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Boobs & Pacifiers



For something that is supposed to be so beautiful and natural, breastfeeding has got to be one of the harder things I’ve attempted. Sabine and I have been battling it out for four weeks now and I really don’t feel like we are making much headway. Our challenges are many. Too many for one blog post so I’ll break them up over the coming weeks. Hopefully you all can offer some insight or at least find comfort in knowing you might not be alone in similar struggles.

Belle The Human Pacifier

July 31 - Sabine Pacifies SE

This is how we spend every morning. Me at the table, Sabine propped on the Boppy with a “pillow” made from a folded muslin and my boob in her mouth. No. she is not eating. She is just pacifying and loving every nipple chomping moment of it.

Some babies have an intense need to suck. Sabine is one of those. She came out of the womb screaming and rooting. She nursed in recovery before the epidural had even been pulled from my spine. She sucked on my breast constantly while we were in the hospital, so often that every time the lactation consultant came by to see how we were doing she would laugh and say, “Wasn’t she right there two hours ago?” Yes, and she has been there ever since.

After three days of this I looked down at my nipples and thought there was lint sticking to them. I plucked the “lint” off and found blood and shooting pain. That lint was actually scab.

A nurse showed us how to offer Sabine a finger to suck on when she needed to pacify. She loves the Professor’s finger and Nana and Pappy’s fingers. She hates Mama’s finger, knowing that I have the good stuff. I.E. Nipples. Scabby, sore nipples. Today my nipples have toughened and no longer scab. Sabine will also humor me and take my finger during the times she knows a boob is physically not possible, like when we are in the car. Otherwise, she accepts no substitutions from me.

As a brief aside, we have a few Dr. Sears books that serve as our late night “OMG what is wrong with our baby” reference manuals. In the breast feeding book they show a diagram of how you can nurse your baby while he/she is in the car seat and your spouse is driving. Excuse my French but what the fuck? People really have boobs that big? And torsos that long? There is no way my short torso and tiny boob would even begin to approach Sabine’s mouth when she is in the car seat. The fact that there are women who can do this  blows my mind and seems miserably unfair.

At our two week checkup Dr. Shannon said we could start slowly introducing Sabine to a pacifier. This is something I was majorly against. My baby, I said, will have nothing but my nipple in her mouth for the first two to three months and even then she will NEVER have a pacifier.

After the appointment I went home and found myself chained to the couch, once again being a human pacifier for the entire afternoon and I gave up. That night we purchased four pacifiers, two soothies and two Tommee Tippie. They were both rejected and after 10 minutes of screaming I allowed her to chew on my boob again, forfeiting more hours of potential productivity.

Yesterday in a moment of desperation I brought out the “Soothie” again and suddenly Sabine was OK with it. Her tiny mouth tried mightily to hang onto the pacifier and for about 10 minutes we had some success. After that I could tell she was getting tired and I let her rest and pacify on my boob some more, but I felt like this was positive progress. She did not reject it and just needs to learn how to use it. I vowed to have paci practice every morning and evening during our snuggle time.

"Look Ma! No hands!" ... And my nipples rejoiced.

“Look Ma! No hands!” … And my nipples rejoiced.

Last night I went to find her soothies (she had two) and neither were where I left them. We tore the house apart looking for them. After a frantic search we stood in the living room looking completely baffled. We had stationed a soothie at both our nursing stations: sofa end table and nightstand in the guest room. Both were gone. What the…. and then Euclid pranced by and suddenly we realized our error.

The Professor’s cats will chew anything soft and plasticy to smithereens. Their favorite things to chew are the thick, soft power cords that are typically found on expensive electronics. Like my MacBook, the Wii and the huge fireplace insert. I am on my third MacBook chord and our fireplace insert no longer works from all the cord chewing. A pacifier would be way too tempting to these cats. I’m now waiting to see who barfs up pink or purple pieces or where a mangled paci might surface…. maybe between the bed sheets, perhaps in a shoe, or worse yet, in the bathtub where my naked feet will find it when my contacts are out and I’ll be CERTAIN I’m stepping on the mangled remains of an amphibian.

