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The playground across the street from our new home. I can't wait to bring Chicken here to play!

The playground across the street from our new home. I can’t wait to bring Chicken here to play!

I think the Chicken, and my mind, have shifted.

Last Saturday I treated myself to a prenatal massage. The rib pain was getting unbearable and I was beginning to develop some numbness in areas. It was weird and unpleasant. The massage therapist spent a long time working on my back where I carry about 90% of my tension and then had me flip over and lie supported so she could gently work on my belly. Whatever she did felt a-maz-ing and provided instant relief that made me quite happy to shell out $60 bucks.

As I was leaving she assured me that in four weeks or so baby would drop and I’d have a lot more rib relief. Four weeks? OMG, I don’t know if I can handle four more weeks! But really, what choice do I have?

Then Tuesday night I realized that I had gone the entire day, including eating a big dinner, with ZERO rib pain. I was thrilled but didn’t want to jinx it.  Yesterday I continued to have rib relief plus some indescribable cervical discomfort anytime Chicken was active that left me moaning or silently wincing during the staff meeting.

By last night I’d had enough and decided a short 20 minute walk would help lull the Chicken to sleep so he/she would stop doing whatever to my cervix. It worked and as I sat (well, more like impersonated a beached whale) on the couch I realized that Chicken is lower. Is this possible at 33/34 weeks, though? It seems early. What are your thoughts? And should I expect him to return to my ribs between now and birth?

The sudden lowness of Chicken is a real reminder that I could be birthing a baby quite soon, and we have NOTHING prepared. I have not washed anything. We still don’t have sheets for the cosleeper. No cover for the super nice changing pad I purchased. No socks for baby’s feet. No wipes for baby’s bum. And so on. I am, for all intents and purposes, not at all prepared should Chicken come early.

This morning I did some rummaging online and found a 20% off coupon to I have filled my cart with $150 in baby necessities and am now staring at it, unable to commit to checkout. It just seems like clicking that button will make everything so real.

It’s been easy to buy a thing here and there – a stroller, a carrier, a package of cute gray onsies, etc. It seems very surreal to purchase a cart full of basics that will make it possible for us to care for baby when he/she comes home. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad feeling! After dreaming about this for so long, though, it seems the reality is finally starting to hit home. I think I’ll let my cart linger for a little while and savor this new feeling, as I realize that I will never again experience the newness that is an impending first-time birth.



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  1. May 16, 2013

    This newness, the first time around, is so neat! I like that you’re savoring it. It’s meant to be savored!

  2. Amy #
    May 16, 2013

    Savory Chicken! Sorry, couldn’t stop myself, but I am so glad that you’re enjoying the anticipation. Ike was always very low on every ultrasound from about halfway on, so I’m not sure if I ever really noticed him dropping like that. Pretty sure they can still shift around a bit, but I think they can also hang out low for quite a while, too. I hope that the rib relief stays around, either way!

  3. May 16, 2013

    I totally understand ALL the feelings you are describing! I had a ‘freak out’ 4 weeks before my due date (so around 35-36 weeks). I too had nothing set or prepared, and felt the weight of the impending CHANGE with every ounce of my body. AFter acknowledging those feelings I went into nesting mode- and with each piece of equipment that was assembled felt more and more calm. I don’t think the dropping means baby is coming early- but it never hurts to be prepared- I told myself I wanted everything ready about 3 weeks before my due date. For me that helped me relax and just enjoy the last few weeks (maybe ENJOY isn’t the right word due to physical discomfort, but I wasn’t stressing about being prepared any longer). Home stretch lady! Glad your ribs are feeling relief… and hoping the cervical stuff doesn’t get too uncomfortable. I remember those flips and bops in my lady parts all too well! So, so strange.

  4. May 16, 2013

    I swear I think my pregnancy spread my ribcage permanently. I can tell when I put on my bras…

  5. Magpie #
    May 16, 2013

    My daughter just had her son about two and a half weeks ago, and he “dropped” into position at 32 weeks. She didn’t actually go into into labor until she was at thirty nine weeks along, but his head was engaged as early as thirty two weeks. So what you are feeling is absolutely normal. You can always ask your midwife/OB to check Chicken’s position at you rnext appointment and he/she should be able to tell you if baby has dropped or not.

  6. May 16, 2013

    I think it is *very* common for babies of first-time moms to drop this early. Subsequent babies often wait until the last minute, but those first babies like to be prepared! And from what I understand, once they drop, that doesn’t change. I hope this means you’ll continue to have rib relief, even if you can’t say the same about your cervix. :0

  7. Kathy #
    May 16, 2013

    You’ve made lots of progress with your house hunt so finding an actual bedroom for chicken should be a major check off on you list. Your shower this weekend should help with getting ready. After that you will know what you need to purchase to get you ready. Summer babies are easier because less clothes are needed. Lots of onesies, a couple of hats and a few pants & tops for cooler days is all you need. You’ll want to wait to buy “outfits” until you know the gender and of course there will be gifts received at the birth time as well. As for the baby dropping -usually when they do that they don’t move back up, however sometimes it seems like they use the cervix as a trampoline when they get down there – ouch !

