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Getting my groove back



I woke up two minutes before my alarm again this morning, which has become the new norm. Blind as a bat, I was rummaging around looking for my glasses when all of a sudden I hear “Get out of here stupid cat!” and WHACK a great big man hand swatted me upside the head.

“HEY! Not the cat, dude. Just looking for my glasses!”

“What? Wait?… Oh sorry Belle! I just heard rustling on your table and saw something big and hairy and assumed it was your annoying cat.”

“Wait, you think my short, thinning hair is plentiful enough to be mistaken for Yum Yum (a very fluffy Maine Coon cat)? I’m scheduling an eye appointment for you stat.”

Today marks a big milestone for me: 12 weeks of working out 3 times a week. Exercise has a very real ripple effect in my life and when my sanity took a major dive I knew it was the first thing I needed to focus on in order to recover. I sleep so much better when I workout, and when I sleep well I can better manage my anxiety. When my anxiety is in check I am a more attentive mother. When I feel like I’m kicking ass and taking names parenting, my relationship with my husband is better. I with the Professor and told him that a gym 20 minutes north, a straight shot up the Saw Mill Parkway, had memberships for around $40 a month, a reasonable price for the benefit workouts would bring to the household.

Finding the time to exercise regularly is not easy in our house. We don’t have family to watch Sabine, and while she is in nursery school three times a week, that time is needed for doctors appointments, errands and house keeping (and the occasional child-free lunch date with a friend!) I had been making the “I have no time” excuse for two years, though, and it was getting stale. I needed a new excuse or to suck it up and make a major schedule change.
I went for the later, because a new excuse was so last year. I now wake up at 4:30 a.m. so I have an hour to eat toast, drink coffee, and plan my workout. Then I head out before anyone else in the house is up. I do this on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In order to keep the routine, I also wake up at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and enjoy the two hours of quiet time before Sabine wakes. It is early – really early – but after 12 weeks it has become a natural rhythm and most mornings I wake at 4:28, right before my alarm sounds. After a workout my energy is so high and our household runs like a well oiled machine. Well, as much of a well-oiled machine as can be expected with a two year-old!
In addition to my mind feeling better, my body is feeling better. I can comfortably wear skinny jeans again. My stomach is a little flatter and my arms, oh man my arms look amazing. I know that sounds really conceited but I’ve always had skinny stick arms and am SO EXCITED to see a little definition creeping in. Even the Professor has noticed my arms which is saying something because math guys are notorious for only noticing things with mathematical equations. My legs still jiggle but under the jiggle is strong muscle. It’s so nice to see my body slowly returning to its pre-infertility treatment state, and to see my mind healing. I only with I had done this sooner!
Have you made time for regular workouts after having kids? How do you work them in?


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  1. Jos #
    November 16, 2015

    So proud of you! I’ve been doing the same thing, but I tend to get up at 5:30 and am working out within minutes because I just can’t stand to get up any earlier than I absolutely have to. 🙂 Since I’m doing Beachbody programs I can do them from my living room at least, so at least I don’t have to factor commute time in to the gym!

    That’s too funny about the Professor mistaking you for your cat. 🙂

  2. Karaleen #
    November 16, 2015

    I have done nothing but get fatter since having kids. I did well shedding the weight and working out more often after my son was born because I only worked part time. But when 2nd baby came I was working full time, she was a terrible sleeper, I had less time off after she was born and I pretty much ate my way awake with carbs and coffee!!!! She turns 5 tomorrow and I still need to lose 30lbs…. It is so hard. We belong to a gym and go through periods of regular work outs (the kids LOVE the kid center there)….but now soccer practices, homework and jobs have gotten in the way again. I always have said that the reason I am not on any form of anti-depressant or anxiety drug is because I routinely worked out. I totally agree it helps the psyche and sleep habits. Soccer season just ended and we are headed back to our regular work out schedule….I’m almost 49 and battling some serious peri-menopause as well…so I expect an uphill battle to see the scale go downhill. Not looking for that ripped 35 year old body I had before kids….just want to get closer to a good balance. Way too much fluff on this mama right now. Good job on your dedication…I just need to get that first two weeks in myself to re-establish the habit. Keep up the good work.

  3. November 16, 2015

    So happy for you!!! I used to be always a morning workout person pre kids….I miss it!!!! But I started working at 7 post Rowan and there just wasn’t the morning time to workout and get showered and out of here by 630 so I have officially switched to evenings…which is new for me. I go to a hardcore workout class 1-2 evenings a week. One day for sure and hopefully a second. We have no childcare either, so for me has to be when B is home.
    It sounds like you are getting so much out of this. Definitely worth $40! Plus the extra mornings of alone time *almost* has me wanting to get up before the kids. Hahaha. Ok maybe not!!!

  4. November 16, 2015

    This is all very awesome 🙂

  5. November 17, 2015

    I cannot wait to be able to write about a flatter stomach, toned arms (!!!), and muscular legs! Wooooo! Way to GO!

  6. November 17, 2015

    Good on you!

    I have been obsessed with working out for almost a year and a half, and decided to do it once Bryson was successfully weaned. I am addicted to it and if I don’t get a run or workout in, I am quite grumpy. We have everything here at our house (weight machine, treadmill handed down from various family members, beachbody on demand, kickboxing bag, etc) and it’s really nice to just put on a video or hop on the treadmill and go. Without that, it would be harder. Much harder.

  7. November 23, 2015

    I take them running with me or pop on some tv while I ride on my bike trainer. But I am actually lucky since I work only part time but they are in day care full time – I’ll workout between drop off and work or do it when hubby is home. It’s essential for my sanity as well!

  8. jak #
    November 30, 2015

    LOST: One groove.
    WHERE: Somewhere between giving birth and working fulltime.
    Please contact immediately if found. REWARD.

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