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I should get compensation from Fisher-Price



So sweet. So snuggly.

So sweet. So snuggly. 

The Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play is hands-down the best baby investment we have made. It cradled my tiny girl for night sleeps and naps during her first 8 weeks of life. After she transitioned to night sleeps in the crib it continued to serve as our nap station. Up until recently she hung out in it while I showered (now she prefers her crib and an episode of Baby Einstein). And she STILL prefers napping in it when she does not feel well.

Any time she has a stuffy nose we break it out for naps, as it gives her just the right amount of elevation. This week we are teething (for real this time I think) and her naps are a mess. She is over-tired and so sad in the afternoons. Enter the Rock ‘N Play. We try each nap in the crib and she will sleep only 15-20 minutes. I then bring her out, let her have some warm milk (our phrase for nursing) and then move her to the Rock ‘N Play where she gets all snuggly and conks out for another hour.

Rock N Play Growth

Even today, at 45 weeks old, the Rock ‘N Play still serves us well (albeit with supervision).

Now that she is bigger I can’t leave her unattended in the Rock ‘N Play since she can flop herself out. But honestly, who wants to leave their sick or teething baby all alone? This Mama does not. So I sit with my peacefully sleeping girl, rocking her gently with my foot, typing emails and blog posts and savoring these days that I know are so few. I can clean my house tomorrow. Today I will rock my baby.


For those who are curious and/or getting ready for their own baby – we have the very basic Rock ‘N Play that has no vibrating, sound making, yada yada stuff on it – just a snuggly hammock that you rock with your foot or hand. The fancier ones look cool, but honestly, save your money. Your baby will prefer being rocked by you and listening to you sing or the rhythmic typing of your laptop. 🙂



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  1. May 12, 2014

    The rock n play sleeper was also my favorite baby thing. I recommend it (or gift it) to every expecting mama I known so amazing. Truly a god send.

  2. May 12, 2014

    We never got one (or two ) of these, and in retrospect I wish I would have gotten this for when I was worried Abby had reflux vs the super expensive reflux pillow we spent $100 on. :p

  3. Shelley #
    May 13, 2014

    I am in the same boat! LOVE our Rock N Play. For a baby who was frequently throwing up, we couldn’t have survived without it. I’d recommend it to any new parent though and the price is such a steal as far as baby gear is concerned! We do have the kind that vibrates. I don’t think it’s totally necessary but it was another tool to use during those super fussy times.

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