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Trying to make my womb a less boring place



The signs tell the story.

Source. This is seriously one of NRPs finest pieces of reporting. Their efforts should be nominated for an award (joking!).

Do any of you guys worry that your baby might be, well, bored in there? I mean really, the womb is dark, cramped and full of creepy internal organ sounds and the constant echos of pregnancy farts. Does not sound like much of a party to me! Add in the fact that 8 + hours of my day is spent at a boring desk job where I do nothing but silently type away on my computer and I worry we have a recipe for one bored-ass kid.

I have always planned on being a non-boring parent. I want to be active with my child and have adventures and fiascoes and make great big messes for Daddy to clean up. I want my kid to look back at childhood with glee and say, “now those, those were some fun times!” Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing a very good job of setting the stage early for what a great life Chicken will have outside of the womb, though.

So I’ve been trying to mix it up. While I still don’t really talk to the Chicken, I have been dancing with him. I like to shimmy around the kitchen while I make dinner and do an extremely embarrassing belly dance with my growing bump (no, I will not post a video of this). While I’m at work we have spinney desk chair time – something that EVERY KID ON EARTH enjoys. I also have started paying attention to my snacks. I still don’t know how on earth my baby can taste what I can taste (actually I sort of call bull shit on that) but I guess he or she probably gets the same nutritional boost I do. So I’ve been choosing varying snacks to keep things from getting too boring on the nutrition front.

Last night the Chicken and I played a new game called “Poke the Belle-y,” where I laid on the couch and rubbed and poked my tummy. It seemed to wake him up a good bit and after a little while he was moving and shaking all over the place. So much moving and shaking that I could SEE the movement if I lifted my shirt. So much movement that the Professor finally got to feel his child! It was AMAZING and has left me grinning like an idiot since. I even grinned at the memory while waking up to pee FOUR times last night.

(Said all Southern-like) Mah Bay-beeee is movin’ y’all! We’s playin’ some gaymes!

In all seriousness, though, do any of you worry about gestation boredom? What do you do to keep things exciting in there? Or do I just sound like a lunatic?

Now I’m off to have our mid-morning chair spinning. Hope your day is just as exciting as the Chicken’s!



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  1. February 20, 2013

    I manage a coffee shop and talk for 8 hours a day, so I figure when I’m done with work the baby just wants me to STFU so he can get some peace and quiet;-) I do like the poke the belly game, though.

  2. February 20, 2013

    I did somewhat worry about that. I felt weird about talking to the gestating fetus. When not at work I was home alone a lot not talking to anyone, just listening to NPR funny enough. I knew I should be playing music or something instead but old habits die hard.

    • February 20, 2013

      We listen to a lot of NPR at home, too! I wonder if my child will come out sounding like Carl Kasell? 🙂

      • February 20, 2013

        I don’t know if the babies will sound like Carl Kasell but I bet they recognize his voice!

  3. Shelley #
    February 20, 2013

    I’ve definitely considered what the experience is like for him in there, especially the darkness and organ noises. But I’m not really worried about boredom because I just don’t think he’s at a mental capacity (or will ever be, while in utero) where that’s a concern. Still, my Dad sent him a CD of classical music favorites (called Keep Calm and Carry On) that I want to start playing for him, since I’ve heard of studies that show babies can remember (on some level) sounds heard while in the womb. Also kind of curious to see what it will make him do in terms of movement!

  4. February 20, 2013

    So exciting, ill never forget the first time I could see the movement from the outside. So unbelievably amazing. There really aren’t words for that kind of excitement and happiness. I used to play my favorite music and sing to it. It felt less awkward then just singing to my belly, I was singing to music but he could hear me. Now he loves when I sing along to music 🙂

  5. February 20, 2013

    I was thinking about this last night actually, the things we worry about with pregnancy and our little ones are so funny sometimes! I think it may depend on the baby, but then I know she must be as entertained as a newborn likes to be, which is not too much! They really just want a recreation of the womb in the fourth trimester, dim lights, being held snugly and warm, being constantly fed, hearing our voices, hearing those swishing noises that are similar to our bodies, and their need for entertainment slowly grows.

