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12 Week NT Scan & Dreadful Maternity Pants



* Creepy ultrasound photos and ridiculous pants photos are after the jump.

A photo taken of the Professor and I for his parents required (and embarrassing) Christmas letter. I am sporting "regular pants" from Ann Taylor that are NOT AT ALL COMFY anymore and a rocking maternity sweater from Gap that I grabbed on super clearance. The Professor is in a Banana Republic Polo and slacks that were on deep clearance. This is about as normal a photo as we take. :)

A photo taken of the Professor and I for his parents required (and embarrassing) Christmas letter. I am sporting “regular pants” from Ann Taylor that are NOT AT ALL COMFY and a rocking maternity sweater from Gap that I grabbed on super clearance. The Professor is in a Banana Republic Polo and slacks that were on deep clearance. This is about as normal a photo as we take. ūüôā Also pictured: Fermi by the tree, Euclid on the cat perch and my awkward still growing out hair.

Today was our 12 week NT scan. I am feeling more pregnant lately which delights me. It is uncomfortable to lay on my belly now and I feel some pulling and slight discomfort¬†occasionally¬†in my belly from crowding. The peeing is also out of control. It actually HURTS when I wait too long to go and then when I sit down just this tiny little bit comes out and I’m all like “What the hell, bladder?” It gives me a slight appreciation for the discomfort little Yum Yum has been dealing with for the past few weeks/months!

The NT Scan went really well. The technician was great and told me what she saw as she went. Chicken has a rather large nasal bone, meaning he is ABSOLUTELY ours (we have “pronounced beaks”) and the fluid behind his neck was measuring way less then one which is excellent. We opted to do the regular blood testing to determine our risk factors. Those results should come back in about a week.

We also saw tiny little feet with tiny little toes all ready to be the hiking, running, biking buddy I have been dreaming of for so long. I had to choke back tears when I saw the feet. I love them so much!


In other news, my new maternity pants came in and they are DREADFUL! Y’all, someone needs to invent a line of “training maternity” pants. You know, some pants for when you are not big enough for these ridiculous things but just big enough to be outgrowing your bottoms. They should not have buttons but NOT have some retarded panel that nearly covers your boobs.

I ordered¬†these¬†pants from Loft and they were not cheap. They were also advertised as having a “demi panel.” Either this was a mistype or their idea of demi is just terrifying. I would hate to see their “full” panel pants! I might be able to use the full panel as a hood, too. BONUS!

So without further ado, creepy ultrasound photos and ugly pants pictures after the jump!

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Retail therapy + POAS Pledge Update



Today’s pee stick was also negative. I’m done peeing on things. If a positive showed up at this point it would very likely end in miscarriage. A failed cycle is hard enough. Another failed¬†pregnancy¬†I think would push me over the edge.

This morning I had a little retail therapy. I need new clothing like I need another hole in my head. However, ordering a few new fall pieces really made me feel sunnier. No baby this cycle means I’m cleared to buy fall clothes. Even if we get pregnant in October with a baby that is not going to crap out on me, fall will be long gone by the time I start to outgrow things. Want to see what I ordered? Probably not but I’m sharing anyways ūüôā

First I hit up ModCloth. I had a $20 off coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket. I only intended to buy this ridiculously over-priced sweater (click on all images to visit sites):

But failed cycles make me weak and by the time I went to checkout three other pieces had magically appeared in my cart.

Now tell me that dress won’t look fantastic with the sweater? Or with a little blazer, my mustard tights and some booties?

A fresh mustard scarf. Last year’s mustard scarf is looking pretty sad and now sports a coffee stain.

And a perfect cream top to layer things over and under. I have a few yards of this golden-colored fabric with green apples on it. I envision it as a short circle skirt with a chunky lace at the bottom paired with this top and maybe a burnt orange sweater vest.

After doing considerable damage at ModCloth I checked my other email account and found an email advertising 50% off select new styles at Loft. And I clicked. Sigh. High hormones + failure = ZERO self-control.

I love the mushroom color of this top. It will pair so nicely with lots of my fall skirts and should layer well when it cools off more.

And finally this skirt which I VERY much hope fits, but often times things with waistbands that sit a little higher look ridiculous on my negative torso. But it is worth a shot.

So that concludes depressed Belle’s Retail Therapy Spree. Could I afford this? NO! This means next months plans to purchase gallery glass for a few of my nice pieces of art will have to be postponed until November or December. Did a little¬†frivolity¬†make me feel a little better about next month? Yes.