During our 2 a.m. feed I ordered 8 new pacis. Two more soothies, and then several other styles and brands. In three weeks we will be loading Sabine into the car for a two day journey to NYC. I absolutely cannot listen to red faced “I NEED TO SUCK NOW” screaming for the entire drive, nor is my boob going to magically grow large enough to drape over the side of her car seat. We must get her loving a paci otherwise we might not make it until she is whatever age kids outgrow pacifiers. Please, please, please Sabine, don’t be the kindergardener who is sitting in class sucking a paci!



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  1. mylifeisaboutthejourney #
    July 31, 2013

    I was totally against pacifiers at first and got so annoyed in the hospital when they tried to give him one. I have been totally converted though! I think that all babies need to suck and it is just not realistic to have a boob available for them 24/7 (especially when working full time!). On the bright side, I have heard that pacifiers reduce SIDS risk and are also an easier habit to break than thumb-sucking. You can take away the paci, but you can’t take away the thumb! I am sure she’ll grow out of it eventually. I think the peace is well worth it! 🙂

    • mylifeisaboutthejourney #
      July 31, 2013

      Oh and P.S. I am not sure that I told you, but Sabine is such a cute baby!!

      • July 31, 2013

        Thank you! I am pretty biased but I find her adorbs 🙂

  2. July 31, 2013

    I caved on the paci thing pretty quickly, too… For similar reasons. She got the hang of it and was happy, until around 2 months, when she decided that pacifiers are for chewing instead of sucking. Now they are exclusively teething toys and not much else. And, of course, her thumb has replaced the paci as her sucking soother of choice. Oh well! Happy baby=happy Mommy. Either way, your breasts will thank you for the relief!
    Oh, and I often have a laugh at the image of moms feeding babies in the car seat… With their boobs. Hilarious. And impressive, in a somewhat scary way:)

    • July 31, 2013

      Hey what ever works for the babes and saves our boobs! So happy to know I am not the only one to eat their words on pacifiers 🙂

  3. JB #
    July 31, 2013

    I was in the same mindframe as you regarding the paci…and here we are almost 6 months in and D only takes a paci to sleep/when we’re in the car. And even then, he spits it out most nights and naps. We just didn’t give it to him during the day when he was happy, only when he clearly needed to soothe. I figure if that’s what you’re doing then she’ll be fine!!! The driving is the WORST and I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered how to put the paci in his mouth while I’m driving, quite a feat with the rear-facing car seat. Do you have a mirror so you can see her when you’re driving? That may help too 🙂

  4. July 31, 2013

    In the beginning Paxlet wouldn’t take a binkie (paci) no matter what I did! It was only when he was around 5 months that I could get him to use it. Not that I really wanted to, but sometimes it was necessary. Nowadays, we use the binkie in the same way JB does. I also second a mirror for when you’re driving! I got one as a gift and love it!

  5. July 31, 2013

    I keep hoping my 4 month old will find his thumb but no such luck yet. I used a pacifier with my older two but it didn’t stick long. They preferred their thumb (and certainly found it before they were 4 months old?) which I actually liked (though yes, it is definitely harder to quit when they are older). With the pacifier, I was always having to put it back in their mouth because it would fall out over and over. With the thumb, they could put it back themselves. But again, you pay for it when they’re older and you can’t throw away their thumbs. And you can train them to use a pacifier a lot more easily than you can teach them to suck their thumb.

  6. July 31, 2013

    I was the same way! And when I caved around 2 weeks and bought soothies she still wasn’t interested. We ended up buying a pile of cheap Nuk pacis and that stuck. Around 4 months we started limiting them to naps and bed time, which worked really well. She has no interest in them outside of the crib. Babies definitely need to suck to soothe!

