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Picture Picture: Sabine’s Room



I posted these photos on Sabine Daily today, but also wanted to share them here! So decorating a home while caring for a newborn is not an easy task! So far Sabine’s room is the only one that is complete, and it was just completed yesterday! Let’s take a tour, shall we? Sabine's room 1   Sabine’s room was done on a major budget and I reused a lot of things from our Lexington home and raided my “memory box” for some items from my childhood. Everything in her room was selected with thought and purpose. The bunting above the crib was made with scraps from her quilt (which I will photograph and write on next week!). The wall still looked pretty empty so I ordered a stencil and tried my hand at it. The crib is Ikea and the chevron sheet is Target. The striped blanket was knitted for Sabine by my mother, her Nana. Sabine's Room 8

I really think the bunting is my favorite part of the room? It was so simple to make and is the perfect thing to hang over the crib. It is firmly secured to the wall with three silver upholstery tacks. Probably not the best choice but it is what was laying around!

Sabine's Room 7   The wall shelves are home to an array of special trinkets. From top left we have a “S” stitched by my dear friend, Tasha, in Kentucky. I purchased the framed rooster print in Ohio years ago when I foolishly thought having a baby would be easy. The tiny silver boxes are for baby’s first tooth and curl. On the shelf with the hungry caterpillar sits a jar that houses Sabine’s dried umbilical cord, her dried umbilicus (yes, I kept it. I know this is gross) and her and my hospital ID bracelets. The silver piggy bank was the Professor’s when he was a kid and next to it sits the petri dish that Sabine’s embryo was thawed in on 10-10-12. On the futon sit some of Sabine’s VIPs: a stuffed brain for smarts, a stuffed cow that was my first animal as a baby, two stuffed bears, one hand made bear and a stuffed ecoli because it is NEVER to early to start teaching my baby girl about science!

Sabine's Room 5


I opted to use an Ikea Expedit that we already had for Sabine’s changing table. The blue bins came from Target as did the curtains. The bins serve as storage for clothing, diapers, toys and blankets. The hot air balloon print is from Urban Outfitters and is framed in an Ikea frame.

Sabine's Room 9


Behind Sabine’s changing pad are more chickens 🙂 See a theme?! These toys help make diaper changes fun.

Sabine's Room 10


Also on the changing table are two frames from when I was a little girl. One holds a photo from Sabine’s newborn shoot and the other holds a maternity photo.

Sabine's Room 6 copy


Behind the closed door is Sabine’s closet which is NOT ready to be photographed! The white trash can holds dirty laundry. The math clock is the Professor’s touch, even though he says at least one of the equations is incorrect. This writer would have never known!

Sabine's Room 2


Hanging on Sabine’s door is a straw hat that was given to me when I was little by my sweet Omi. The wood cat door stop was a gift when I was leaving my first reporting job. The paper lantern provides soft light during our MANY late night nursing sessions.

Sabine's Room 3


I decided to keep the futon and put it in Sabine’s room during the first few challenging sleep years. So far it has proven a wise decision as I spent at least half of nearly every night on it! Above the futon is my favorite print ever of goldfish in a balloon along with two bird prints that used to be in our bedroom in Kentucky. In the far corner is a box that holds more stuffed animals and a hat box storing diapers. On the top shelf three very special friends keep watch over Sabine at night: her kitty, a blue footed boobie and a chicken sent to us by a blog reader!

So there is the little tour! I hope you enjoyed it and I will share other rooms of our New York home as they are completed, or are at least cleaned. 🙂




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  1. Bette Manning #
    October 18, 2013

    I love her room!

  2. WombforAnother #
    October 18, 2013

    Her room is absolutely beautiful! Good work 🙂

  3. October 18, 2013

    Wow, I felt serene just looking at these photos. Her room is just lovely! The math clock cracked me up.

  4. October 18, 2013

    I love all of it… but my very favorite little touches are the picture frames from your childhood. how neat!

  5. Emz #
    October 18, 2013

    it’s simple but beautiful, I love it. The bunting is my favourite part. I hope you don’t mind if I pinch that idea for if I’m decorating a nursery down the line

  6. October 18, 2013

    Beautiful room! I really like the piggy bank.

    I also opted to use an untraditional piece of furniture for a changing table. I’m curious what method you used to secure the changing pad…I used a small non-slip rug pad. It worked like a charm!

  7. October 18, 2013


  8. Karen #
    October 18, 2013

    the love in this room comes through in all those little, personal details- they fill the room with such positive energy

  9. A Wee Nest #
    October 19, 2013

    Great job! I looove all the personal touches! I had the same piggy bank. ❤

  10. Kathy #
    October 19, 2013

    Good work ! I love incorporating old with new and repurposing items. What a lovely boudoir for a lucky little girl ! Thanks for sharing

  11. October 19, 2013

    Beautiful room!

  12. nonsequiturchica #
    October 21, 2013

    I love it! You did such a great job!!

  13. Shinara #
    October 21, 2013

    What a lovely room. It’s so light, refreshing and whimsical. It inspires me to think about what to do with my boy’s room. So far, all I can manage is vacuum and laundry. Haha!

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