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Still Breech



Soooo today has been an ordeal.

ECV was scheduled for 8 a.m. I didn’t get called back till close to 9 and then didn’t get any fluids until closer to 10:30. I had been fasting and not drinking anything since 9 p.m. the night before so OBVIOUSLY I was dehydrated. It was not until about 12:30 or 1 that the doctor finally came in to do a scan and check fluid levels and by then fluid was only measuring 3 cm – nowhere near high enough to attempt an ECV and reason to worry that my placenta was starting to fail. They also noted that I had was contracting every minute or so, even though I felt nothing other than hungry and thirsty.

We agreed to put me in a room and start more IV fluids to see if we could get the fluid levels to go up. At 3:30 I had 9 cm of fluid visible and had FINALLY had a good pee. The doctor spent some time looking at Chicken’s position – head up under my right rib, tilted back and resting on a hunk of placenta. Both legs were up in a Frank Breech position. She explained that Frank Breech is the hardest to turn to begin with, that the way the head was looking up was going to make it even harder, that my extra placenta lobe would be getting in the way making it EVEN HARDER and that the low-ish fluid level would make it very unlikely it would work, and much more likely we would have complications. Add in the regular contracting (angry uterus fighting against us) and she did not feel comfortable attempting the turn.

That’s a lot of crap stacked against Chicken and I. I liked this specialist, unlike Dr. TeleMed, and felt she truly had our best interest at heart so after a full day of sitting around in my panties and a hospital gown I went home, breech baby still in tow.

To say I’m upset is an understatement. I have talked to exhaustion about how much I wanted this birth experience so I’ll not go into it again. Before the doctor left I asked about my chances of having a Family Centered C-Section and she said there is one doctor at UK who very recently did this and that she is itching to try one herself. I’ll work on getting an appointment with the guy who has done one first, and will keep her as my backup. She actually had seen the video on You Tube and said she does not know WHY they have not always done it that way and that “it only makes sense.”

This means I have another week or two to try and get my ducks in a row. I’m going to request we wait until 40 weeks, but if I can find a doctor who will give me the family centered experience I want but requires it at 39 weeks I will not fight (even though we desperately need that last week of pay from my job.) So there you go – no fun ECV video, no great success story, no need to keep doing my Hynobabies CDs. Now I need to find an OB, repack my hospital bag for a longer stay (and leave out all my laboring stuff) and find some moving help, because with the way this is going to shake out, I won’t be able to carry or really pack anything.

And now I’m going to go eat again, because 20 hours without food or drink has made me a ravenous beast that has eaten a huge plate of food from the co-op, a huge cookie, and drank about half a container of lemonade. 🙂 Thanks for all your good thoughts and all the kind words I know you’ll have for me. xoxo



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  1. Melissa #
    June 10, 2013

    The mention of a “failing placenta” would have me wanting a c-section right now. Your baby is full term and would be 100% healthy if born today. Why risk it by waiting? If something happens to your precious chicken due to a compromised placenta you will never forgive yourself. Please think about it. Go meet your sweet baby!!

    • June 10, 2013

      Oops, should have been more clear- fluid built back up so it meant I was just dehydrated not that my placenta was failing. Placenta is doing a jolly good job of keeping Chicken nourished my body just needed to provide it some fluid! I fully expect the next three days to be plagued with massive constipation after the dehydration, otherwise, we should be good to go 🙂

  2. Melissa #
    June 10, 2013

    Also, I am so sorry that the ECV did not work! I know how incredibly frustrating that must be. I had a c-section at 37 weeks, 2 days (due to placenta previa) and my sweet baby girl arrived and was as perfect as can be. I am rooting for you and your sweet chicken.

  3. June 10, 2013

    Ah, Belle. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. You’ve certainly done everything within your power to get little Chicken to flip. I hope you had lots and lots of delicious food in hopes that it took just an itty bit of the sting out of things. Again, so sorry.