  7. July 31, 2013

    Lol. Sounds like youre having a blast! Mom did that hanging over the carseat thing. I agree it doesn’t look easy. I highly doubt that would work for me!!

  8. July 31, 2013

    I had no plans to give our first baby (now almost 4 years old) a pacifier. I was against it too, but like Sabine, he had a very strong desire to suck. I was getting absolutely no sleep because he wanted to nurse, for comfort, not to eat, constantly. By the 2 week mark I knew that something had to give, so despite the ball of guilt in my gut, he got a soother. I felt like I had completely failed and hated giving it to him but that was quickly over shadowed by sleep and we were ok. We didn’t push taking the soother away until he was about 2 1/2, was chewing the soothers apart, and we had a new baby on the way that was going to also have soothers that we didn’t want fights over. It was fairly easy to stop. We threw them all away and when he asked for one we told him we couldn’t find them. Within a week or so he stopped asking.
    Baby #2 got a soother within the first week.

  9. July 31, 2013

    I was completely anti, and the hospital midwives talked me round! At first his mouth seemed too small for one, but one day at about two weeks old my niece held him for a couple of hours and just held it in it he liked it! I never would have done that but it worked!!!! There were times I was really glad of it.

    He liked it til about four months I guess? The other day we found one in a drawer, and I use it when he’s attempting to somersault off the change table out of a poopy nappy! He thinks dummies (as we call them here) are quite funny now.

    I found long car trips really easy when he was little…it’s pretty conducive to sleep.

  10. July 31, 2013

    Oh a paci is a must for breastfed babies IMHO. 🙂 My daughter also enjoyed hour long boob fests. At about 4 weeks old she figured out the paci and life was WAY better. Hang in there….I know that is the assvice everyone gives when it comes to bf but I swear it is so true. You are doing a great job!

  11. July 31, 2013

    Both of our babies took pacifiers. Apple was in love with his pacifier. And then suddenly, one day, probably around 6 months?, they both grabbed them and THREW THEM VIOLENTLY OUT OF THE CRIBS. And did that over and over and over again. I stopped giving them pacifiers, now afraid they would become thumbsuckers (as thumbsucking seems harder to stop than pacifiers). But nope. No thumbsucking either. They tried it for a little while, Banana especially, but were not enthused. Our babies, at 8 months, stopped sucking on anything except bottles and occasionally wash cloths in the bath tub, and sleep through the night (although I think Apple sucks on the ear of his lamb lovey). Even before that I only ever offered the pacifier in the car seat or in the crib, so it was never the default pacifying option I guess.

    I was one of those kids who had a pacifier until I was 3, all the time, everywhere. One day my mom stopped looking for them when I lost them, and then I lost my last one. When I asked her for one she said there weren’t anymore because I’d lost them. And I stopped asking after a day or two and apparently that was the end. I think if you don’t want the pacifier to be an all-the-time thing, then it doesn’t need to be!

  12. July 31, 2013

    I was hugely anti-paci until Stella was about a month old and we were having the same issue! She ended up liking the pacifier for about 2 weeks (bliss!) and then nope. Luckily she settled down a bit with her need to constantly suck after that (I think b/c I went back to work at 8w so she didn’t have the option of sucking on me all the time!), so it did get better.

    Also, I’ve never read that book but I definitely nursed in the car while driving down the road a couple of times! I was NOT buckled, my back killed me, and my boobs were barely able to get to her mouth, but it was worth it to not have the baby screaming next to me. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll attempt when necessary. 🙂

  13. July 31, 2013

    Were were anti paci but caved after we got home from the hospital & Iyla was fussing through diaper changes. She took to it right away & it definitely helped soothe her. Now, at 8.5 months, she just has them in her crib for naps/bedtime, and we will also bring one for the car or when we go out to eat. The BEST thing is that she can now find them and put them in her own mouth- which has made a HUGE difference during the night. She will call out/fuss, find the paci and put it in, roll over and go right back to sleep. It’s awesome. I also highly recommend the “Wannanub” style soothie. Looks silly, but 1) is MUCH harder to lose 2)- can be propped up under baby so it stays in better and 3) can operate as a first ‘lovey” that is safe to put in their beds with them.

