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Winter Storm Jonas



The blizzard did not disappoint, y’all!

Saturday morning we painted piggies, built Legos with Dada and laughed hysterically at my “muddy face.”

After a while bordem set in so we suited up and went into the courtyard to assess the snow. The courtyard did a great job shielding us from the wind and flying snow so Sabine could enjoy herself.


The snow was pretty deep at this point so we jumped around in big drifts and practiced snow walking on the recently shoveled sidewalk. Sabine had a blast!

I went back out during the peak of the storm to experience the high winds and whiteout conditions. These photos show very little and are testiment to the whiteout! (FYI, that is NOT Sabine in the center photo playing in the road!)

The rest of the day was spent watching movies, baking cookies and putting Sabine to bed early because you can only entertain a house-bound toddler for so many hours!

We awoke the next morning to more than two feet of snow in the Bronx. The last I heard, the Bronx had 27.6 inches, and I would believe it! First thing in the morning we drug Sabine down the hill to Van Cordtlant Park so we I could be the first person in NYC to run through a huge field with more than 2 feet of snow. Because I’m a huge kid at heart. Sabine was NOT happy to be out when the wind was still wipping so it was a quick, and rather tearful adventure. But I still romped, and hurled my adult body into snow drifts, and made my husband look the other way because, lord have mercy, who did he marry?



See that trail of footprints going off into the distance behind us? Yep. Mine! 🙂

That afternoon we walked a mile to our favorite area burger joint and then took Sabine to the snow covered playground. Hands-down the best thing was sliding down a very cold slide into a huge drift of snow. SO FUN!

I also recreated this photo from two years ago. My kid is growing up so fast!


Today the roads are a total mess in our neighborhood, but I still managed to get the car out and make it to the gym for a few hours this morning. The Professor was super kind and dug it out first for me.


Our car is under there!

I would rate my first blizzard ever as one of the top 5 things living here so far. Thanks NYC for fulfilling my childhood dream of more than two feet of snow, and for having a rockstar fleet of plows, salters and crew to make it possible to escape the house two days later!



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  1. January 25, 2016

    Most people saw doom and gloom with this snowstorm, but not you!!! I love it!!!!!

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