempted to try and diaper Purcey, but we never did. He would have hated us. I hope the Professor can work things out with the meeting and can go to your scan.

  11. February 2, 2013

    Yay for feeling flutters! I hope Professor can go to the scan, but if not is there anyone else that can go? I wasn’t scared during my pregnancys except for one thing: going to scans alone. If hubs couldn’t go, I dragged my mom. If she couldn’t go, a friend. The only scan I went to alone was the bad one with the first baby. Every other scan, was GREAT news!

  12. February 3, 2013

    Our cat has been strategically placing herself on my belly to be massaged by Little Monster for months at this point, and it’s a cute interaction. Cat purrs louder, harder and more kicks. I just hope that the cat is as thrilled when baby is external. I bet yours come around to liking Chicken soon enough. If things work out less awesomely (can’t move scan, can’t move interview delicately enough) maybe your doula could come with you to it.

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