    I love these posts getting to know Sabine better! What a little sweetheart.

  14. July 31, 2013

    Good decision! I’m learning that sometimes we just have to throw our beliefs and preferences out the window, cuz babies just make their own decisions despite our preconceived notions! Good luck!

  15. Janene #
    July 31, 2013

    Been there. We caved with the paci but he just wouldn’t have it. It had to be a boob, a pinky finger, or nonstop crying – our choice. One of the lowest points of my life was when I went in to get my IUD inserted at 12 weeks postpartum and I ended up having to endure the procedure with one arm draped off the side of the exam table, pinky in mouth, just to stop the hysterical screaming long enough for the doctor to get it in without accidentally puncturing my uterine wall. Man, those were hard days (and nights).

    Eventually he decided he would tolerate one particular brand – MAM, I think it was? But right around 4 months he learned to get a good seal on his own thumb, and I swear from then on he became a different baby. He literally sucked his thumb bloody but he was calm, happy, totally delightful. He’s turning two next month and he’s still a thumb sucker, but only when he’s tired or stressed.

    I say do whatever you need to do to get through these early months. I will also say that for us, all the big transitions that we thought were going to be awful, like moving from swaddle to sleep sack, moving from moses basket to crib, traveling, weaning, even going from crib to toddler bed, were laughably easy. And I seriously believe it was because whenever he felt unsure, he just popped that thumb in and sucked it out. The need to suck is no joke and if she’ll suck on something other than you, yahtzee!

    • Janene #
      July 31, 2013

      Oh, and P.S. – MAM pacifiers come with their own little box, which may help deter cat-burglars. 🙂

  16. karaleen #
    July 31, 2013

    Oh Belle….don’t worry about the binky….it is much easier to break than a thumb and much less damaging to the mouth. I tried so hard to push a binky on my first baby and he wanted nothing to do with it….but baby number two is a binky baby through and through. It saved me…she would have been attached to the boob otherwise. It is a blessing and a curse….she has both a blankie and binky obsession. She is 2 1/2 and we have now limited binky to bedtime and she knows that on her 3rd birthday we have to give up the binky. Her mouth is fine and the dentist says it is okay. We use the Avent pacifiers….they have an orthopedic, soft nipple and mold to the mouth and come in different sizes depending on age of the baby….she loved those the most. And yes…in the car…they are a LIFESAVER!!!! We still allow the binky in the car……

    And yes….nursing is supposed to be natural…but it is also quite awkward at times and you just never know it you are doing it right. My niece is 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby and recently came to me for advice on nursing….I pretty much told her the books and classes are useless except to understanding positioning and maybe a bit on the first few days……otherwise…until you have that baby in your arms…you have no idea how it will go. My advise to her was to ask for a lactation consultant the minute the baby was born and take all the help from the nurses that she could. My first baby had a very shallow latch and pretty much blistered and scabbed up my nipples just like you described…but with baby #2….I kind of knew what I was doing and she was just a better natural nurser than our son… just never know what you are going to get. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully and have fallen very naturally into motherhood. And…she is mighty cute…..

