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Partners in Crime



Last week I accidentally left a near empty cat food bag out after refilling the food storage containers. I did not realize the missing bag until I heard rustling and “more?… more?…… more?” coming from Sabine’s room.

Sabine is in LOVE with her kitties these days. She likes to give them hugs, loves to be a part of serving them breakfast and goes bonkers when we let her play with them with the feather wand. She is a smart little kid and knows that the bags hold the food and that food is the way to win a cat over and that a cat won over will allow her to do all kinds of dreadfully embarrassing things to it, like put hats on it and try to have a tea party (true story, she had a hat on Yum Yum’s rump and a tea cup and saucer set in front of her one day!).

Here is a little video I caught of the feeding frenzy just before it escalated to an “all you can eat” buffet.

Tell me your favorite pet/baby story. I love a good kitty or doggie tale!

P.S. This is accidentally double posted on Sabine Daily. Oops!



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  1. April 13, 2015

    “Excellent work tiny human. This pleases Yum Yum greatly. Next time tried to keep it all in one spot so that Yum Yum can move less.”

  2. robin #
    April 13, 2015

    I wish my cats were this friendly with the kids !!! Maybe if I let them give the cats treats they might get some love. Sometimes when Lilly is desperate she will let them pet her but mostly it’s a look but don’t touch relationship, and Lucy only recently started giving them any attention when we bought a new cat toy and showed them how to attract the cats’ attention to it. I am so sad my kids don’t have a good squishy relationship with our pets! I loved my dogs growing up, they thought of me as either their puppy (when I was a baby) or a friend (when I was older and wrestled with them).

  3. April 13, 2015

    So cute! Baby girl loooves her cats. “Cat” was one of her first words. She pets them and pulls their tails and grabs fistfuls of their fur, but they are so patient with her! I was worried my middle-aged kitties wouldn’t take too kindly to the new little human, but they’ve been really good.

  4. APE #
    April 14, 2015

    That was so adorable! I giggled when Sabine dumped the whole bag and I heard your sigh. lol!

  5. April 14, 2015


    My 18 month old son Finn is obsessed with our two cats. One of them likes to hide under his crib before bed. Every night after Finn’s bath, he has to look under his crib for him and then my husband will pull him out so Finn can give him a hug before bed.

  6. Lisa #
    April 14, 2015

    I had cat “dinner parties” myself as a child. It involved me locking myself and our Maine Coon cat in the pantry, while I ate all of the dry cat food. My mother was horrified but I think I came out okay!

  7. April 14, 2015

    My daughter has mixed emotions with the cats. She definitely loves giving them “treats” (basically, their cat food). We put some in a big orange cup and she has fun either sprinkling it on the ground or often pouring it on the ground. Now she wants to reach into the cat food bin and transfer it herself from there to her orange cup…. cat food is EVERYWHERE.
    She also gets jealous if a cat is on my lap.
    She’s has learned to say “no no Pepper! Off! Naughty!” hah.

    Cats and kids are the best !

    Sabine is too cute with YumYum. I just love how much she adores animals and takes care of them.

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