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If you have a moment…



…Please go send some love to Courtney and her family. She had to say goodbye to a much loved pet today.

I think that as a whole, the IF community tends to be closer to their pets than many. For the bulk of us, these pets were our first “babies.” They were with us month after negative month. The let us cuddle and rock them in ways only a woman who is struggling can understand. If/when your miracle baby came home and you saw your TWO babies growing to trust and love one another your heart sang even louder.

Pets are important and to know when it is time to say goodbye and let one cross the Rainbow Bridge is hard. Take a minute to send Courtney and Lily good thoughts, and maybe drop her a kind word if you can.


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  1. July 6, 2014

    Thank you, Belle. Everything you wrote here is so true. Lily, and our other two kitties (of course), helped us through the hardest time of our marriage. She took our focus off of our IF to focus on getting her diabetes under control, and her need for daily insulin removed my own fear of needles. She and I trusted each other like nothing else I’ve ever experienced with a pet, and she was always the light in our journey for Matthew. She’s sitting on my shoulder as I type this, and I still feel her love in my heart and her fur in my face. Today is hard. Tomorrow will be better.

    Thank you, Friend! 😊

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