    Last night I was also worrying about Vera being too cramped in here, and wonder how it feels to stretch out after being so tightly tucked in my body. I know some babies love to be swaddled after birth, but my first daughter actually hated it, so it must depend on the baby! When my first daughter was a newborn she could never fall asleep without our water sound machine at night, she was so used to my grumbling body, ha ha!

    How exciting that the professor got to feel your little chicken!!! What a miracle! I am so happy for you guys 🙂

  6. Shinara #
    February 20, 2013

    I have been wanting to poke my belly, too…instead, I have been petting the belly. My hunny thinks that’s too funny. He keeps saying the little muchacho is NOT a CAT! hhhhhhhh… By the way, before we started our IVF cycle, the docs stuck a camera up my uterus to see what it looked like in there. Well, I have to say, it looks like a big billowy, creamy white featherbed in there. I would be cozy and happy in there if I were a baby, too. No wonder they cry when they are shoved out into the cold world.

    Another thing I noticed when I babysat my friend’s newborn (he was about one month old). He had started crying and wouldn’t stop for about an hour. I didn’t know what to do. I fed him, changed his diaper, carried him around, rocked him. Sang…eeee…I would cry, too. Nothing worked until I did something out of pure inspiration. I was doing laundry at the time and pulled my quilt out of the dryer. I had it piled on the floor by the bed and thought, hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I put him in that warm, cushy pile? He fell asleep instantly! So, I lay there with him until my friends came back from their date night out…Oh, so nice!

  7. February 20, 2013

    Wow I have never even thought of this. You crack me up with some of your musings. I’m pretty sure Chicken has no thoughts right now, but your belly dance and the chair spinning sound quite fun! 🙂

  8. February 20, 2013

    Haha your baby is probably not bored, I imagine you are less boring than you think you are. Also, newborns don’t get bored, they just sit around all lumpy-like. Now my babies start to get bored and it is SO MUCH PRESSURE. I have to ENTERTAIN them, like for real. When they get bored they get cranky. Sometimes I’m just like, entertain yourselves, kids! (But they can’t do that yet, I can’t wait until they can, that is supposed to be THE benefit of twins)

  9. jak #
    February 20, 2013

    hahaha!!! i had the same conversation with my youngest stepdaughter. she and i are both ADD and cant stand being bored. we came to the conclusion though that the baby’s brain is not highly developed enough right now to get bored. that might occur in a few months closer to the end of pregnancy, but likely not right now. right now i think it is patterning its brain – this is my thumb, i can suck on it, if i touch my face i can feel it (yeah, just figured out what my face was last week), mom moves when i punch her there, wonder what that organ is?

    in chicken’s case, there is likely little boredom as well. but that is because chicken is clearly doing leg exercises (extensions) all the time to prepare for long bikerides with mom outside the womb:)

  10. February 21, 2013

    Hehe, I did wonder about boredom a bit too, but never really did much about it. I sang to songs (mostly RHCP) and danced/wiggled around our house and also played poke the belly. Knowing now what I know, Chicken is definitely not bored in there and won’t be for a few months after entering this world. 🙂
    As for being a non-boring parent, I too have lots of ideas and plans of fun activities for my little guy. I can’t wait for him to get abit older for us to enjoy the projects together (but I’m not wishing away these moments now). I just hope he will want to participate in my plans, as he already has plans of his own that don’t match mine sometimes. LOL

  11. February 21, 2013

    I always thought of it as being really peaceful in there – much like a sensory deprivation tank. I admit, I get jealous that our little one is sitting all snug and cosy in there,listening in on everything going on when he feels like it and not having to participate because he is on a busy schedule growing eyebrows etc. I do talk to my belly and rub it alot,especially when the kicking and squirming starts and I like to imagine that he is laughing his head off at me when I have to go to the loo AGAIN after just having gone not 5 minutes earlier!

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