  17. APE #
    July 31, 2013

    I think your boob looks nice and big in the picture! 🙂

    As for paci’s: I was for them because I heard they reduced the risk of SIDS and that was enough for me…I didn’t care about having to replace it every 45 mins because it fell out of his mouth during the night. BUT – I think I got lucky. My son was able to go back and forth between breast, bottle (I am a working mom) and paci with no problems or confusion. But the paci didn’t stick. By 6 months I finally realized he just didn’t need one and so I never forced him to take it again and it was no big deal. Having said all of that, my cousin’s son is only a week younger than mine (3 1/2) and still uses one! It isn’t attractive but I guess it works for them and I have to say, her son is much calmer than mine. I like to think it’s just because my son has more personality! 🙂

    • APE #
      August 1, 2013

      Forgot to mention, my cat chews stuff like that too. Baby bottle nipples will be under attack as well! I would be looking all around for them after washing and setting them out to dry and find them all chewed up under the table! Darn annoying cats! 🙂

  18. July 31, 2013

    We like the MAM brand around here. We were opposed to the pacifier too but it’s turned out to be awesome and 5.5 months in, it is fantastic. Apparently something about the texture of the MAM is agreeable to our fussy little gal. My suggestion is to keep a spare in the glove box while driving and keep them around the house in a small box too so there’s no cat interference. I also tried an upside-down glass but the cat knocked it down to get at the thing. Out of sight is a good plan.

  19. July 31, 2013

    Molly was a sucker but by the time the year was out she was done with them!

  20. July 31, 2013

    Way, way back when I still believed I could actually breastfeed (ha ha! foolish woman!), I had resolved that I would NEVER use a pacifier with Seamus. Yeah…that went out the window pretty quickly. If it comes down to a choice between hours of hysterical screaming or giving him a paci, the paci will win every time. The problem is that he’s very fickle. One week he loves the paci, the next he wants nothing to do with it. Strange as it sounds, I’m actually hoping he discovers thumb-sucking soon so he can self-soothe.

    On an unrelated note, I am in love with Sabine’s ears. She looks like a beautiful little elf or fairy. 🙂

  21. July 31, 2013

    Haha, isn’t that what they say about parenthood – never say never!! I LOVE me a soother and I wish R would take one. I got her to a bit for the first couple months – now she rejects them. However, she likes to suck blankets and cloth, so she’s got her lovey for those desperate moments. I am pro soother, I think soother babies are content and sleep well, I just believe when they are older that they should be for naps and bedtime only. Yay for finding one that works!!! Ps – I totally nursed while my husband drove the other week. Picture me standing in the back seat leaning over the carseat with my back arched. It was crazy hard even with my giant boobs. Have you watched “babies”? Now those women in Africa have nursing boobs to be jealous of!!!

  22. jak #
    July 31, 2013

    my baby, we’ll call him chupacabra, also uses me as a human pacifier, but i’m pretty sure that’s what moms are to helpless newborns anyway, so i’m happy to oblige, within reason. not sure if you’re using lanolin, but i use lanolin after every feeding and after showering and i’m pretty sure it is the only thing preventing my nipples from falling off or turning to dust.

    my boobs are giant, yo’, and i can’t even nurse my baby in the carseat. when we’ve had desperate times and i cannot nurse and he is screaming and will not accept anyone’s finger, i squeeze milk onto my finger and put my finger into his mouth. it shuts him up. perhaps this is because he is actually hungry, but perhaps also because he was ‘just checking’ that mom is still around and available in actual form.

    we have had to use a paci once – during his bris, at the rabbi’s orders (well, “bris lite”, but that’s another story). he accepted it with sugar water on it before everything started, and in 20 seconds the whole thing was over and he was silent and the paci was removed. i have no idea though if he’d accept it and hold onto it on his own, because i was holding it for him.

    overall, i think ANYTHING you have to do to preserve your breasts and nipples is imperative. that’s how sabine eats. if you need her to take a pacifier to give you a break and let you heal, by all means do it!!

    hope everything else is going great. just catching up now on missed entries….. …. annnnnnnnnnd. going to have to catch up later. chupacabra just made some explosive diaper noises.

    oh!! diaper rash!!! if you could do an entry about this, that’d be awesome. we’re battling it. maybe because my kid has toxic shits, maybe because i’m doing something wrong, or maybe because it just happens, i dunno, but i’d love to learn [another explosive shit sound] what others are doing!! 🙂

    • APE #
      August 1, 2013

      Hi Jak – when my son was little we dealt with crazy diaper rash. I tried everything short of cloth diapering, which looking back might have been a good idea. We used every type of butt cream and even got a prescription. I tried letting him go diaper-less in an attempt to “air it out”. In the end, we realized he was getting a yeast infection…like a lot…almost every time he pooped he would get red. Our pediatrician recommended lotrimin (yeah the foot fungus cream) and it worked like a charm!

