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It’s a leftover kind of day!

Diva Cup Giveaway

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want a shot at getting the potentially lucky Diva Cup! They are supposed to be a menstruation life saver, which honestly, when you dread your period like us IFers do can really help improve upon an already shitty week! Vanessa over at Yeah Science left her product endorsement: “I don’t need one myself, but to any other commenters reading, THIS THING IS AWESOME AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Totally takes away the dependence on tampons and gross pads and leaves zero waste and never overflows.”

Lexington Shower

Invitation proof. Yes, I designed my own shower invitation. No, I don't feel lame about that  - it was cheaper than buying them and I was able to use up some of my card stock and lined envelopes!

Invitation proof. Yes, I designed my own shower invitation. No, I don’t feel lame about that – it was cheaper than buying them and I was able to use up some of my card stock and lined envelopes!

I’m excited about Beer, Bratwurst & Babies this weekend! It will be so much fun to see old friends from out of town, and to see in town friends who we’ll be very sad to move away from in a few months. Our fridge is stocked with food fixin’s right now and tonight Katie and I will start cooking. Yes, I’m helping out with my own shower and no, I’m not going to feel weird about that. I’m a modern woman! (And I’m sort of a design and culinary control freak so it only makes sense!)

Our little house is as tidy as is possible given the current state of disarray with the impending move. This morning the Professor is in charge of litter boxes, basement moping and dealing with the clogged dehumidifier  I had no idea what a big difference this growling appliance makes in the moisture and general stankiness of our basement until it clogged a week ago. Since then, the smell has been gradually increasing in urgency. I sure hope things are de-stunk before guests start arriving tonight!

Growth Scan

Monday is our next growth scan with Dr. TeleMed and another checkup with Dr. Shannon. I’m working hard on staying positive that everything with Chicken will be a-ok. I’m a little nervous since EVERYONE is constantly telling me how small I am when I say I’m 34 weeks and giving my belly this intense, scrutinizing stare. I try to remember that we all carry our babies differently and that I could just be growing a small baby. The Professor also assures me that he sees belly growth daily and that this is what really matters – steady, consistent growth.

We’ll find out more on Monday and get a better feel on if they will have to take Chicken out early due to the placenta. As eager as I am to stop peeing my pants, I would really prefer to cook Chicken till at least 38 weeks.

New Home

Progress continues on the new home front. The lawyers sent our contract on Wednesday and we’ll review it this weekend when I have a second to catch my breath. Since this is so new to us, and we are young and really not wanting to ruin ourselves forever with a botched real estate deal, we are shelling out a couple hundred extra and having our lawyer travel to Riverdale and meet with the co-op board in person to review their meeting minutes. He will then come back to us and give an honest assessment of how he views the health of the co-op. As much as I LOVE the place, I won’t buy into it without being as sure as possible that it is a sound investment. Fingers crossed everything comes back clear and we can proceed with the board application and approval process!

Operation S.O.S.

Yeah, this is still going on, although not as quickly as I had hoped. Our original garage sale was rained out so we have rescheduled for next Saturday. I hope that between now and then the Professor can dig through some more stuff. Now that he has seen the size of the new place and the lack of storage hopefully he can be a little more realistic about what we can and can’t bring. For example the Shop Vac – nice as they are, it is not being stored under my dining room table! 🙂


I have not written about the cat circus in a while, and for good reason – we are faced with some extremely difficult decisions right now and it is giving us a lot of heartache and tears. I’m not ready to write about it yet, but did want to ask for good thoughts and prayers as we move forward.

Random Food Thoughts

I have been craving cake for days, people. Days upon days of cake craving. Like real cake with three layers and icing and overly sweet icing flowers. Sadly, there is no fancy cake in my dairy-free future. I might have to make some post-birthing cake arrangements or something!

What’s new in y’alls world? Any exciting weekend plans?



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  1. 35life #
    May 17, 2013

    Love the invitation! Now that’s my kind of shower! And thanks for the chuckle about storing a shop-vac under the dining table. Ours is stored in our own stanky basement and has seen better days. I could not imagine cohabitating with it on the first floor.

    • May 17, 2013

      Glad I’m not the only one with a stanky basement. Seriously, how do they get so funky? It is one of the great mysteries of life.

  2. May 17, 2013

    The invitations are beautiful! Have a wonderful time and soak up all the love for you and your little Chicken. 🙂 I have one of my showers this weekend, too, but I’ve been very hands-off – mostly because I’m lazy!

    Mmmmmm, cake. It’s a constant craving, even when I’m not pregnant. My current obsession is iced tea, but only home brewed iced tea. There’s no logic to any of my pregnancy cravings.

  3. May 17, 2013

    People keep on telling me that I look small, yet my fundal height is way ahead. Go figure. As long as the scans are great, I’m sure the both of you are too! Enjoy the shower!

  4. May 17, 2013

    My baby shower is this Saturday. At my house too! I’m also finding it hard not to be involved in the planning and cleaning of it all…not exactly a relaxing weekend plan, but I’m excited to see some friends and family. Have fun at yours!

  5. Amanda #
    May 17, 2013

    I think people actually think that telling you that you look small in late pregnancy is a compliment. I had a small panic attack every time someone told me this. Small people who don’t gain a ton of weight and who might be carrying a slightly smaller than average baby just don’t look that big to strangers. It’s just one of the many things people should not say to a pregnant person.

  6. May 17, 2013

    i cannot believe you are 34 weeks already!!!! I’ve been following along since I started blogging in September, and i’m amazed on how a) things have changed since then and b) how fast time flies! here’s to hoping you get to go as full-term as you can, and no worries about the little tummy, less to put back after your HEALTHY baby is born 🙂

  7. Shinara #
    May 19, 2013

    I have this baking book and it’s great. Your oma is from that neck of the woods, so she should know about these cakes. Most of them don’t include milk. I have baked several of these and they are very tasty.

    Fabulous & Flourless: 150 Wheatless and Dairy-Free Deserts [Hardcover]
    Mary Wachtel Mauksch (Author)

    By the way, my dad would love to be invited to your baby shower. He loves BRATWURST! However, there must be German beer involved as well.

  8. May 19, 2013

    People like to comment on pregnant women’s size. I think “small” is supposed to be a compliment, like you are only getting a bump and not gaining weight in the face. LOL. You are carrying just right! Chicken is doing well!

  9. Kathy #
    May 19, 2013

    Can’t wait to hear about the shower. The invitations were awesome ! It’s the long weekend here in Canada and the traditional time to plant your gardens. (We had a freak snow storm here last weekend, lol) Regarding the belly, everyone carries differently. It really has no bearing on how big or healthy the baby is but the commenters probably think you like having a small bump….or they envy you 😉

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