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Send in the clowns




Today I treated myself to a new pair of skinny  jeans and slip-on sneakers. I am revamping my “Mommy Wardrobe” to replace some worn and ill-fitting pieces now that I’ve lost a little weight. New sneakers and skinny jeans are the last major items I needed and I was delighted to find a pair of $35 Skechers and $24 KUT From The Kloth skinny jeans at Marshall’s. I carried my bounty to the dressing room to try on the pants and was asked to leave the shoes with the attendant.

“Guard these,” I giggled as I handed the shoes over. “It’s hard to find cute shoes that fit my big feet!”

The dressing room attendant gave me a wink and said the shoes would be safe so I turned my attention to the jeans. The first pair was a bust but the second pair fit amazingly well. I walked down the hall to the 3-way mirror and hemmed and hawed. Did I love them? Did my butt look ok? What did the pockets do when I sat? Would I wear them enough to justify the expense? And then the big one – how do they look with shoes on?

I have a major hang-up with the way skinny pants look with my big feet, and my feet aren’t really that big. But there is something about skinny pants coupled with athletic shoes that just, I don’t know, makes me think “Send in the clowns!” I tried the jeans on with my old sneakers and knew immediately that it was a no-go. But what about the new shoes? They were not as clunky as traditional sneakers. I crept out front and sheepishly asked the attendant if I could try the shoes on with the jeans. She gave me a funny look so I hastily added, “My feet are big and shoes look funny with skinny jeans.”

“Honey, no one cares about the size of yo feet! Ain’t no one looking at yo feet compared to yo jeans. You like the jeans and shoes? That is all that matters!”

I burst into laughter and she joined in.

“Oh my gosh, you are so right! I live in a city of 8 million people. NO ONE is looking at the size of my feet compared to the width of my jeans. This is the most ridiculous hang-up ever.”

I am now sitting in my living room wearing both, happily typing this blog post and feeling a little more comfortable in my own skin. And skinny jeans. And clown feet.



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  1. October 5, 2015

    I could have written this myself. I’m an 11.5 narrow and I fret about the exact same thing. Brian commented on my last show purchase that they don’t make my feet look huge with my skinnys. All this time he said he didn’t notice, but obviously he did! Keds work well for my skis!

    I’ve revamped my entire wardrobe lately and I feel so much better about myself when I go out! I’m excited for you, I know how this feels!!!

  2. sangela71 #
    October 5, 2015

    I had to chuckle reading this post because I truly never notice the size of a woman’s foot unless it is super tiny (like child-sized tiny). My foot is a 9.5, and my sister wears an 11 now.

    Glad you found some clothes you like!

  3. Jos #
    October 5, 2015

    I wear a 9.5 and often think the same thing… but I have NEVER noticed another woman’s shoes with her skinnys, so…? 🙂 Glad you got them !

  4. Pk #
    October 5, 2015

    Never ceases to amaze me… the shock people express when I admit to the flaws I see in myself, and my reciprocated shock when other women admit their own flaws to me! Why is it that we see our own flaws glaring at us all the time? Why is it so easy to see the beauty in other women? I have no doubt that if we ever met in person I’d never notice your big feet — probably just that you have cute shoes (and then immediately wonder if my shoes were cute enough!)

    I LOVE that you’re feeling happy in your own skin! Been thinking of you lots, and hoping things are going well!

  5. October 5, 2015

    I get it! And isn’t it the best feeling to find that shoe/pant combo that’s makes those clown feet look tiny? She was right, though. I’m glad you found stuff you like!

    Also, I have always, always loved that style sneaker, but I absolutely cannot stand how it looks on my feet. I keep trying them on, though.

  6. October 5, 2015

    Nah, skinny’s don’t make your feet look big. As a rule I don’t really like athletic shoes with jeans but ya ya ya I get that you do A LOT of walking in the city with the bean so ok, I’ll forgive it this time 😉 I honestly think revamping your wardrobe is an inexpensive way of making you feel like your own person again. Of course, you can go a bit nuts there for a while and spend too much!! You look great and I am loving the happy in your voice mwah x

  7. Lisa #
    October 6, 2015

    I love it! The jeans and shoes are super cute. Hugs (from another gal who wears 11.5 narrow)!

  8. Alissa S. #
    October 23, 2015

    Hugs to you. I have the opposite problem. I have big calves and small feet so my feet look extra small. HA!

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