  8. May 16, 2013

    That’s about web I dropped with Arch, totally normal for a first time mom. Isn’t it such a relief? It can bring on new pain but ill try not to fill your mind with those, enjoy the relief!!

    I remember that big purchase of basics. It’s overwhelming but getting it home and organized will put your mind so much at ease! You’re getting so close to meeting your chicken!!

  9. jak #
    May 16, 2013

    could be drop and could be really great massage, haha!! is a good thing either way:) i hear you about the ‘really, about another month of this?!’. yesterday when walking from the subway to the commuter train, i had to stop several times because something was absolutely CRUSHING my bladder. like shooting pains with each step. so! i’m working from home today. i guess things do change in there and we can’t be our warrior selves to the same extent as we used to be. not much longer to go!!!!!!!!!

    click “purchase”, belle! hehehehe…

  10. heatherwallen #
    May 16, 2013

    Belle, prepare now, my friend! I was reading and commenting here for ages, but I disappeared when we had our twins on May 5th at 32w1d. I had the “youch, someone is on my cervix … all the time” going on and then started swelling up like a whale … anyway, I so wish I’d packed that hospital bag BEFORE waking up at 1:30 am in active labor and finding out an hour later in L&D that I was 6 cm and on my way to c-section. Enjoy these last weeks as much as feasible and do a few last fun things with the Professor while you can that you may not be able to do later when Chicken is in the house 🙂

  11. May 16, 2013

    I’m so glad the pregnancy massage was wonderful! I heard good things about them and really wish that they were instantly covered by insurance.

    I have to laugh about your description of not wanting to commit for the checkout process for baby-related items. I’m at a different stage, as I can’t even commit to buying carseats at this point. Still, I can relate. Look at it this way: all of that stuff, though necessary, isn’t urgent. Yes it would be nice to have it ahead of time, but you’d be amazed at what you’ll actually need immediately/would be nice to have when Chicken comes.

  12. Lydia #
    May 16, 2013

    Not at all too early to drop. I think Elliot was head down pretty early and dropped before 34 weeks as well. He was born 11 days before my due date. I remember those weird cervix twinges all too well! Funny no one warns you about those. Also, is it an Arms Reach co-sleeper? I never bought sheets. Large pillowcases work great. Now that Elliot is old enough to get up on his own and climb into our bed in the middle of the night, I kind of wish I had a toddler-sized one!

    The park is super cute. I have absolutely LOVED having a baby/kid in big cities. I think that it goes a long way to alleviating the loneliness that you can feel as a new mother (especially far away from family, as I was), and it will be even better having a summer baby! You’ll meet other new moms everywhere and you instantly have something to talk about. Plus, I’m just a fan of living in cities in general, and think that there is a lot that kids can learn from it.

    • May 16, 2013

      It is the Arms Reach Mini Cosleeper and pillowcases are brilliant! I don’t know why this did not cross my mind before. 🙂
      Yeah, the shock of going to NYC is slowly wearing off and I’m growing increasingly more fond of the idea of raising a kid in the city. The herd of cats, now that is a different story, but I’ll address that next time 🙂

      • Lydia #
        May 16, 2013

        Glad I had a tip you didn’t already have! I’ve been trying to think of tips for babies in small spaces, but I think you’ve got that covered. My top tip is just that babies don’t need all that much stuff, especially in the beginning. I remember seeing pictures of friends with young kids whose houses looked like the back room of a Toys R Us. I vowed my house would never look like that! (So far it doesn’t)

        • Lydia #
          May 16, 2013

          PS The best thing about the cosleeper is when the baby is a few months old and can nurse lying down. Oh my God, that changed my life! Just scoop him up, nurse, put him back, roll over and you never really have to wake up.

  13. May 18, 2013

    my little guy dropped around 35 weeks, which is on the late end of normal, from what my midwife said. Also, he wasn’t born until 41wk 1d, so I’m quite sure that dropping doesn’t mean you’ll have your chicken any time soon, unless that is his/her plan anyway.

    Love the park! It is definitely a great way to meet other mothers!

  14. May 19, 2013

    I experienced all of that around 33/34 weeks. And I had my baby at 37 weeks. No pressure or fear, but if you are feeling the cervical pains and that the baby is lower…he/she may come a little earlier. Just make sure you have the essentials and a few footie jammies and you will be fine. Newborns don’t need much.

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