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At Long Last – A Toddler



I have an adorable video of Sabine walking but cannot get it off my phone to save my life. Technology is not always my friend. So instead you will get photos from our snowy hike this weekend.

I have an adorable video of Sabine walking but cannot get it off my phone to save my life. Technology is not always my friend. So instead you will get photos from our snowy hike this weekend.

Big stuff for little Bean this weekend! Girlfriend finally started walking! It took 19 months and an early intervention assessment, but she finally put on her big girl pants and started walking without assistance this weekend! She still prefers to crawl as her main form of transportation, but her walking is getting more and more steady and she can go further and further. I’m just so proud of my tiny kid!

Sabine inspecting the snow.

Sabine inspecting the snow.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How about a quick update:

In Sabine’s World:

  • Sabine has a few new words. She says bye bye in proper context, and night night. She is working on animal sounds and says that the sheep says baaaa, the cow says mooo, and the dog says “haaa haa haaa” for panting. Oh, and “yeah.” She loves to say “yeah” to things and HI to everyone she meets.
  • She has been putting her favorite animals into her wagon and walking her babies.
  • She is a champion block stacker. We are talking towers like 7-9 blocks high!
  • She actually ate ONE fish stick last night, which is freaking amazing.
  • She is a terrible, horrible napper.
  • She is obsessed with opening the pantry and dragging all the food out for us to step on. Yesterday the Professor put a lock on the pantry and she flipped. her. shit. It was hilarious!

10492372_10155224319660457_2495135619804643219_n 10959646_10155224319525457_8985702266323395171_n

In Belle’s World:

I love snow when I get to choose to go out in the snow. I do not love snow that I have no say over.

I love snow when I get to choose to go out in the snow. I do not love snow that I have no say over.

  • I had a job interview. I made it to the third round but did not make it to the final. The rejection letter was so nice though that I can’t be too upset. I tried my hardest and they claim to genuinely like my work and want to keep me on file for future positions.
  • I have a second freelance client. I sure wish I could write about the things I’m doing but I really can’t. I can say that it is fun and challenging though!
  • I tried the Whole 30 diet. Turns out I like beer too much. Beer and chocolate. My pants are still tight, though, so something is gonna have to give!
  • What else… OH! I am going to Boston at the end of March for a bloggie lady meet up. It will be my first night away from Sabine ever. I cannot wait to wake up and NOT have to tend to anyone but myself!

This is how I feel about a night away.

In the Cat’s World:

  • It has been so long since I’ve even mentioned these poor animals that you might have forgotten we own cats. We do. I love them.
  • Yum Yum is bonding with Sabine over her discarded noodles and fish sticks. It is love at first lick.
  • Euclid is terrified of Sabine. Euclid is horrified to now see the hairless one on two legs.
  • Fermi is oblivious to Sabine.


In the NYC World:

  • Snow. So much fucking snow. And today, ice pellets. Gotta love that.
  • Also, yellow snow. Everyone knows New Yorkers love their dogs. What they don’t know is that New Yorkers love to let their dogs pee everywhere. In the summer months I’m able to convince myself that all the random puddles on the sidewalk are where clumsy people spilled their drink. In the winter, though, it’s a lot harder to do, unless of course New Yorkers also love their Mtn. Dew or Lemon Lime Gatorade.


And there you have it. One quick and dirty update. And now I need to return my focus to my freelance so I can make the monies and one day help us move somewhere warmer.




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  1. February 9, 2015

    Keep telling yourself it’s just the dogs peeing in the snow 🙂

    • February 9, 2015

      You are killing me! 🙂

      • February 9, 2015

        I’m just saying, I’ve been to New York. I’ve seen things.

        Things I can’t unsee.


  2. robin #
    February 9, 2015

    Ummmm… Not all those yellow spots are from dogs!!!!!!!!

    • robin #
      February 9, 2015

      Oh now I realize I’m not the first to burst that bubble lol

  3. jesicabrennan #
    February 9, 2015

    Go Sabine! So great for her (and you) they’re more fun when you can set them down and follow them around!

  4. Jos #
    February 9, 2015

    Hahaha! Beer is my downfall too. Dammit. 🙂

    Way to go Sabine with the walking!

  5. February 9, 2015

    Go sabine!!!

  6. nonsequiturchica #
    February 10, 2015

    YAY Sabine!! Toddler walking is so adorable because they look like Frankenstein!

    I’m sorry that you didn’t get the job, but you seem to have a good attitude about it. And maybe it will end up in something soon?

  7. February 10, 2015

    yay little bean!!!! So glad she is walking for you, her whole world will open up so much from here on and I bet your EI concerns will disappear.

  8. February 10, 2015

    Sorry about the job sweetie. I’m sure they did love your work. Enjoy the freelance gig and your Boston trip!

  9. February 13, 2015

    Omg how did i miss this! Yay Sabine!!!

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