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Leftovers: car seat, my cat is so damn cute, panty lines & new babies to IFers



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So this stuff has been hanging out in our car for the past two weeks. Yes, I know it is not installed correctly and I promise we won’t transport Chicken until it is all properly latched/strapped in. Doing that now just seems so…  I don’t know… real! Every time I walk up to the car my heart races and I think I’ve approached the wrong vehicle (this happens a lot when you drive a very bland white Ford Taurus). Then I realize that no, this is our car and that in a few days we are going to be responsible for a two legged creature that does not poop in a litter box. Crazy.


I’ve been continuing to take photos and videos of our cats the past few weeks and enjoy them in all their “only child” glory. Yum Yum and I had a delightful play session last night with a piece of trash. This cat has a pile of expensive toys that she ignores but ball up an old receipt or toss her a plastic wrapper and she is in HEAVEN. She is so damn cute!


I’m officially too pregnant to be allowed out of the house without someone first checking my outfit. Normally I’m a panty-line Nazi. I can spot another’s panty lines from a mile away and it drives me crazy. Ladies, in my humble opinion panty lines add pounds and can really kill a perfectly adorable outfit. Either invest in good thongs or bid your fitted knits adeu. Yesterday I pulled on a long fitted knit maternity dress from Old Navy. I intended to wear this for our maternity photos but once on realized it was NOT super flattering. Pile on enough accessories like a scarf, a bunch of bangles and some big earrings and it is acceptable for work wear, though.

What I did not consider when dressing was how this knit REQUIRES thongs. Nope, instead I pulled on my favorite thick cotton undies that are so very comfy and so not flattering. Didn’t even cross my mind that you could  see EVERY SINGLE LINE of the undies through the fitted knit. And then I trounced around work and Lexington ALL DAY blissfully unaware and feeling super cute with all my bangles. Around 4:30 I went to pee and was horrified to notice that I was sporting the mother of all panty lines. Terrible. Shameful. NOT FLATTERING.

The Professor checked my outfit this morning and will continue to do so until my brain returns… when Chicken is 18.


I am meeting with Dr. Z this afternoon to go over my birth plan one last time and make final arrangements. We’ll also check in on Chicken and make sure he/she is still breech. SPOILER ALERT: Chicken is still breech and his/her head is currently nuzzling my rib cage. My ribs have actually started making a creepy popping noise when baby is super active. Please don’t break my ribs Chicken.


And finally, a lot of IFers have delivered babies this week. If you are in a place of peace you should drop by and offer these ladies some congrats:

Jenny over at “Sprout” 

Courtney over at “All the Sun for You”

Jen at “My Bum Ovaries”

And my loyal blog reader and friend Jak who does not blog, just delivered her miracle baby. So happy for you lady and hope I can meet you and this little one when I’m within a bus ride of your city!

Big hugs to all of you and your sweet new babes. To the ladies, and gentlemen, still in the trenches, I know how hard these things can be. Know that I think of you all regularly and want nothing more than my inbox to be flooded with reports of positive pee sticks, strong first heartbeats and perfect non-breech deliveries. We’ll all make it to the end of this one way or another. xoxo



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  1. June 26, 2013

    That’s the exact same careseat we have! The latch system is super easy to install once you’ve done it once. We also bought a 2nd base for Nana’s car (was supposed to be for my husband’s car, but we realized Nana actually picked her up way more often). SO handy to just click in the car seat and go! Also, I like the higher weight limit on it – we have a LARGE (weight & height) child, and the only reason we switched her to a convertible carseat at 12mo (still backwards) was that my SIL flew into town with her baby and needed to borrow the infant seat. Stella still had plenty of room in it!

    Getting so close now! 🙂

  2. Kathy #
    June 26, 2013

    Love Yum Yum’s big swishy tail ! Another blogger I follow- Our Tiny Angels – was being induced yesterday. Population explosion ! Congrats to all the new parents and hopeful positive thoughts to those who are waiting.

  3. June 26, 2013

    I love reading your blog. And I love that you still remember the ones who are not quite there yet, especially since you have so much else going on in your life at present. Big kudos to you.

  4. June 26, 2013

    Oh no! Panty line nazi??? We can’t hang out. Everyone can see what kind of underwear I’m wearing. I can’t be bothered to deal with it. Sometimes I’m self conscious and other times I don’t care. I’m not usually wearing fitted knits and I try to wear patterns to disguise it, but you can still see it. I stopped wearing thongs when I started getting repeated infections down below. I did recently up my underwear size and that has helped, because I was still shopping for the “when I’m skinny again” me instead of the “size I am right now is probably going to be it for a while” me. I have these yummie tummie boyshorts I wear sometimes but meh. When you’re out with a baby, nobody expects too much hahaha

  5. June 26, 2013

    Omg!!!!!!!!!! I would have been mortified. Smart of you to have the Professor check you out. And Eeek!!!! Congrats to the new mommas. Thanks for the heads up on Jen. I don’t get blogger updates very often. :/

  6. jak #
    June 26, 2013

    definitely want to see some pregnancy photos if you like the way they turned out, etc. photoshop for pantylines? i too am a panty line nazi. used to also be a bra line nazi, but gave up when pregnancy made everything in that dept completely unruly.

    your cat is beautiful. reminds me of a cat version of a bernese mountain dog.

    thanks for the shout out;) and congrats to all the other new family members making it to land recently. things are going great and i do look forward to getting together with our miracles when you become an east coast mama!!! bah!!!!! only 4 more whole days until you meet your chicken face to face. i’m so effing excited for you i could fart! no… burst!!

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