  4. karaleen #
    June 10, 2013

    OH Belle…a very very long day for you. but…I was nervous about the version. I had a frank breech baby too and my Dr. said he wouldn’t even attempt it….they are just super hard and end too often with complications. I’m so glad your attending doctor today took all of the factors into consideration. Although I was praying like mad for Chicken to turn on his own (yep…I’m still thinking boy for some reason)….I was scared for you for today. I know you don’t want a c-section…but really…you don’t want an emergency one even more….seriously. Now I will shift my prayers to the desire you have for a more family centered c-section. A fast and painless recovery, lots moving help and a baby who is a rockstar sleeper. 🙂 Take care, have fun rehydrating and enjoy a great meal.

  5. June 10, 2013

    Oh, Belle, I’m really sorry to hear this. I know how badly you wanted the chance to labor and deliver vaginally. This totally sucks. BUT I guess the next best thing is to find an OB who can work with your C-section plan, given that it’s looking like that may be your only choice right now. Fingers crossed that Plan B works out and can be just as rewarding and everything you hope it to be!

  6. Nene #
    June 10, 2013

    It’s disappointing that you aren’t going to be able to have the birth experience that you had hoped for. But oh my gosh, you are going to meet your son or daughter in – eek! – two weeks?! How exciting!!

  7. June 10, 2013

    Very sorry that this last attempt didn’t work out. That said, you did get some information on doctors who are willing to do Family Centered C-sections. That’s something you didn’t have before, so not a total loss of a day. Hang in there. The end is in sight and I have nothing but hope for a good delivery and fast recovery.

  8. June 10, 2013

    Dangit Belle, this isn’t what I was hoping to read. 😦

    I would say that your HB tracks could still come in handy – listen to the change of plans script, and keep focused on a calm, empowering, family centered c-section experience.


    • SRB #
      June 10, 2013

      Yes, this is exactly what I was going to say. Hoping you get your family-centered experience. ❤

  9. Amy #
    June 10, 2013

    Dr Miriam marcum @Uk is amazing-if you can get her. Fb me if you want/need anymore info. Good luck!

  10. Becky #
    June 10, 2013

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I had a c-section after infertility and a difficult pregnancy and I remember how much I wanted just ONE thing to go how I wanted it to go. Of course in the end all that mattered was that my amazing daughter was born safely. But at the time it was really difficult so I understand how you are feeling. For me recovery from the c-section wasn’t as bad as I expected. (after hearing many scary stories from family and friends….). Lots of positive thoughts for you!

  11. June 10, 2013

    I hope you get a family-centered experience! I have no idea what that would look like but I am sure it will be the best possible outcome. One thing I wish I had known is that you can request a different nurse if you don’t like one… I had a really bad nurse for three out of my 5 hospital days. I really didn’t like her. I didn’t know I could request a switch. So if you don’t like your nurse and she is making you feel like shit for whatever reason, get a new one! If you know you will be in the hospital for more than just a short overnight visit, it is worth having the most positive, supportive, wonderful help you can get. ❤

  12. June 10, 2013

    Ugh belle I’m so sorry it’s not going as planned. I would be so upset too. On the plus side….you can plan to do your hair and makeup and look completely fantastic in your new baby photos. If there is a plus side – that is it. I refused to be in pics post birth, and the few there are are horrifying – I am so swollen I am literally in recognizable. My mother in law actually asked if it was me. Take care and good luck with the family centered section – also, what is that??

  13. June 10, 2013

    I’m so sorry that things didn’t work out in getting Chicken turned. I know how disappointing this is for you. 😦 I know you didn’t want to have to go to Plan B, but I hope you get the best possible Plan B. *hugs*

  14. June 10, 2013

    I’ll be thinking of you all.

    I labored naturally for as long as I could but Zoe just wouldn’t move. She never dropped in fact, not much I don’t think.

