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Sewing Room



First off I want to thank you all for your kind words yesterday. It seems pregnancy hormones have hit hard and I’m a little, um, grumpy and self-critical. Your kind words really helped cheer me up!

I’ve had several posts languishing in my drafts folder for months now and its high time I share them! First up we have photos of my sewing room. I know you guys have seen snippets of the room from various belly/fashion/sewing photos, but I have yet to give a proper tour of my redone space.

My sewing room is my quiet-time haven. This is where I craft, blog and workout.


No. 328. In college I spent my days, and many nights, at Mallet Assembly. I have more fond memories from Mallet then I can begin to recount. Suffice to say – lasting friendships were formed, massive debauchery was had, large things were thrown from the roof and regular adventures were embarked upon. On graduation day, my friend Kelly and I decided to snatch a few dorm room numbers. I don’t remember whose room was 328, but do remember that the third floor was were some of my craziest memories happened. Also, the third floor bathroom was totally the grossest 🙂


The Ikea Expedit… possibly the most famous piece of cheap Swedish furniture ever made! My Expedit stores camera equipment, yarn, sewing items and wedding mementos. The shelves also allow me to store my fabric stash so I can clearly see what I have and not forget about projects.


The top of my Expedit has several glass jars that keep things like rubber bands and balloons out of the mouths of our cats. A huge salt water fishing lure is a memento from my job in Birmingham. Thread and bobbins are stored on wooden racks. White Christmas lights from Big Lots provide a little cheap illumination.  Also pictured is a sweet photo of my first cat when I graduated college – Katzel. One day I’ll write about him. He was amazing.


Across from the Expedit is my sewing table. The lamp was left behind by the Professor’s ex-girlfriend. I know a good lamp when I see it and decided it made the cut when I was purging him of “bachelor pad” items! The table is Ikea. The bottom right shelf holds my yoga mats and weighs. The gray metal drawers hold sewing notions, stamps, and writing tools. A white tray serves as a catch-all.

The walls are painted a soft grey – Behr “Gentle Rain” – and currently the only thing decking them are two framed pages from a 1963 edition of the Tampa Tribune’s Gasparilla edition. Tampa is the area where I spent my early childhood and I later returned to work for a sister paper of the Tribune, Hernando Today. I found this old Tribune several years after leaving Hernando Today in the attic of a Birmingham book store for $20. I cherish these framed pages as they represent so much from my life.

An aluminum print of one of my photographs sits on my desk and patiently waits for the Professor to hang it. I’m forbidden to poke more holes in the plaster (one too many plaster disasters!)

The desk chair was picked up for free from Tuscaloosa High School. I heard rumor one day that they were replacing all their furniture and hundreds of old wooden chairs were free to whoever wanted them. After work I high-tailed it over and one lone chair remained in the center of the lawn. I took it home and have had it ever since!


My next big project will be cleaning out that closet. It’s scary in there! Also, a freshly opened box of my favorite: Puff’s Plus with Lotion. Allergy Belle requires tissues in every room. I’m super sexy to live with 🙂


My sewing room doubles as a second guest room. Futon and paper lantern are from Ikea. A bunch of lavender from my backyard dries on the wall. The sheer curtains are from Ikea and the rods are from Home Depot clearance. The ugly stool that Newton is sleeping on is ancient and falling apart. I want to toss it, but can’t because the cats love it soooo much.


A few of my favorite stuffed penguins and moose (I collect both) and a Blue Footed Booby from Hermano.


And finally, no photo post is complete without a picture of a cat! Newton dozes peacefully on a blanket stored on the ugly stool in attempt to make is less ugly 🙂



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  1. February 25, 2013

    It’s a beautiful room. I can see why it’s such a calming space for you.

    One question: WHERE can I get that blue-footed booby?????

    • February 25, 2013

      The booby was a gift! My brother made a donation to the WWF in our honor as a gift one year. It was an “Adopt a Booby” program and came with this stuffed animal. It makes me ridiculously happy 🙂

  2. 35life #
    February 25, 2013

    LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! I am in the midst of getting my sewing room ready and I LOVE this! Where did you get that sewing table? That’s what I need, something long to work on, yet it still doesn’t take up the entire room. I have 2 Expedits that are just waiting to have cubbies filled with goodies just like yours.

    • February 25, 2013

      Thanks! That means a lot coming from a decorator like yourself! I love my table. It’s Ikea top and bases and was quite affordable. My only complaint is that the white finish on the top has gotten some nicks and chips in it during a year of sewing from my pins. If I had it to do over again I think I’d go with the glass top that they offer. Otherwise, it works great for the price!

  3. mylifeisaboutthejourney #
    February 25, 2013

    Can you please come and design my office?? I love what you have done with the space, it looks absolutely amazing!!

  4. jak #
    February 25, 2013

    very nice!!! and LOVE the way the light comes in the room. the gray isnt boring but it also doesnt take away from the sunlight.

    where is the chicken going to live? will you convert your sewing room, or is there another room available (and if so, haha, we want before and after design photos;) )

    • February 25, 2013

      The chicken will live wherever we are living and right now we don’t know! The Professor’s contract is up in May and we still don’t have an offer on the table for him elsewhere. Since it is so up in the air I won’t be doing a nursery, but instead will just get a cosleeper and bunk with him or her for what will HOPEFULLY only be a month until we move to our next destination. I should write about this – the agony of not nesting is killing me! I think I’ll go home and make my cats beds instead 🙂

      • jak #
        February 25, 2013

        buhhhh. i dont deal well with uncertainty, i’m not sure how you are managing. i am impressed with you yet again!!

  5. February 26, 2013

    Im in love with your sewing room! Even the pictures give you a sense of how peaceful it must be in there and I can see why you use it for so many purposes..I wouldnt leave it ever!

  6. karaleen #
    February 26, 2013

    I love your sewing room. I recently got my spare bedroom in order as well and I have the 8 cubby version of the Ikea Expedit. So lucky to have an Ikea within 20 miles of me. My whole kitchen is Ikea and a lot of our furniture. I love the Jars….I have all these notions and things from my grandmother and a bunch of knitting and crochet needles I need to store and I think big Jars may just be a fun way to display those. I do sew…but haven’t for years….I need to pick it back up…but my kids need to be a bit older first…their little hands are too quick to grab the sharp stuff….so right now I just do some crochet to keep my creative juices flowing.
    Thanks for sharing…I love to see how other people use their space.

  7. SRB #
    February 26, 2013

    This is great inspiration for the little corner for ME that I hope to create in our new place. 🙂

  8. March 2, 2013

    Oh, I envy you that sewing room! It looks so gorgeous and peaceful. And organized and uncluttered…yes, much envy! 🙂

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