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The past month has been so consumed with job drama that all things baby have been put on the back burner. Now that a little bit of our future is ironed out, I’m ready to redirect my attention to the Chicken’s space.  Even though we don’t know our exact home situation in NYC, I do know from looking on line that we’ll be in something small, and that keeping things light and bright will be critical. We’ll also need to maximize space.

Pictured above is the beginning of my nursery mood board. All the walls in our new home will be painted the same light, airy Dove Wing color. Currently our living room and dining room are painted Dove Wing and we love the color and how it plays with different lighting. At certain times of the day I feel like our walls almost glow. I think keeping the walls light and consistent throughout the space will be important to helping us feel less “trapped.” The nursery is no exception.

I have shared the textiles I chose for the Chicken’s quilt already. I have scraps of these that I’ll use to make some throw pillows for the rocker and floor and some soft details like a bunting for over the crib. I ordered three prints from Urban Outfitters yesterday that will join a grouping of other prints I have floating around our Kentucky home. The print grouping will hang over an antique dresser that currently lives in our basement and will be painted a few shades darker than Dove Wing. This dresser will serve as our changing table and diaper/clothing storage. The prints will be a mishmash of things that we like – bikes, balloons, chickens, birds, the ocean, etc. All prints will be framed in random frames from our current house or that I pick up at thrift stores.

I’m not usually a fan of “positive affirmations” on walls and such, however, I feel the need for something to keep me focused on making the absolute best out of these first few weeks, months and years with our child. I am not idiot, I know mothering is hard. Mothering in a brand new community where you don’t have the support of close friends and family will be even more difficult. So I’ll be pulling out one of my large old canvases and painting it a fresh color so I can stencil “Every day is filled with awesome” to serve as my daily reminder. We’ll see if this low-cost form of therapy works! 🙂

After very little debate, we decided to stick with our love for cheap Swedish furniture and chose an Ikea crib, rocker and footstool. We will re-purpose one of our Expedit shelves in the nursery to provide extra storage for books and toys. If there is room, I’ll add a small end table next to the rocker that will hold a simple white touch lamp that we already have.  I registered for some super cute gray and white zig zag crib sheets and am going to snatch one of our old Ikea rugs that is looking rather dull and paint it with some bright aqua stripes or zig zags.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me! I need to strip, sand and paint the antique dresser; clean, prep and paint the rug; and then make my throw pillows and bunting. I also still hope to make a little hot air balloon mobile. Despite all the tasks ahead, I’m excited to get started on this stuff and start to actually act like a real baby will be joining our family in 15 weeks!



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  1. heatherwallen #
    March 20, 2013

    Love this nursery look! Have you gone and sat in the rocker? If not, you might want to if you have IKEA near you. I had pinned that rocker on my nursery board and loved its looks but in reality it wasn’t for me in terms of comfort/height. We also didn’t want to drop $800-1000 on a glider (although those Monte gliders make me swoon) – another clean-looking and not crazy $ choice is the Madison Swivel Glider by Babyletto, which comes in grey, white and brown ($315 on All Modern). Have fun putting together Chicken’s nursery 🙂

  2. jak #
    March 20, 2013

    holy crap, 15 weeks?! that means i only have 13. oh my. we are not ready…

    love the colors and shades of “chicken’s coop”!! you and the prof are good with color pairings from what you’ve posted before:) i’m sure chicken’s coop will turn out refreshing and modern but still cozy. a good balance. and i really like your affirmation.

    be careful with the stripper. methanol and methylene chloride aren’t good for chicken and will make it through gloves. i secretly blame IF on stripping all our window shutter hardware years ago, but that is probably a stretch, haha! what was i going to do though? throw away 100-year old awesome looking metal pieces that could never be replaced?! no way. anyway, everything you’ve put together looks awesome. can’t wait to see it take shape!!!

    • March 20, 2013

      Ahhhh! I know! Stipper is soooo toxic. The Prof says there is one that is less so. If we can’t find it or it does not meet our requirements then he will get saddled with the stripping. I, however, must do the sanding and painting b/c I’m super neurotic about not having brush streaks 🙂 And yeah… it’s going to be baby-time soon. I’m completely overwhelmed thinking about it!

  3. March 20, 2013

    I love it!

  4. 35life #
    March 20, 2013

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors and ideas! Absolutely love it!!

  5. March 20, 2013

    So cute!

  6. Amanda #
    March 21, 2013

    (Long time lurker coming out of hiding)
    I am loving your minimal nursery design! From one recent mama to a soon to be- I would recommend the regular Poang chair if you are going that route. It has an excellent baby (and mama) lulling bounce. I don’t think the rocker would work as well.

    For the sake of space, I also did not do the foot stool. I don’t think I would have used it much anyway.

    Have fun with your design and good luck with NYC! I have made a nursery work in a small 2br apartment. It is fine so far, so long as I constantly pare things down. It is also a little scary how much precious square footage I am willing to give up to the likes of a swing or a jumperoo.

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