    • August 1, 2013

      Jak, I feel your pain. I think my daughter has the most sensitive bum in the universe. Cloth diapers helped, but what was ultimately our savior were cloth wipes and a water spray bottle. We always use those even when we have to use disposable diapers, and it works wonders. Sounds like a pain, but it’s no problem once you get used to it. We spray her bum directly, which gets off most gunk by itself, then we dab (not wipe) her bum dry with the cloth wipe. Some babies may not like this, but our little one is just fine with it. Even back in winter when she was a newborn, she didn’t bat an eye at the cold water! And it certainly beats constant rash. Oh, and we pretty much always use cream for prevention too. Her bum will only tolerate Babyganics “feelin groovy” non-petroleum ointment. Good luck!

  23. Romy #
    July 31, 2013

    I don’t have the time to read all the preceding comments – and have missed several of your posts too between scrambling to get my thesis done while taking care of Sawyer.
    Haha I can’t believe people are actually able to breastfeed in the car! I tried it and it involved crazy contortionist-like moves. Even when I was practically laying on top of the car seat it was just IMPOSSIBLE. But then there are also women who supposedly can feed a baby in a wrap. I’ve tried that too, both with a wrap and with the Stokke MyCarrier and I can’t do it. It is just impossible to line the baby up perfectly to where my nipple is. My boobs cannot move around like the descriptions online say – and I think I’m thankful for that lol.
    Wrt the soothie; I find it curious that they would have told you not to use one for 2 weeks. My son was in the NICU for 10 days and was offered one from day one. They never even asked me (and yes that made me mad). I asked about nipple confusion and the nurses and 3 different lactation consultants all told me babies are smarter than that and that nipple confusion basically exists in the parent’s head (?). I wasn’t sure what to make of that but it has proven to be true for us. Sawyer was first tube-fed, then he was on a schedule of boob/bottle top up and then I transitioned him to just breastfeeding. He’s had pacifiers since birth but doesn’t always take them. My husband sometimes feeds him a bottle because I like the flexibility that offers, and he goes back on the boob no problem. We did have a really hard time transitioning him to breastfeeding exclusively but that was due to his prematurity and lack of sucking strength. I worked with 2 lactation consultants on that and it took some tears and hard work before we had it sorted out.
    What are your concerns about the soothie?
    I love your pictures. Sabine is beautiful!

    • Romy #
      July 31, 2013

      Oh I forgot to say; the pacifier will work for a little bit when I’m really unable to feed him like in the car. I’ve also pumped a bottle for him on a couple occasions where we had to do a long car ride and I knew he’d be hungry. Pumping in the back seat IS possible 😉
      I only give him soothers on 2 occasions: to hold him off when I absolutely can’t feed him and to fall asleep at night. I read a few studies that said sleeping with pacifiers reduces the risk of SIDS. I’m terrified of SIDS because I had apnea as a baby, had a monitor for my first year and had many near SIDS incidents. Sawyer wears a Snuza at night and I will implement ANYTHING I read about that reduces the chance. I do sometimes wish I wasn’t aware of all the risk factors because it also means I cannot just enjoy co-sleeping with my baby. I’m too terrified to fall asleep with him on my chest. Oh well, that’s all irrelevant to your post. I’m sleep deprived and rambling 😉

      • karaleen #
        August 1, 2013

        Romy: I am so happy to hear from another source that nipple confusion is a myth. My lactation consultant told me that with my first baby and I thought she was just tired of my whining and wanted me to give my baby a bottle and shut up. But she was rigth….her only stipulation with the bottle was that it promoted the breast feeding latch (soft and with a wide base)….and fingers are nothing like breasts (duh…they have a bone in them)….so offering a finger vs a soft paci just seemed odd to me. My son and my daughter both went back and forth from boob to bottle pretty much from day 2 of life. My daughter also took a binky from the beginning and she was a champion nurser. Never an issue.

