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Picture Picture: The thing I’ll miss most about Kentucky



But first, thank you guys for all the kind, encouraging comments on yesterday’s post about Newton. They helped assure me that despite all the crap we are dealing with right now, we will find a loving home for her and she will find only cat happiness. My dad asks each time I call if it is time for them to come get Newton so I am sleeping better knowing that they are committed to their promise. We’ll give it a few more weeks of hunting before we make the cat transfer to their home. I want to make sure there is some overlap while we still live a car ride away in the event Newton does poorly with the change.

So how about a Picture Picture? My camera has been so sad and neglected the past few months. All I seem to have time to photograph are items for us to sell on Craigslist.

Anyone in the market for an Ibanez? I'll happily ship it to a loving home!

Anyone in the market for an Ibanez? I’ll happily ship it to a loving home!

I’ve been in Kentucky for more than four years now. I never, ever expected us to be here this long. In fact, each year was supposed to be our last so we have lived like that – rarely putting down roots and avoiding making many friends because “this is our last year.” And each May the Professor would find out that his research had not progressed enough to graduate, or the job market was to suppressed to justify graduating, or that his only job offer was in Lexington and so another year was spent as “our last.”

I really regret living this way. Had we stayed 6 months, or 6 years, I would have preferred it to be a stint of great adventure, lots of fun dinners with young folks and heaps of travel. But our life was unnecessarily complicated with the trials and tribulations of trying to find an academic job, the stress of infertility and the insanity of autoimmune disease so we did not live like we had hoped. I remind myself daily that NYC will not be like this. I know we are there for at least four years and I am getting a sneaky suspicion that I could love it enough that we stay longer. Much longer. The lure of public transit is that great!!! 🙂

No matter how long we stay, I vow to strive and make every day count. Through sickness and health, mama drama and happy baby days, poverty and riches we will enjoy our time there, meet other new families and build a life that we will also be sad to leave. I’d rather leave with tears than a “hooray and good riddens.” You know?

Despite our challenging time in Lexington, some amazing people and experiences came out of it. I’m going to spend the coming two months photographing the people and places of Lexington that I have grown so fond of and will share them from time to time here. This is something I’ve never done when I move and I always regret. I hope you enjoy!

The H family is one of the things I will miss most. I left this photo shoot and had a good ugly cry in my bathroom (my hiding spot of choice for overly emotional moments). I really want our kids to grow up together and I will REALLY miss fun dinners drinking too much wine and playing Munchkin with Mr. and Mrs. H, who have been our rocks during infertility and loss. Luckily, we are all adventurous spirits and have vowed to make visits to one another’s home, and to plan family vacations when budget and PTO permit. I know they will always remain in our lives, no matter how much distance is put between us.


Beautiful mama and new baby.




Big brother had to get in on the photography action!

Big brother had to get in on the photography action!





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  1. Patricia #
    June 5, 2013

    I recognize the backround for those pics! I can’t believe you came to my downtown and didn’t tell me you were here!! 😉 I would have loved to see you! 🙂

    • June 5, 2013

      Lol! You are SHARP to recognize the background from two pics like this 🙂 It was just a super quick pop down to take pictures and then rush back to Lexington to meet some visitors! On my list of things to photograph before we leave is downtown Frankfort, though. I’ll let you know when we head over again and we should grab lunch!

      • Patricia #
        June 6, 2013

        yea!!! 🙂

  2. Kathy #
    June 5, 2013

    Have fun recording your surroundings before you leave. It will always have a place in your heart. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble getting your friends to visit you in NYC. It’s a pretty exciting destination ! I think you’ll love it there too !

  3. jak #
    June 5, 2013

    i have one crazy busy no-reading-blog-time work day and all this stuff happens!!

    sorry to hear about newton, i dont know a thing about cats, which is probably why none of them like me, but i suspect, that unlike dogs, you can’t just get them to act like a cohesive pack by demanding it of them…? i’m sure you know your cat best and what needs to be done, and glad your folks are there as a backup. honestly, a couple without kids in the house and no other cats sounds like the perfect place for a cat like newton.

    having been through phd then post doc, now in a job, my friends are spread out EVERYWHERE. best friend in SF, close friends in beantown, others in AZ and Chicago, some in TX. you follow the jobs, really. and it’s sad to leave friends, but it’s great to have met people from all over who i will care about forever and who i know care about me. you’ll find ways to catch up if you make it a point to!

    beautiful job with the photos. the light is great!

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