Sometimes I think we lose sight of ourselves during infertility thinking that every penny must be set aside for things like acupuncture and out-of-pocket costs. Every time a cycle fails we feel a little crappier about ourselves. Walking into a closet full of things that are old and, lets face it, ill-fitting after months or years of infertility only brings us down further.

So I treated myself from my account which has¬†recently¬†been used to cover doctors bills and home improvements. It’s time to improve myself a bit and I think a new sweater and company is a good way to do so.

Do you treat yourself after a failed cycle? Have you been known to have a little shopping binge after a particularly crappy run of negative pee sticks?

Current Coupons & Deals: 

ModCloth: Signup a new account at ModCloth (you need a new email address from your current account – I used my blog email) and get a $20 coupon. Offer good for the month of September only.

Loft: 50% off sale styles and select full-priced items at Loft. Ends today!


Sorry I did not do this yesterday. I was a little self-absorbed in my own “woe is Belle.”

POAS Pledgers:

Huge congrats to my friend Bethany and her BFP! She is not a blogger however we keep in touch via email. She has had a long journey herself so this is really big stuff!

Elizabeth @ Bebe Suisse promises to not POAS until September 19.

BFP Bethany promises not to POAS until September 10.

BFN @ About Sprout is a little pee stick phobic but promises not to POAS until September 11.

Amanda @ Reading Each Page promises not to POAS until September 18.

BFN Mo @ Mommy Odyssey promises not to POAS until September 10.

IVFMale’s wife will not POAS until September 16.

Kate promises not to POAS until September 18.

Lindzlamp @ Chronicles of the Conceptually Challenged promises not to POAS until September 17.

BFN Wearelreaningtomakefire @ We Are Learning To Make Fire test day was Sunday, Sept. 9.

Vanessa promises not to POAS until September 16.

Testing Today! Jessica @ From My Bathtub Testing Today!

Jen @ My Bum Ovaries promises not to POAS until September 16.


Thanks for all the great feedback on the new look of Scrambled Eggs! I’m pretty tootin’ pleased with it myself! The sewing tab has been updated with the sewing projects I have posted thus far. I hope to have a good hair day this weekend and photograph my other projects – both the successes and the fails and believe me, there have been some terrible fails. Next week I’ll work on the “eat” tab, which is really neglected right now, and get it set up to feature my recipes from this blog and some of my better ones on our Adventures in Marriage blog.

Completely detached and looking like my brother



I can’t get over how detached I am with this cycle.

Wait. Cycle? What cycle?

See, that is how detached I am. I still have not updated you on my CD3 ultrasound on Friday. I even got some astounding news and what did I do? Drove home listening to NPR and stopped at CVS for lotion. That was it.

Wandie revealed that I had ovulated at some point in the recent past. That’s right. Ovulated. Stop the presses. No one has ever been able to confirm an ovulation with me, so I just assumed my ovaries were forever broken. Seems like my low-carb/gluten-free/fun-free diet is doing something.

Unfortunately the Professor and I had sex exactly ZERO times last month. Pathetic, I know. I also had zero lining and a really absent period meaning even had we had sex and said egg fertilized it would have had no where to go.

My blood work showed the my estrogen was higher than expected so they adjusted my protocol and started me on three Vivelle patches, which I put on that (Friday) night without cleaning my belly so in the morning they were all falling off. I showered, swabbed with¬†alcohol¬†and then put three more on. Then proceeded to FREAK OUT because what if it is too much estrogen and I get a blood clot??? (I am aware this is stupid) So I peeled one off and just wore two. I’ll change them out for a fresh three tonight according to the protocol.

Despite not following instructions at all, I’m not the least bit worried about this cycle. My nose is producing tons of mucus and my lady bits… omg, let’s just say if I could blow them like my nose I would. Scary. And if for some reason my patch blunder cancels the cycle that is just fine.

Mr. Husband and I still are not talking about this cycle. We still are not thinking about the possibility that it might work, or might fail, or might result in another miscarriage. I went to my infertility support group yesterday and just felt like it was any other day.

Also, the hair loss continues from, I’m assuming, the miscarriage and all the hormonal craziness. Between that and all the breakage from bleaching it was looking really bad so I chopped it off this weekend and dyed it back it’s normal color. I now look like my brother, which is alarming. Maybe looking like a dude means I’ll be taken more seriously in the workplace? Nope. As soon as I walked off the elevator Coworker No. 2 said “Wow. What happened to you?!” I responded by snapping, “Gee, that was pretty rude. I had to cut if off because I am losing so much.”

If one more person makes a rude-ass comment I’ll expound upon my response and tell them it is falling out because of the dead baby. Assholes.