  24. Amy #
    July 31, 2013

    Aaaagghhh! She is so cute!! Also, yaaaaaaaay for toughened-up nipples! Huge milestone and a big battle to have won already!

    I didn’t think we’d do pacifiers either, but when we had to take Ike to the children’s hospital for an abdominal ultrasound when he was only a couple months old, I let them give him one to hopefully help him stay still long enough to get the procedure done quickly (worked!). We ended up buying a few more, as he’s never really been much of a thumb sucker at all, and we used them for several months. He used them much more when with my mom during the day when I was working, and often in the car on the way home (binky for the road, I called it), and for a while in the middle of the night I’d quickly replace my nipple with a pacifier when he was pretty much done nursing and just about back to sleep. Weirdly, I noticed a month or two ago that we had the three I still knew of in existence in our cabinet at home, so they couldn’t be in use at my mom’s house anymore and we hadn’t been using them at all at home. I couldn’t believe that we basically ended that habit without even noticing, let alone trying. I hope they work for you when you need them and then you have an equally easy time getting rid of them whenever the time comes!

    (Haven’t read all of the comments above yet, but it looks like in the photo and video that at times her bottom lip is sort of tucked in rather than out and wrapped around the pacifier – have you tried getting in there with your pinky finger and sort of flipping her lip out to help her get a better latch on it? I did that a lot with Ike’s bottom lip when we were working on breastfeeding latch at the beginning. As much as they tell you to unlatch and try again for a better one, I always had better luck with trying to help him correct it while he was still latched than trying to start all over. Sorry if that’s assvice, just thought it might be worth trying!)

  25. JJ #
    July 31, 2013

    My little girl is a couple of weeks older than Sabine and a friend recommended this pacifier to us — (they come in other animals to). It’s nice because the stuffed animal helps weigh it down a bit, so if we put it on her chest, the actual pacifier stays in/near her mouth, and over the last couple of weeks she has started putting her hands on and arms around it which is super cute. Just a recommendation.

