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Night One – No Sleep Suit/No Nursing to Sleep



*I am going to journal our sleep training journey here for both myself and others. Feel free to skip sleep posts if you want!

The first night went ok, all considering. Sabine fell asleep in 12 minutes without the sleep suit, with no nursing to sleep and with no crying. I consider this our major victory for the night. Here are our sleep notes for Day/Night 1:

March 23 Ped Sleep Log That middle chunk sucked, but we got two ok blocks of sleep. For Sabine, this is an acceptable night.

Today we begin naps without the sleep suit. The husband and I are so ready for some good sleep! We have been beyond exhausted for months  now and constantly snapping and yelling at each other. It’s no way to live and is taking a major toll on our marriage. For those who have lived through this and remained married, you deserve a medal, or at least a huge chocolate cake! I’ll write more about how sleep and parenthood has affected our marriage later. For now I will publish this post and then share Sabine’s first ocean experience with you!



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  1. March 24, 2014

    Good job Sabine! And mama!! I want to say – belle you are doing amazing. To be this far in with no sleep….it’s amazing you are still married and have not drowned your child in the bathtub. Sleep deprivation is cruel cruel torture. I am borderline insane on 3 nights of crappy sleep….months on end, it makes me sick to think about it! Once R learned how to roll over (super late like 9 months), she started loving belly sleep – and slept much deeper on her belly. Maybe Sabine will be the same without her suit. Good luck guys – I hope this sleepless chapter is just about over!!

  2. March 24, 2014

    I’m with million baby steps – even two nights of little sleep make me somewhat of a monster. Grrrr.

  3. March 24, 2014

    Good luck with the sleep stuff. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS!!!!

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