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Leftovers: fatigue, nostrils, insecurity, someone is dumb enough to loan me money & more



I felt like we needed one more vacation photo. I miss vacation already! The bride and grooms' feet relaxing in the sun the morning after saying "I do."

I felt like we needed one more vacation photo. I miss vacation already! The bride and grooms’ feet relaxing in the sun the morning after saying “I do.”


I had been warned that the fatigue of the first trimester would come back with vengeance at some point during the third. “But I’ve felt so good all second trimester! Surely my energy will continue,” I argued. Hahahahahaha, second trimester Belle was an idiot because oh my gosh, third trimester Belle is EXHAUSTED. Like, not just a little worn out, but like so freaking tired I could take a nap while waiting on the cross walk to change. It’s ridiculous.


I’m finally starting to recover from the sinus infection of doom. Currently I’m breathing through both nostrils, an act that is not to be taken for granted after weeks of mouth breathing. I still wake up a snotty mess and require a good ten minutes of nose blowing, and I still require a vaporizer at night and at least one, if not two, doses of Vicks Chloraseptic to help quiet my cough, but I’m finally feeling some relief!

To my fellow preggos who might be dealing with a bad cough, I can’t recommend a bottle of Chloraseptic enough. I spray the back of my throat at night before bed and it numbs it up enough that I can fall asleep without hacking every 10 minutes. Around midnight or 1 a.m. I inevitably start to cough again so I get up, chug a glass of water and do another spray and voila, back to sleep I go. I don’t feel guilty about taking this medicine because I don’t swallow it – instead I spray, keep my head tilted back so it can hang out back there making me want to gag for 15 seconds and then spit it out. Much better than taking a systemic drug I think!

Fit Pregnancy

This morning I mustered up enough energy to workout, but now I feel like a nap is required. Sadly I hear that napping on the job is highly frowned upon. I have not worked out in 2.5 weeks due to the sinus plague. This morning I decided to try the third trimester workout on the Summer Sanders DVD. It was ok, but not as challenging as I usually like. However, for super tired, still recovering Belle, it was just enough to get my heart rate up and challenge my upper body. I hope that an early bedtime tonight will allow me to do a more challenging workout tomorrow.


My boobs are continuing to amaze and disgust me. It seems their preferred time to leak like a busted faucet is Saturday through Monday. Then they dry up for Tuesday through Friday. Anyone else see a boob leakage pattern or am I just that OCD? Saturday night at the wedding righty erupted mid-vows with such vigor that I could FEEL the wetness and had to do a quick glance down to make sure it was not leaking all the way through. Thankfully my VS “Boobs Included” bras provide enough silicone padding that it makes a lovely waterproof barrier. Who knew that paying lots of money for professionally stuffed bras would later help me through pregnancy?!


Third trimester has also brought some really intense feelings of inadequacy where the Professor is concerned. I find myself terrified that once we move to NYC and he is surrounded by beautiful New Yorkers and working with extremely smart people he’ll come home and look at his frumpy, freshly unpregnant, vomit covered wife who only has a journalism degree and no job prospects in sight and think he should consider upgrading. I know this is not true. I know that the Professor has ZERO desire to live with, marry or sleep with another math person. He had 29 years to do this and didn’t. Clearly he likes his women to be as non-mathy as possible.

That said, these pregnancy hormones are making me an insecure lunatic and I find myself freaking out at random times of the day. Like yesterday at 10 a.m. when he was giving a final exam my brain suddenly shifted into high lunatic gear and I found myself terrified that he was going to have a last day of class fling with one of his pretty 19 year old students who still has not spouted ass and thigh cellulite. It’s 100% irrational and I know it, but I can’t seem to shut it off.

Someone is dumb enough to loan me money

Progress continues to be made on the moving front. The Professor informed me last night that our mortgage broker called to say he found someone who will lend us money. I find this shocking – I should not be able to borrow this much money! I’m still a silly kid! And then I realize that oh wait, I’m 32, pay my own health insurance, am allowed to eat cookies for dinner and am responsible for unclogging my own toilet. Yeah, I guess this makes me a grownup!

