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An attempt at some positive thoughts



I find mushrooms inspiring – from death and decay comes life. {Taken with my iPhone the day after my D&C}

I have started and deleted tons of posts about the past two weeks. These posts are bi-polar in nature, swinging between distraught, angry and hopeless to manically happy and chillingly detached. They are miserable to write and I suspect even more miserable to read.  That said, I’m having a hard time finding light in the midst of so much dark. Something has got to give, though, so I’m compiling a list of why it is NICE not to be pregnant. While I’m well aware pregnancy and a healthy baby trumps all of these things, I need to hang on to what little I have left so here we go…


  1. The gym: I started back last week after hopping on the scale and being horrified to see that the muffin top I have noticed is not a figment of my imagination; there is definitely 10 extra pounds hanging around. It is good to be back at the gym, no matter how distressing it is to watch my midsection pooch and roll while doing ab work. I’m happy to be able to do something about this. 
  2. Yoga: I went back to yoga class on Sunday and holy hot damn it was hard! My down dog is atrocious and my stamina is shot. I’m determined to get my grace and flexibility back so I bought 12 classes and will go twice a week from here on out.
  3. My bike: I need to photograph my bike. She is wonderful and I have missed her more than I realized. Getting to work in under 15 minutes means I can sleep until 5:30 these days which is AWESOME! 
  4. Ahi Tuna: I have not indulged in this yet, but think I might this weekend. I have missed it.  
  5. Hair coloring: I’m now way more blonde than I am brunette and I am loving it. If miscarriage repression had a color it would be blonde.  
  6. Craft Beer: It’s delicious. That said, I should back off of it to help battle the muffin top. 
  7. Pinot Noir: Yes please. 
  8. Litter box scooping: While I don’t really enjoy this, it is nice to be able to tend to the stinky poo boxes myself rather than wait for someone to have time to deal with them. 
  9. No more dildo cam… for a while: It is refreshing knowing that for the next 3 to 6 months the only people who will see my lady parts are myself and Mr. Husband. 
  10. And finally… Sex: I have missed it. Before the transfer I was on the birth control of doom which KILLED my libido. Post transfer there was too much endometrium exiting me at all times. Then I had bleeding. Then I had a D&C. This weekend we did it for the first time in… um… so long I have lost count. Such a looooong time that I was worried I might have forgotten how it all works. Thankfully I have 50 Shades of Inappropriate (Grey) to remind me 🙂 

So that is it. I know it is a lame attempt, but after writing these things down I feel a little better. I’m trying to get my life back in order and reclaim my skinny jeans. Next up is another Picture Picture post, this time of a cat that does not belong to me (hard to believe, I know!)

*A NOTE TO MEANIES: Please don’t tell me that coloring my hair now will kill my next baby. And please don’t tell me that scooping cat shit now will kill my next baby. For the record: I wear gloves and scrub right afterwards. My cats and olfactory system are worth it.