  26. Tammy #
    August 1, 2013

    Belle. If it helps I have small breasts A ish and they grew slightly to a B ish maybe. I’m also barely 5ft tall. When absolutely necessary I DID go there!
    Not sure how strong you feel about adults wearing seatbelts at all times in the back seat… ( this is not agsinst the law in sunny Florida USA so I chose to make that rare exception) literally unbuckled and leaned over the car seat and let the boob hang down for nursing to make it on long drives when I knew I just wasn’t going to deal with the screaming. So, you can do it even with small breasts and a short torso, if you want to give it a go. I’ve found my girls were just who they were without much changing their habits for little ole Mom!
    I have four girls (WHY do I follow some IF blogs?…because I have four girls!)
    So-first child boob lover but would take one brand of pacifier (the one you have shown which were only available at the hospital then-I know right? But I took it away about nine months as I heard It’s harder after one.
    Second daughter-average boob lover but would take soother early and even a bottle! When she was closer to one from Dad. Again took away the pacifier same time.
    Third-boob struggler. This daughter baffled me. I forged on till 11 months and cried when she screamed all night and quit nursing on Mother’s Day. NO soother for her! She found her own thumbs at two months and preferred to put herself to sleep (ha! Didn’t know those babies existed) she did suck her thumbs raw! even into kindergarten but she would only do this at home, never at school. We once worked hard to get her to stop and she worked hard to please us. The result was nervous blinking on her part and we figured it wasn’t worth it so we quit telling her no. She was sure happy but keep in mind that at her age this was only sometimes (naps, nights, overstimulation..) home behavior. She did quit all on her own when our wonderful orthodontist gave her a little book about stopping thumb sucking to start braces (one of our non thumb suckers needed them too so there you go on that) he also gave her those little rubber thumb page turners for her thumbs in her sleep. Worked great and she did it on her own! (SO I wouldn’t think twice about letting Sabine have a soother. She wouldn’t take it if she wasn’t interested and it wasn’t comforting to her)
    Lastly the fourth-NOTHING but the boob ever! I gave right in. I was too exhausted and it was so much easier just to let her have it so I could pray to get some sleep!
    Sabine loves your Boobs! That’s great news!:) but If she’s showning progress with a soother keep at it (I’m pretty weak…oh the embarrassment…I admit maybe to….carrying a baby nursing to get chores done…giving the baby/toddler (all nursed past one except the third) the boob because I was watching television and just wanted a few minutes of peace to finish the show…continuing to nurse the last around the clock till…um…yeah between one and two years of age. Who knows how long she would have duped me in the night nursing had I not been forced to sleep in the guest room away from her due to nasty upper respiratory infection. She DID scream and plead with her Daddy for a few nights but then she stopped. Yeah I felt like a ‘boob’ haha! for falling for that! no more night nursing then yay! even if it was not intentional-hey it worked.
    I know Breast is best but who am I to judge other women? ( Outside of blatent abuse of course!) How they feed…if they use soothers (oh and my daughters never developed nipple confusion…they switched between with no problems!) sounds like you have an awesome little girl there who knows what she wants! My last baby (now 10) nursed like a pro literally on her own when I was just out of it from too much medication and exhaustion. The nurse came in that first night and just stuck (shoved) her on my boob in my sleep and my my husband did the same the rest of that night! w/o the shoving of course;) and suck she did!
    SO my ‘book’ ends with you are spot on and doing great! with a good balance. IMO it’s the best way. You aim towards what you hope but are also willing to go with Sabine’s natural inclinations that are clearly the need to suck and often! Bring on the soothers! (And If she really takes to them…wean off bf one year of age) in my experience the boob always won (meaning self soothing had 0 efffect on milk production) so don’t worry any about that either. Just as a side note…I always HATED how many women can’t seem to “bear” ways that are different from others. You only need to please 3 people. You, your husband, and Sabine! Enjoy! Love following your journey and great apartment! Congratulations on all fronts:)!!

  27. Jamie #
    August 1, 2013

    Nursing in the car is actually super dangerous:

    I agree with the commenter who recommended the Wubanoob – it’s the only pacifier my daughter has ever taken.

  28. August 1, 2013

    I am so with you on how hard breastfeeding is. And I didn’t want to use paci’s either. I waited over a month until I couldn’t stand not eating dinner on a regular basis any longer. I just needed 10 minutes, and the pacifier has provided this ever since. Never caused any confusion, either!

  29. August 1, 2013

    Because Griffin has a really high pallete,he couldnt latch at all and was in danger of ending being fed formula. I refused to let this happen and a wonderful nurse suggested giving him a honey dummy…I dont know if they have those pacifiers in the States but try look. The nipple is very close to a human one so there is no problems with latching for the babies. The other amazing thing I use every time I feed him is a nipple shield. I have got no problems what so ever with cracked nipples and the pain is really minimal and only when Ive had him on 2 hourly feeds to get his weight up. I use the local brand (pidgeon) but you also get them in the Medula range so try and see if you can find them. I think Tommy tippee might do them too. They are serious life savers and will allow you to feed as long as you want to. I hope this helps, I really love breast feeding and made sure I was going to be able to so made sure I learned as many tricks as possible early on after the horror stories I got from friends.

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