So someone is willing to loan us money to buy a place and our agent, who we adore so far, is confident we will be IN a Riverdale co-op by mid-August. This is wonderful news because for a little while it was looking like the Professor would have to move to NYC for two to three months and leave me behind with four cats and a baby, which while not the worst scenario definitely did not make me a happy camper and only contributed to the insecurity previously mentioned.

I have more leftovers but need to turn my remaining energy to this job that I’m supposed to keep working for another 9 weeks (who the hell offers to work until their water breaks anyways? Bad Idea Belle!) I’ll need some afternoon entertainment to help me make it through 8 bland hours of marketing, though, so how about you share some of your leftovers in my comment feed?



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  1. jak #
    April 30, 2013

    fatigue: check.
    coughing: check (thanks for the awesome chloraseptic tip!)
    finally using two nostrils: check! 🙂
    insecurity: double check.

    yeah. this is not as cool as the second trimester. i was cute and energetic then. now, i’m just large. my midwife laughed and told me i was “all belly” yesterday (my belly is HUGE dude – someone at work asked me if i was having twins and i think they were half serious), which is cool i guess, but it takes me 7 minutes to tie my shoes and to shave my legs, i have to move my girth to one side. this. is. difficult. like you, i also told work that i was going to work pretty much up until the end, but now i’m thinking that i will set a date for things to wrap up that is maybe a few days before my due date. then i will clean the house, sleep late, walk my dogs, take naps on the floor with them under the dining room table, maybe vacuum, ok, maybe not, cook some food for post-baby, and just relax.

    i am glad that things are moving forward for you with the mortgage!!!! that is excellent and i’m sure a huge relief. i think it would be important for me to have my prof husband’s support during the first few months, and i suspect it’ll be better for you as well. and congratulations on being grown up enough to unclog your own toilet by yourself. ironically, when my husband and i bought a house and my mom came over to visit for the first time, she brought me a toilet plunger. it was almost like the passing of a torch, or a crown, or the keys to the city. and let me tell you. that is the most useful tool in the whole house.

    glad you had a nice vacation:) you deserved it!!!

  2. April 30, 2013

    Sorry to hear the fatigue has returned. As much as I love sleep, having the ability to stay up past 9 pm is a huge plus. Glad to hear the sinus infection is clearing. Impressed that you are being so proactive about fitness (I’m failing miserably in this department). Crazy about the boobs. At least you’re producing milk, right? The insecurity thing: I have zero advice on this one, as you clearly understand what’s going on logically. Still, the worries are hard to combat when they are hormonally fueled. One thing that’s helped me is to joke about it with Grey. As strange as this sounds, it actually helps with some of the anxiety and it allows us to address any fears. Besides, have you been around a 19-yr-old recently? They’re so sweet, but damn if there aren’t moments where I’m rolling my eyes. Finally, the loan: YAY!!! As scary as this seems (hell the whole home-buying process is scary), the fact you’ve been able to secure financing is HUGE!!! My hope is that the rest of the process goes as smoothly as possible and that you are fretting over dues, building maintenance and paint options.

  3. April 30, 2013

    I love that picture! My fatigue was never ending until about the middle of the third trimester when I started nesting and organizing and cleaning everything I could! I think right now my toddler exhausts me way more than my newborn ha ha! Oh yeah, chloraseptic! I totally forgot about that stuff! It’s so great for sore throats, my grandma always had a bottle by her bed. I just got over a weekend of mastitis, it was horrible! My fever went up to 103, my body was killing me!

    Today Vera has her two week check up so I’m excited for that! And more good news, my cousin/best friend just got pregnant after her third round of IVF, so exciting! My placenta capsules are doing wonders for my mood too, I’m going to write about that soon.

  4. April 30, 2013

    As a fellow “work until my water breaks” preggo, I feel your hesitancy on that one. I have been thinking lately about how great it would be to have at least a couple of weeks off before the baby is born, but I only have a limited amount of paid leave, and I have no clue if I’m going to go into labor early or late. So work I must. Sigh. As for leftovers. Hmmmm. I sneeze peed myself this morning. Like, enough to warrant a pants change. It was very strange and unexpected.

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