    My water broke very early in the morning and I had an emergency C-section at 10 o’clock at night. I had a Doula and my husband. Zoe latched on even after our being separated. My favorite picture actually of the entire birth experience is Zoe newborn with my husband there leaning over the side of the area where she is being weighed and monitored Clearly talking to her and having his private moment far before I could have mine.

    As I have said before we are breastfeeding success story. My stomach will never look like it did before I was pregnant… But I have very strong core stomach muscles, always have, and if they are just as strong today as they have ever been. I was shocked at how easy of a recovery I had. I was always very muscular and relatively fit (Although I gained nearly 30 pounds during my years with infertility and more during pregnancy. She is 3 1/2 and I feel like I am just returning to my body. I will be 41 in a few weeks.

    My heart is with you.I know this isn’t what you wanted but I still believe you can have a beautiful birth experience.



  15. Kathy #
    June 10, 2013

    Sounds like the doc did a full assessment before deciding what was safe so that will ease your mind. Keeping a good thought for you. Chicken could surprise you yet and head for the exit on his own. Either way, he’ll be here soon ! (Don’t take my gender prediction seriously, I’m often wrong)

  16. June 11, 2013

    Damn. I know the doc made the right assessment under the circumstances but damn… I’m so sorry that Chicken is still heads up 7up 😦 On another note, thank you so much for posting about Family Centered C Sections. I had never heard of these until now and looked it up and watched some youtube videos on it. I know that a C isn’t ideal, but if you can find a doc who will do Family Centered, I have to say that some of those videos I watched looked very close to a vaginal birth emotionally–especially when the mom can see the baby exit her tummy and hold it while she’s being stitched. I am very impressed that you are maintaining a good head around all of this and holding your ground on your rights as a patient.

  17. Mo #
    June 11, 2013

    This sucks. But you’ll make it through this. A couple of days to mourn and I know you’ll be able to plan out this birth in the best possible way. It won’t be the same, but you will find a way to make it yours, I’m sure.

  18. APE #
    June 11, 2013

    I had a lot of medical complications during my pregnancy and knew in the end I would probably need to have a c-section, which I did. I had a final checkup before my scheduled inducement and they found that my amniotic fluid was low and I had possible placenta failure, so I was scooted into labor and delivery asap. Nothing ever goes as we plan in life. But I just want to give you some advice that was passed down to me before I had my c-section. Get up and move as soon as you can afterwards, like the next day. It helps with recovery, at least it helped me, and the person who gave me the assvice. 🙂 Good luck honey.

  19. jak #
    June 11, 2013

    ok – the shit about failing placenta, is just that, shit. wait, ok, spoke too soon – just saw your comment that is wasnt failing. whew!


    anyway, i am really annoyed for you that they didnt treat you better than that – waiting around all day and being dehydrated, of course you are going to have contractions and not enough amniotic fluid to do an effective turn. you’ll be lucky if you don’t also end up with a UTI. i really think that docs now days are afraid to turn babies. imagine if “something happened” – whether it was scientifically or realistically related to the ECV or not, if a lawyer described the process of pushing on the pregnant woman’s stomach, the discomfort, the strange feelings, and how violent it looks, they could certainly get a jury to side with the family who is suing the doc for giving their baby some kind of brain damage that “might” have been related to the pushing and jarring of the fetus during the ECV. i really think this is the state of the law, i mean, art now, unfortunately.

    mourn the change of plans, and then put your efforts into getting your family centered c birth plan going!!

    AND! there is a difference between a baby going only 39 weeks vs 40 weeks. try for 40. really. if you start having contractions (NOT! dehydration related contractions, ggggggrrrrrrrrrr) at 39 weeks, then fine, your baby is ready, but if you don’t start labor at 39 weeks, then your baby is waiting until they are ready, which could be 40, 41, or 42 weeks. it’s up to the chicken really:) he or she knows when the chicken is the best ready they can be.

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